Top 10 Credit Card Companies in the World

Welcome to the world of luxurious plastics known as the most exclusive credit cards. The very first credit card in the creation was first issued in 1958 by American express, and since then there is skyrocketing use of plastic money. Earlier they are used as a mode for payments but today their uses, rewards and benefits are various, the companies that carters these exclusively expensive cards creates a prestigious stratosphere for high rollers and big spenders. These cards are considered as the status and fashion symbol as they articulate the stature same as a latest piece of jewellery or the latest hand bag does. Here we have the List on top 10 best credit cards in the world.

List of Top 10 Credit Card Companies

Here we are helping you to choose the best credit card while listing out our top 10 credit card in the world.

 1. Sherbank Visa Infinite Gold Card

No.1 Top Credit Card Company - Sherbank Visa Infinite Gold Card

The most Lavish Credit Card in the World is Sherbank Visa Infinite Gold Card. The cost of the card is for the mortals who can afford more than what most Americans can make in a year. The card itself is made from solid gold with 26 diamonds studded in it. Sherbank created the card only to serve their top 100 customers. If you have the privilege then pony up $65,000 for the card and $45000 as security deposit, that adds up to $100, 00 approx. Also there is an additional fee of $2000 per year to start off with this plastic money. It has the high-rolling purchasing power and it’s the Visa Infinite Exclusive from Kazakhstan’s Sberbank.

 2. Dubai First Royale Master Card

No.2 Top Credit Card Company - Dubai First Royale Master Card

Desired by many but attainable by only a selected few, the ultra-prestigious card is created by the first Dubai bank for the premium ones. It is actually made with real gold and diamonds. Features of this card include no spending limit, a personal relationship manager and some travel benefits. The card is listed second among the top ten prestigious credit cards in the world as it has the exclusive and worthy reward programs with up to 4% cash back.

 3. American Express Centurion

No.3 Top Credit Card Company - American Express Centurion

The titanium- crafted card is selected from the top ten most prestigious credit cards in the world. American Express Platinum Centurion known as the black card in the world of plastic money. It is the only charge card issued by American express to serve the platinum card holders only, when they are eligible to meet certain criteria. The card costs annual fee of $2500, onetime launching fee of $5000. In 1999 the card was launched with a $100 annual fee to invite customers. This is ironic to say about the card that with higher price tag there are fewer benefits attached with it.

4. JP Morgan Palladium Card

No.4 Top Credit Card Company - JP Morgan Palladium Card

One of the flashiest piece made out of a palladium and 23 karat gold, the card is designed for ultra-high net worth clients of J.P Morgan Chase. The palladium card is Visa signature hybrid card launched in 2011. If you want to be the member of this elite group then you need to have the $5 million assets in their bank account. The card is in, and it has privilege of long list of insurance coverage and travel benefits.

 5. Royal Bank of Scotland Coutts World Card

No.5 Top Credit Card Company - Royal Bank of Scotland Coutts World Card

This is another exclusive credit card to possess, if you are based in Great Britain. Reportedly Queen Elizabeth II and Elton John are also the card holders of Royal Bank of Scotland Coutts World Card. This valuable card has the high range of benefits, considering its relatively low annual fee. The company offers its credit card to only its private and prestigious customers. Card serves conventional benefits like travel upgrades and luxury services.

 6. Sotheby’s World Elite MasterCard


Sotheby’s World Elite MasterCard

World’s elite master card has many benefits as compared to other prestigious credit cards above. This luxurious card has service area comprising free airport lounge entree and business-class companion charge on some international flights. To qualify this card you must earn at least more than $2, 00,000 investible assets and $250,000 annually. Moreover the annual fee for the card is $395.

 7. American Express Platinum Card

No.7 Top Credit Card Company - American Express Platinum Card

It is a smart choice for keen travellers because of its wide range of benefits. The annual fees is not cheap, yet it has great and similar benefits that centurion card has. In 2011, some features were added to the card. With rising annual fees many Centurion card holders even switch back to platinum card because the benefits are similar. But it’s better to know that the $459 annual fee is not ignored for the first year.

 8. Merrill Accolades Card

No.8 Top Credit Card Company - Merrill Accolades Card

The Merrill Accolades American Express Card formerly recognized as the bank of America Accolades card. It is the first premium credit card offered by bank of America. It serves only the rich, affluent and ultra-wealthy clients. The card is prominent as it is the bank’s expedition into a new market segment and on the more, product open as a result of the bank’s getting hold of another bank in U.S.

 9. Citigroup Chairman American Express

No.9 Top Credit Card Company - Citigroup Chairman American Express

To match the prestige of the card, it hypes a black beautiful design and it is not made of any special material like other exclusive credit cards. Moreover it serves the purpose to fall under the list of best exclusive cards in the world.  Its annual fee is of $500 with no pre-set expenses.

 10. Stratus Rewards Visa Card

No.10 Top Credit Card Company - Stratus Rewards Visa card

The card is among the most significant one that is often called as the white card in contrast to American Express black card. The targeted holders of this Stratus Reward visa card are high net worth customers who must have private jet travel. The card is available for all but prior to get it, one should have an invitation from the current card holder.

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