Top 10 Travelling Jobs

If travelling is your ardent obsession then why not choose one of those career profiles that are on leading position among jobs that require travelling? Yes we are talking about those occupations which will not only pay well but will also provide you the opportunity to explore and roam around the planet. Get hold of our top 10 travel jobs and live your dreams to the fullest. Lots of adrenalin and lots of fervor blended with few certificates can provide you with these jobs. So hurry up and read through our write up to dive into details.

Top Ten Travelling Jobs

Have a peek at those jobs that are on the top ten travel jobs’ list.

1. Tour Guide

As the name suggests, a Tour Guide is someone who accompanies travelers to direct their tours with detailed information regarding a particular place. It is one of the hottest jobs that require traveling. A guide should have in dept knowledge about the culture and heritage of a location blended with a sense of humor and affability to make the tour interesting enough. They are required to make the maximum travelling among all travel oriented careers and are also paid quite well. And as of now with the growth in travel agencies, the demand for tour guide is also soaring.

2. Pilot/Airline Crew

Airline crews such as pilots, stewards and flight engineers occupies the second position among the top travel careers as their chief concern is to operate an aircraft while flying. Depending on the purpose of the flight, their jobs demand traveling within as well as beyond the boundaries of the nation. At times they need to travel across extended areas for several hours at a stretch while tracking through bad weather.

3. Travel Photographer

A good eye and a good camera can make the career of a travel photographer the most happening job in the current world. Apart from making trips through various cities of the world he also gets a chance to explore their captivating scenes and capture them through his lens. He lives a life which is not only thrilling but also provides him with knowledge regarding various cultures and heritages. They as well need to make researches before setting out for a destination.

4. Archaeologist

When it comes to preserving and interpreting the history of any site, the only magician known is an Archaeologist. A career in Archaeology necessitates moving across places even to the remotest ones to excavate and understand historical culture, lifestyle, atmosphere and habits of those cities that have become extinct under the brutality of time. Archaeologists play a vital role in enlightening the present generation with facts and stories from deep under the historical site that could have been otherwise forgotten forever.

5. Artist

Nowadays popping up of new techniques such as living sketches, spray can art, 3D chalk images and moonscapes have opened up new venture for people who love to travel as well as draw. Such artists can continue their passion for travel while earning a good pay with their creativity. Currently it is taking the shaping of one of the best travel jobs and even a section of the society is displaying their interest in hiring such talents.

6. Diplomat

As a diplomat is chosen by a state to carry out peaceful negotiation with other states and international organizations, the prime factor of the job is travelling. They require making to and fro trips to places of concern in order to protect and represent the nationals and interests of the sending state. Diplomats have been publicly described as “a caricature of pinstriped men gliding their way around a never-ending global cocktail party”.

7. Travel Nurse

The shortage of nurses and care takers in certain areas of the US has given birth to the job of a travel nurse. They are appointed by health companies and are sent temporarily to various destinations to look after a section of the society. This is becoming a booming career option in the United States as it offers the opportunity of professional growth, fat salary with compensations and personal adventure. No doubt it has been included along with the best travel jobs.

8. English Teacher

English being the world’s most spoken language, an English Teacher is in great demand specifically in non-English speaking countries. Nowadays many people and organisations from these nations express the desire to learn the language in order to establish international business and diplomacy. They frequently look out for English language experts for hiring. Thus an English Teacher needs to travel to these places to be part of their kindergarten or to work with adult professionals.

9. Oceanographer

Focused on marine life, ocean biology and water habits; a career as an Oceanographer demands working and travelling in and around the oceans of the world. In order to carry out various projects and researches on the watery portion of the globe, they are trained and equipped to dive and sail across seas and oceans. If you have the nerve for travelling by sea and the zeal to explore it then this career can pay you quite well.

10. Foreign Service

Foreign Service is another sector that asks their foreign policy officers to travel across the globe to communicate with the government and state heads of other nations. Regarded as an esteemed profile, officers for Foreign Service need to deal with international administrative bodies. At times intergovernmental organizations and international non-government organisations also require the involvement of Foreign Service officers. Thus it is one amid the top travel careers.

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