Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs

Scrutinizing the paycheque graph for the last one decade, it can be concluded that CEO pay has grown much rapidly as compared to other executive posts in the professional sector. In fact during the year 2013, Chief Executive Officers took back home 273 times more earning than the average employees. This is also a direct indication of the growth and progress achieved by their respective companies. Thus mentioned below is the record that mentions the names associated with the top CEO salaries.

Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

Take a glance at the Chief Executive Officers who have topped the list of top 10 highest paid CEOs.

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

The year 2013 has witnessed the CEO and Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk leading the record of highest paid CEOs in the world with earnings of $78.2 million. Co-Founder of PayPal and SpaceX, at present Elon is as well the CTO and CEO at the later. The South African-born Canadian-American innovator had proved himself as the perfect business magnet who had converted PayPal into a million dollar company.

2. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

Apart from being the third-wealthiest man in America, Larry Ellison has as well earned a reputation as one amid the top paid CEOs. Serving the post of a chief executive office at the Oracle Corporation, his lavish pay package was estimated to be $77 million. The Silicon Valley boss started showing interest for software and computer while attending the University of Chicago.

3. Mario Gabelli

Mario Gabelli - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

Mario Gabelli, $69 million man is the founder as well as the CEO of the $30 billion global investment firm – Gabelli Asset Management Company Investors. Though he founded his company as a broker/dealer, over a span of thirty six years he had shaped GAMCO Investors as one of the leading investment organisations in the world. His talent and out of box ideas are worth the pay he takes back home.

4. Robert Kotick

Robert Kotick - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

With eight fold increase in paycheque, Robert Kotick finds himself standing tall among the ten highest paid CEOs in America and the world as a whole. A native of Long Island, New York; Robert is a director, president and the CEO of Activision Blizzard. He has been even in charge of the directorial post in The Coca-Cola Company since 16th February, 2012. Owing to the professional roles he plays, Kotick rightly deserves the $64.9 million earning he was offered during 2013.

5. Leslie Moonves

Leslie Moonves - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

The lucrative pay packet of $62.2 million is the result of the responsibilities Leslie Moonves has been shouldering for America’s most watched television network – CBS Corporation. Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the mass media corporation and has been counted as the fifth highest paid CEO in America. Besides CBS, Moonves was even a part of Viacom, Inc and t ZeniMax Media.

6. John Hammergren

John Hammergren - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

Like the year 2011, even 2013 has John Hammergren’s name mentioned in the list of America’s best paid CEOs for earning a whooping amount of $51.7 million. Popular as one of the nation’s most generous golden parachutes, John is presently the CEO, Chairman and the President of McKesson Corporation, a scientific and medical company. According to data gathered by Bloomberg, he will be entitling to $303.4 million if he happens to quite his company.

7. David Zaslav

David Zaslav - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

A former executive of NBC Universal and the present CEO cum President at Discovery Communications, David Zaslav stands at seventh spot amid the ten highest paid CEOs in America with an annual earning of $49.9 million. Holding the senior most post at the mass media company, David is not only in charge of the content that the globally acclaimed channel broadcasts but has also made the company undergo a huge transformation in terms of operational efficiency, performance and growth.

8. E. Hunter Harrison

E. Hunter Harrison - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

Serving the post of Chief Executive Officer and President at the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), E. Hunter Harrison is yet another name that requires mentioning while discussing about the top CEO salaries. Harrison has been a part of CPR since 29th June 2012.

9. Richard Bracken

Richard Bracken - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

A popular figure in the American business scenario, Richard Bracken has been reported of taking home an annual salary of $46.4 million during the year 2013. At present he is the CEO and Chairman at the leading commercial healthcare provider in the world – Hospital Corporation of America. Richard has a Masters Degree in Health administration from the Medical College of Virginia.

10. Gerald Rubin

Gerald Rubin - Top Ten Highest Paid CEOs

The list of America’s best paid CEOs will be incomplete without mentioning the Executive Director of the Janelia Farm Research Campus as well the Vice President of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Gerald Rubin. His yearly income is $41.6 million as per the information gathered by Besides he is even notable for his ground-breaking contribution to the use of transposable P elements in genetics.

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