Top 10 Fashion Streets

Top 10 Streets of Fashion are the real runway for shoppers! Who doesn’t love to wear new clothes? Colorful shoes, dresses, accessories and much more are waiting for all the fashion lovers on some of the best fashion streets. Fashion is what you love to wear and there is nothing you won’t find in world’s leading shopping streets. If you are a fashion lover or a shopping freak or on a vacation, don’t forget to visit the Top 10 Fashion Streets in the world. Step in a whole new paradise where shoppers and their needs will be rewarded with remarkable fashion stuff.


Top Ten Fashion Streets.


1. Fifth Avenue, New York

Fifth Avenue, New York

Exquisite fashion stuff presented at Fifth Avenue, matches the standards of modish people of New York. Nothing but the best is available on this street of sophisticated fashion. Though it is one among the most expensive streets in the world, but is graded among the prominent ones. You will find some of the most excellent boutiques here. International brands are gorgeously displayed on the windows for all tourists. Delve in the street which originates at Washington Square Park and gushes through the midtown till it terminates at Harlem River and ends at the Fifth Avenue.


2. Bond Street, England

Bond Street, England

Your vacation of England will only be complete if you shop at the Bond Street. It is a landmark of history which is popular among shoppers since 18th century. This stretch is bound to impress the tourists and delight them with its incredible collection. Top notch brands, prestigious items, precious ornaments and much more to shop for. Satiate your urge for shopping at this hub and end your vacation on a good note. This street connects from Piccadilly in South to Oxford Street in North. It is a hearty street where you can indulge into some significant spending.


3. Rodeo Drive, California

Rodeo Drive, California

Expenses are not to be considered once you are on one of the most expensive shopping street in the world. Rodeo Drive is a perfect mixture of pizzazz, glamor, lifestyle, sophistication and much more. This place all together brings in recreational activities, leisure and latest trends for shoppers as well as tourists. Hotels, brands, upscale European style, events, coffee rooms and lots more to share with the world. Walk through this California based fashion trail to enjoy a remarkable experience.


4. Avenue Montaigne, France

Avenue Montaigne, France

Among the best Top 10 Streets of Fashion, Avenue Montaigne is placed at number four. It is a shopper’s paradise, where purchases can be made with only bundles of currency in pocket. Elegance, glitz, glamor and sophistication are just mere terms to define this historic street. Famous brands, expensive boutiques, eating joints and much more satisfies customers urge to shop here. This stunning building is situated in the 20th administrative district of Paris. It manages to flaunt its extravagant structure since the early 18th century.


5. Bahnhofstrasse, Switzerland

Bahnhofstrasse, Switzerland

If expenses kept aside this is an exclusive purchasing hub for shoppers. It is categorized among most expensive streets to by retail property and is ranked at number three among the most expensive stretches all over the world. This shopping avenue has designer boutiques, exquisite collection of Swiss watches and much more to fill those shopping bags! The street has enough to satisfy your need and greed! While on European tour, don’t forget to take a walk on this ‘station street’.


6. Ginza, Japan

Ginza, Japan

At number six of our list we have Ginza one among the Top 10 Best Places for Street Shopping. The street is famous not just in Tokyo but it’s a mecca for fashion lovers. This one square meter stretch compiles in entertainment, department stores, art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, café and much more. It is considered to be one among the most prominent spots to buy expensive goods. Tourists as well as locals are attracted towards this perfect shopper’s paradise.


7. Via Della Spiga, Italy

Via Della Spiga, Italy

The fashion capital boasts its sensational boulevards of clothes, shoes and accessories, which is the Via Della Spiga. Go on to explore some romantic landmarks and Victorian buildings which are a home for remarkable boutiques and fantastic cafes for all. Notorious food store, department stores, vintage wine collection and much more is encapsulated within this street. Enjoy the vibrancy of fashion, a bit of historicity and a beyond imagination experience for all. It is a perfect place to celebrate the essence and strength of latest trend and elegance all together.


8. Magnificent Mile, Chicago

Magnificent Mile, Chicago

As the name suggests, Magnificent Mile, in itself is a glorious experience for shoppers. Art galleries, department stores, apparels, gourmet food and grills, jewelry, personal care, cosmetics and a lot more is available to shop for. The Mag Mile has both posh as well as mid ranged shops within its shopping area. One of the largest shopper paradises is an access road between Chicago’s Loop Business District and Gold Coast. This district is not only the largest shopping complex but also a famous landmark of Chicago.


9. Avinguda Diagonal, Spain

Avinguda Diagonal, Spain

One of the broadest boulevards of Barcelona Avinguda Diagonal is also an essential point for shoppers. It is a 5KM shopping path that cuts the city of Barcelona diagonally. You won’t be able to stop the urge to discover each and every corner of this famous street. This street offsets from Les Corts district and courses its way to Sant Marti. Find refuge for tranquility of your shopping thirst and just enjoy spending on some fashionable stuff.


10. Laugavegur, Iceland

Laugavegur, Iceland

One among the oldest shopping streets in Iceland have a lot on showcase for its patrons. The Literal meaning of Laugavegur is the “wash road” as this path heads to the hot springs in Laugardalur. This is one among the most historic paths you will get to cross. Leather goods, books, apparels, woolen goods, handmade knit wear and much more is available here. Originality, quality and class are maintained by each shop owner. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs make this avenue even more dynamic and lively place to discover.

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