Least Corrupt Countries

Corruption has been a part of the day to day activity for a time now. Be it government agency, Private Sector Company or layman, everyone is connected to this word here and there. Despite this, some countries have managed to mitigate the effect of corruption and have come up as the least corrupt countries in the world. The countries have been ranked as per the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2012. The list given below is a collection of companies which have curbed corruption to prevail in every nook and corner of their country.

Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries

These nations are not only the top 10 least corrupt countries in the world but are also the most peaceful places, worth living a blissful life where one can feel secure for their family and money earned.

1. Denmark

 No.1 Least Corrupt Country - DenmarkDenmark is a small European nation which is big in its humanity and honesty. Denmark has reached the place of number one in the world for its transparency in business and state matters as well. Denmark is often considered as a good place to do business because of the secured business atmosphere with zero bribery and a very good operating public sector. For the ease of doing business the World Bank has ranked Denmark as number one in the European countries.

2. Finland

No.2 Least Corrupt Country - FinlandFinland is one of the several Scandinavian nations high on the list of top ten least corrupt countries. Not only law enforcement but there is other bodies in Finland who fights against corruption and curb it at the initials. . The consensus formulated to fight corruption involves public participation and transparency methods like disclosure of information. With the world’s most transparent records and regime Finland has been adopted as the second in the record of least corrupt countries in the world.

3. New Zealand

No.3 Least Corrupt Country - New ZealandWith highest GDP per capita New Zealand has again left many countries behind and come up as the most peaceful and least corrupted country in the world. New Zealand’s political history involves a process called ‘grand corruption’ which is employed to tackle corruption with conviction, in which they even break the law to achieve the result when dealing with fraud and corruption in the country. Now, this country has highest education rate also.

4. Sweden

No.4 Least Corrupt Country - SwedenAnother uncorrupted country which has been politically stable since the mid-17th century,has a highly skilled labor base with significant technology training and with a score of 88 on the Corruption Perceptions Index, Sweden is one of the top four countries with least corruption rates. It is a known fact that in Sweden anyone has the right to look into a public official’s expense claims and check the details and thus considered to be the biggest reason behind its mitigated corruption.

5. Singapore

No.5 Least Corrupt Country - SingaporeThe government has curbed corruption only by imposing strong laws against corruption and a legal code which is one of the strictest among developed nations. One of the strategies considered to fight corruption in Singapore is paying political leaders with high salaries that they deserve in order to ensure a clean and honest government. Singapore is characterized by its freedom of speech, law and order and effective criminal justice.

6. Switzerland

No.6 Least Corrupt Country - SwitzerlandBesides being one of the beautiful destinations in the world, Switzerland is on the list of top 10 least corrupted nations in the world. Switzerland has homogenous and well-educated population which makes it easier for the government to restrict bribery and any type of corruption. The country maintains a high level of anti-corruption status among developed countries. Corruption and bribery are considered as a very big crime and has strict laws for it.

7. Australia

No.7 Least Corrupt Country - AustraliaTo parry corruption in Australia, the government provides comprehensive guidance to the officials and there is a leading anti-corruption body called the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC). The goal of CCC is to enhance the integrity of the Western Australian public sector and to assist public sector agencies in minimizing and managing misconduct.

8. Norway

No.8 Least Corrupt Country - NorwayNorway, the fourth Scandinavian country on the list, is ruled by a more than 1,000 years old Anglo-Saxon law code.  Norway had avid for corruption free country and has achieved success in their aim because of a fully integrated regime which has only one concern and that is to curb corruption in their country. As said by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Erik Lund-Isaksen, “Corruption is a major focus for the Norwegian Ministry of Defense and its Armed Forces. We are proud to have established a legal framework, a code of conduct, and a statement of values as guidance on appropriate conduct by officers and officials,” as reported by norway.org.au.

9. Canada

No.9 Least Corrupt Country - CanadaCanada is another peaceful and corruption free country which gives its population assurance of safe and non corrupted officials.  With basic rights and freedom guaranteed to the people by the Canadian government, it is not usually overridden and this has suppressed corruption. Canada is now at number nine on the list of top 10 least corrupted countries in the world with its strong multi-faceted economy and a well-trained, highly educated work force.

10. Netherlands

No.10 Least Corrupt Country - NetherlandsNetherlands has one of the oldest democracies in the world and it is home to the World Court with several other global legal authorities. The country is known for its neutrality and carries a long tradition of social tolerance. The Netherlands judicial system is independent and free of corruption.

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