Top 10 Electronic Companies

The transformation that is taking place in the electronic world can be acknowledged due to the innovative ideas of the top electronics companies in the world. They are the ones who have been constantly manufacturing modern computing parts and other electronic products. For a brighter all these electronic companies keep improving their gadgets. Thus the record of top 10 electronic companies presents the top electronic manufactures along with their annual revenue. To know in details, have a glance.

Best Electronic Companies

Keep scrolling to see the list of top ten electronic companies and their ground-breaking contribution in the field of electronics.

1. Hewlett Packard

No.1 Electronic Company - Hewlett PackardThe American global information technology company, Hewlett Packard has topped the list of top 10 electronic companies for the second time in a row. Though the corporation was started by William “Bill” Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard in a car garage, today it is the largest manufacturer of computer and electronic parts. Based on annual revenue of $127.2 billion, HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG) was ranked as “one of the leading vendors of personal computers” in the world.

2. Apple Inc.

No.2 Electronic Company - Apple IncRecognised for producing some of the finest electronic products including iPod, Mac computers, iPad and iPhone; Apple Inc. is one of the top electronic manufacturers. It also occupies the third position among the leading mobile phone makers. Apple Inc. was founded on 1st April, 1976 and since then has grown out to possess 394 retail stores around fourteen countries. Currently it has yearly revenue of $108.2 billion. The company can be credited for bringing a major transformation into the world of communication and music.

3. Samsung Electronics

No.3 Electronic Company - Samsung ElectronicsSamsung Electronics is not only the largest manufacturer of mobile phones but also is in the third position amid the top ten electronic companies. The South Korean electronics company is known in the international market as the principal producer of LCD panels and the biggest manufacturer of television, ever since 2002 and 2006 respectively. Presently with an annual income of $99.8 billion, Samsung Electronics has a major influence on the economy of South Korea.

4. Dell

No.4 Electronic Company - DellAnother American multinational electronic company that has made into the list of top 10 electronic companies is Dell Inc. Engaged in the production and sell of computer related merchandises, its current yearly return is $61.5 billion. With 103,300 employees across the earth, Dell was the third largest vendor of PC during 2012. Founded by Michael Dell, it is best known for its innovations in electronic commerce. The corporation also listed among the Fortune 500 record.

5. Fujitsu

No.5 Electronic Company - FujitsuEngaged mainly in the designing and engineering of computing products, Fujitsu is the first Japanese electronics company to compete the list of top 10 electronic companies. It is headquartered in Tokyo and has a firm footage in over 70 other nations. The company started focussing on the development of computers since 1950 under the guidance of Toshio Ikeda and today can boast of annual income of $55.5 billion.

6. Cisco Systems

No.6 Electronic Company - Cisco SystemsCisco Systems has hit the sixth position among the top electronics companies in the world with a twelve month income of $43.2 billion. Its centre of concentration demands designing and sell of networking equipments. With more than 10,000 joint ventures in over 65 countries, the American electronics company is also the foremost provider of technical education and network solutions. Moreover it is a chief supplier of Voice over IP to enterprises.

7. NEC

No.7 Electronic Company - NECInitially known as Nippon Electric Company, Limited; NEC Corporation is engaged in the production of electronic merchandises apart from network and IT solutions. Its electronic products include displays, semiconductors and a number of other stuff.  It headquarter is located in Minato, Tokyo and was established way back in 1899. Yearly it pulls in around $38.2 billion as revenue. Their exceptional international operating model permits them to provide industry-leading response to their customer requirements throughout the world.

8. Ericsson

No.8 Electronic Company - EricssonOne of the Sweden’s biggest companies, Ericsson has managed the eighth position amid the top 10 electronic companies in the world. In fact last year in 2012, it was the major provider of wireless network equipments throughout the globe. Ericsson was started off as a telegraph equipment repairing shop in 1876 but currently it operates in 180 nations, employing 17,700 staff alone on Sweden. The Kista, Stockholm headquartered company collects an annual revenue of $30.4 billion.

9. Xerox

No.9 Electronic Company - XeroxXerox Corporation is the most popular name when it comes to multifunction systems, black-and-white printers, digital production printing presses and photo copiers. It was also the software and hardware designers of the company who can be credited for inventing many significant elements of personal computer. No doubt the corporation finds its position amid the top electronics companies in the world. It generates $21.6 billion as its yearly income.

10. Alcatel Lucent

No.10 Electronic Company - Alcatel LucentProviding telecommunication solutions to enterprises, service providers and governments all through the world, Alcatel – Lucent earns revenue of $21.4 billion. Bell Labs, one of the largest R&D house is a part of the corporation and has been awarded with a total of seven Nobel Prizes. The global telecommunications equipment company operates through 130 countries and holds more than 29,000 patents.

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