Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands

To find the perfect air conditioner for you, slide through our expert guidance on the best air conditioner brands. The write up will provide a detailed view of their global status and preference. With markets in all the leading nations of the world, these top air conditioner brands have also been offering their products at a reasonable market price. Technologies embedded in these ACs are not only pioneering but are also eco friendly. So get hold of the list and lead a comfortable life during the dog days of summer.

Top Ten Air Conditioner Brands

Continue reading to identify the top ten air conditioner brands in the world.

1. Samsung

No.1 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand - Samsung

Being a trust worthy consumer electronic brands, Samsung has introduced some of the most convenient and innovative air conditioners to its global market. Use of dehumidification technology, energy star rating, turbo jet cooling and automatic cleaning are some of the factors that have attracted customers in huge number. This South Korean multinational company was established in 1938 with it’s headquartering in Samsung Town, Seoul.

2. LG

No.2 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand - LG

Featuring eco-friendly improvements accompanied by high-tech features, LG stands second among the top 10 air conditioner brands in the world. The company’s models are not only stylish but also at the same time offer powerful performance due to their fan speed, inverter technology, plasma filtration and multiple cooling systems. As per client taste and preference; portable, window and wall are the types of models LG has come up with so far. Another positive aspect of using LG air conditioner is that they emit less of greenhouse gases and thus protects the environment.

3. Panasonic

No.3 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand - Panasonic


Through fifty five years of operation, Panasonic has progressed from mechanizing compressors to providing wide-ranging air conditioning solutions. This has allowed the Japanese company the status of a trusted brand for finer and unswerving products in this sector.

4. Whirlpool

No.4 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand  - Whirlpool

Since Whirlpool designs its models based on its previous consumer feedback, the company has continuously maintained a high standard in the international market for air conditioners. Moreover Whirlpool ranks among the best air conditioner brands because of the introduction of latest compressors with high cooling effects. Multi fan speed functioning, self-diagnostic and auto restart are other few exclusive characteristics.

5. Carrier

No.5 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand - Carrier

Our next best air conditioner brand in the world is the American consumer company, Carrier Corporation. It has been into this business for more than a century and has never failed to bring out something inventive and distinctive. The active carbon deodizer and the silver ion filters in the Carrier air conditioners are something that makes them worth investing. These technologies not only help keep the room free from bacteria but also remove stinking smell ensuring pleasant and comfortable stay.

6. Haier

No.6 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand - Haier

The Chinese multinational home appliances corporation Haier has established a firm grip in the production of air conditioners throughout the globe. Besides being very effective in regards to energy consumption, they are also reliable and economic. In the past few years, the brand has laid more priority to their AC models and thus has inaugurated the popular split type AC.

7. Voltas

No.7 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand  - Voltas

Voltas is an Indian company that shares a position among the top 10 air conditioner brands in the world. Due to its affordable rates combined with sharp end technology it has become a well accepted name in the global AC market. The company is even known to have provided air conditioning solutions to RMS Queen Mary 2 and Burj Khalifa among others. Its latest models include the ertical Slim-line, the window and the split version.

8. Hitachi

No.8 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand - Hitachi

Hitachi is the second Japanese corporation to enter the record of top air conditioner brands in the world. AC solutions provided by the brand have been proved best in terms of technology, efficiency and reliability. Additionally its self cleaning technology has become a dominant factor in grabbing the global market. ACs from Hitachi is even guarded to emit less of greenhouse gases.

9. Videocon

No.9 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand - videocon

Videocon is one of the few Indian multinationals that has been engaged in the production of wide range, world class air conditioners. Apart from its modern design; its cooling capacity, power consumption and price tag are other factors that have been successful at satisfying consumer needs and demands. A US$5 billion global conglomerate, Videocon also has 17 manufacturing sites and plants in India, Italy, Mainland China, Mexico and Poland.

10. Daikin

No.10 Top Best Air Conditioner Brand - Daikin

Producing air conditioners for the last 89 years, at present Daikin has captured all the leading overseas markets including North America, Australia, China and Europe. The company is also the largest manufacturer of split-system and duct-type ACs with an expanded market in the United States. Daikin is popular for offering advanced and modernised air conditioners at the lowest affordable price. No doubt it has been successful at winning the trust of consumers from across the world.

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