Top 10 Biggest Beauty Brands

Behold all the beauty that there is with the Top 10 Biggest Beauty Brands that are pervading across the globe. True, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! But with the increasing pollution in the environment today, one’s vision gets easily clouded in a smoke of dust. The World’s Top 10 Major Beauty Brands that we have chosen for you clears the air with their outstanding range of beauty and skincare products. Browse through the list in order to muster more information about your favorite brands, those which have come to define your personality. Check out the gross value of these brands which make you look stunning always.


Top 10 Biggest Beauty Brands

Flip through the archive of Top 10 Biggest Beauty Brands in the world to check if your favorite brand features in the list or not.


1. Olay


Hailing from the U.S., Olay leads the race of the Top 10 Biggest Beauty Brands in the World. One of Procter & Gamble’s multi-billion dollars brands, Olay is valued at $11.8 billion. With its current slogan being ‘challenge what’s possible,’ the brand has launched a variety of products ranging from Olay Vitamins to Total Effects. The anti-aging solution of the company is a big hit among women facing the early mayhem of the advancing years. Building the trust factor among the consumers, the brand celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.


2. Avon


Inaugurated as a beauty brand in 1886, Avon is a brand that is making business globally in the categories of household, personal care and beauty regime. With a brand value of 7.9 billion dollars, Avon is a must-have for all those who want to look beautiful. This American trademark is the fifth largest beauty company as well as the second largest direct selling enterprise in the world. Manufacturing products catering to all skin care needs such as moisturizers, sunscreen lotions to make-up articles like eye-liners and lipsticks, their list of artifacts goes on endlessly. Organizing the Avon walk for awareness regarding the growth of malignant cells in the breast, the brand is notable for its participation in philanthropic causes.


3. L’Oreal


Walking the ramp of Top Best Beauty Brands in the third slot, we have L’Oreal, a French brand worth of a whopping $7.7 billion. Bearing a registered office in Paris, it is the world’s largest cosmetic’ company and the top nanotechnology patent-holder in the United States of America. Delivering a great output in manufacturing products such as skin-care articles, sun-protection, make-up and perfumes, the brand truly believes that ‘you’re worth it.’ A varied range of hair-care items are also produced by the company including high-class hair-coloring products.


4. Neutrogena


With its headquarters at Los Angeles in USA, Neutrogena marks its territory in World’s Top 10 Major Beauty Brands at number 4. Drawing a brand value of 6.2 billion dollars, the company deals in products affiliated to skin-care, hair-care and cosmetics regime. The brand has an exclusive line-up of items that deliver efficient help in fighting acne, signs of aging and sun damage. At present, Neutrogena is a part of the US based multinational company, Johnson & Johnson.


5. Nivea


The Germany based skin-care brand, Nivea displays a varied assortment of products in its kitty. Renowned for using perfume in their products, Nivea revolutionized the idea of beauty with its range of crèmes, lotions, anti-aging articles, deodorants, lip-care, bath-care and men’s skin products, as it caters to the needs of all skin-types, especially those who have delicate and sensitive skin. With negligible side-effects, the users feel truly pampered after applying these items. The brand value of Nivea stands tall at 5.6 billion dollars.


6. Lancome


A subsidiary to L’Oreal’s Luxury products division since 1964, Lancome was founded in 1935. Owning a brand worth of 5.1 billion dollars, the firm occupies the sixth rank in the register of Top 10 Biggest Beauty Brands. A favorite among most fashion icons, Lancome Paris is a French luxury house dealing in expensive perfumes and cosmetics. Among the many stunning faces representing the brand, the gorgeous actress Isabella Rossellini has been associated with the company for 14 long years. Lancome also teams up with an army of make-up professionals like Fred Farrugia whose ‘Pollen’ collection in 2000 pioneered the industry’s first lip gloss in a tube, named Juicy Tubes.


7. Dove


A Britain based brand, Dove is a personal care company that is owned by Unilever. Offering articles for men and women, the brand manufactures a wide range of toiletries that include beauty bars, body washes, hair-care items, antiperspirants or deodorants, lotions and other facial care products. Promoting the view that beauty is a state of mind, the brand has appealed to a mass of consumers to take on the challenge of the dove difference. Animal salts known as the tallow is an essential ingredient in the soaps which render the products non-vegan. At a brand value of $5 billion, Dove rests at number 7 in our list.


8. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

Established in the New York City, USA, Estee Lauder is a beauty brand that is valued at 3.7 billion dollars. A personal care house, the brand specializes in manufacturing cosmetics and perfumes. Launched in 1946 by Estee Lauder and her husband, the brand dealt in 4 products only, namely, skin lotion, cleansing oil, crème pack and the super-rich all-purpose crème. It gradually expanded its ambit of production and is now a colossal brand that stands for beauty and fragrances.


9. Biore


A Japan based brand, Biore, is a skin care company with a gross value of 3.3 billion dollars. The brand takes special interest in manufacturing cleansing products that come in the form of scrubs, foam and strips which help free clogged pores. So if you are looking for a brand that focuses on healthy and clean skin, Biore is your destination.


10. Shiseido


A major hair-care and cosmetic brand, Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetic companies across the globe. Japan-based, the company was founded in 1872, and is at present the fourth largest cosmetics company in the world while being the largest one in Japan. Valued at 2.9 billion dollars, the firm manufactures Elixir Superieur skincare items, daily use Aqua Label skincare and toiletry products, Uno skincare articles for men, Clé de Peau Beauté makeup, and Anessa suncare series.

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