Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

While we enjoy life staying within our comfort zones, there are many who just to earn a living are exposed to wide range of danger at workplace. Falling from great heights, being crushed under heavy equipment, and running into a fiery explosion are just a few of the job dangers many workers face frequently. In spite of maintaining safety measures, there are few American jobs that have claimed many lives and injuring several others. From fishing to construction, we have put forward the selection of top 10 dangerous jobs in America which have continued to threaten the lives of the workers.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Are you well aware of the jobs that can really threaten your life and cause serious injuries? Browse through the top ten most dangerous jobs in America to have a detailed account.

1. Fishing Workers

Fishing Workers - No.1 Dangerous Job in America

Fishing is a legendarily risky occupation, particularly Alaskan shell fishing, and with the elevation in fatalities in the recent years had made the occupation one of dangerous jobs in America. Commercial fishers and motor operated fishing line often encounters danger due to malfunctioning gear, inclement weather, transportation incidents or strong wind. Each year, all these factors risks 116 per 100,000 worker’s life.

2. Logging Workers

Logging Workers - No.2 Dangerous Job in America

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of fatal accidents in the timber industry of America has increased from 36 in 2009 to 64 in 2012. Loggers require working for long hours at a stretch even during bad weather and in isolated places. At times the work also involves working high above the ground and is physically quite demanding. Incidents resulting from being struck by an object are a common cause of injuries and numerous cassualties. Dangers also abound when one’s day is accompanied by heavy machinery, high altitude and bad weather.

3. Aircraft Pilots/Flight Engineers

Aircraft Pilot - No.3 Dangerous Job in America

Though this job is glamorous and pays well, one has to be constantly aware of dangerous situations and urgent conditions. Virtually every pilot faces urgent situations in the sky – and emergencies can be fatal. Commercial pilots generally do not spend much time away from home, but despite that they face their share of dangers. And test pilots reach into the unknown – testing new planes and equipment. Since Crop dusters fly very low, they are exposed to toxic chemicals. Pilots in charge of Helicopter must be on the watch out for electricity wires, bridges, poles, trees, and any other objects that they can collide with. 59.1 per 100,000 is the fatality rate reported in recent years.

4. Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers - No.4 Dangerous Job in America

Working on a farm or a ranch is labour-intensive for which machines are used to help lift much of that burden — but they are also the cause of many fatal accidents. On farms, mechanism, like tractors, tend to be the offender in most accidents. Many accidents occur when drivers back the big machines over other workers they are not aware of. Even horses are responsible for a lot of injuries and wounds. Many horses are ridden hard as they are poorly trained. According to the Labor Department, around 260 farmers and ranchers died on the job in the year 2012.

5. Roofers

Roofers - No.5 Dangerous Job in America

Working high up on rooftops in all types of weather – sometimes with little or no safety measures has reported to risk lives of workers. Roofers repair, fix and build roofs; that too at a height of several stories above ground. Working several stories off the ground takes a toll, making roofing one of the top 10 dangerous jobs in America. Falling from heights is another risk that roofers face along with receiving injuries from hot bitumen and sustaining more injuries from their equipment.

6. Iron and Steel Workers

Iron and Steel Workers - No.6 Dangerous Job in America

Though the casualties in steel and iron industries have decreased with the introduction of safety and preventive measures, the job of an iron and steel worker is still regarded as one of the dangerous jobs in America. The workers often walk four-inch beams of steel which is quite life threatening. Workers in this field performs physically demanding work, often at great height such when building skyscrapers or bridges.

7. Sanitation Workers

Sanitation Workers - No.7 Dangerous Job in America

It might seem simple but the job of a sanitation worker is quite challenging with lot of risk. They are the one who needs to endure hazardous wastes throughout the year in order to maintain order in the society. Besides watching their backs, workers also need to be cautious with the equipments they handle. Harmful waste sometimes finds its way into garbage and can be quite dangerous. Fatigue is an added issue as the New York City sanitation workers are required to lift and load more than five tons of refuse each day.

8. Industrial Machinery Installers/Maintenance Workers

Industrial Machinery Operator - No.8 Dangerous Job in America

The number of accidents in this field is overwhelming. Working with large, aging, machines of various conditions has always been dangerous and has resulted in 20.3 fatalities per 100,000 workers till date. If one deals his work carelessly without following the required preventions then danger won’t be too far off. Besides machinery malfunction and heavy duty are also accounted for risking the lives of the workers. No doubt the job of a maintenance worker shares a position among the dangerous jobs in America.

9. Drivers/Truck operators

Drivers - No.9 Dangerous Job in America

If the labour department is to be believed, more drivers and truck operators die on job than any other vocation. Over 3 million people drive trucks to earn their living, whether it’s driving long hauls across country or delivering packages. Cutting back on safety has become the biggest safety challenge for the industry. Sometimes, the equipment is not well maintained as it should be; other times, drivers are pushed too hard.

10. Construction Laborers

Construction Laborers - No.10 Dangerous Job in America

Construction workers toil in all sorts of atmosphere including great heights, underground, building sites and busy highways. In addition they often work with hazardous materials, explosives, heavy equipment, and power tools which have made their job unsafe and precarious with no guaranteed safety.

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