Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in US

People opt for higher education in pursuit of better life style. Many also believe that only a high post can afford fat salary. Whereas according to the Department of Labor, USA there is a list of such jobs which are neither a part of the glamour world nor professional athletics but enjoy a high income. Even during world economic crisis, the word “recession” was unknown to them.  A quick glance will make us aware of the group.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in US

Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs in USA

Know the professions that have been making news as the top ten highest paying jobs in US.

1. Medical Professionals

People who have chosen the path of medical as their career are the most benefiting professionals in America. Being a doctor and to have the curiosity to heal other’s illness is not an easy task. With $181,850 per annum, surgeons are the best paid among the other specialist in compare.  After a hard work of ten to fifteen years of training they attain this level of perfection.

2. Chief Executive Officer

Next in the list are the Chief Executive Officers commonly known as CEO.  It is known to everyone that CEOs are the well paid employees of any particular company but do we also know that they are one among the highest paid in US?  Yes CEOs earn as much as $140,880 per annum with varying training period.

3. Psychiatrist

In the process of handling mentally disturbed people, a Psychiatrist takes home an average salary of $163,190 per annum. To be a part of this field is not an easy task keeping in mind that these medical professionals are required to evaluate patients to conclude whether or not their indications are the consequence of a physical illness, a permutation of physical and mental or  sternly a psychiatric one.

4. Dentist

With eight years of training period, the occupation of a dentist is another field in which there is good source of income. With a growth in public demand, not only the number of dentists is growing but has as well made the profession the fourth highest paying jobs in US as they are known to  earn $132,660 annually. As we all know, they are the only saviour while facing issues with our teeth and gums.

5. Engineering Manager

With an increase in modernization there is an urgent need of man power. Engineering Managers are personals engaged in constructions, planning and designing of cities and towns. In United States one can earn a handsome salary of $140,210 per annum by acquiring skills for this challenging task. Engineering Managers need to complete their bachelor’s degree to be a professional but many goes for further studies like MBA summing up six to seven years of training.

6. Natural Science Manager

Employed in research and developmental field, a Natural Science Manager mainly looks after the works of other scientists. Now a days Natural managers are going up the study ladder to pursue MBA or doctorial degree and is doing a great job in combining science with business. No doubt their hard work pays off with an income of $97,560 every year. Six to seven years of training is compulsory to attain this perfection.

7. Computer and Information System Manager

In this technologically advanced era, computers play a vital role in every work sector. A computer and information system manager does the task of managing the overall strategy and direction of a particular company’s information technology (IT) and systems plan. Initially one can start off as a programmer and gradually with a training experience of four to eight years they can achieve this position.  Thus $100,110 is credited into their accounts every year and has managed a position to be one in midst of best paying jobs of US.

8. Lawyers and Judges

Law and its related occupation have also been regarded as well paid jobs of United States by Occupational Statistics Survey. Lawyers and Judges earn around an average salary of $110,590 making it a booming contemporary occupation. This is a good indication since our societies are more prone to crimes these days.

9. Marketing Manager

Globalization is becoming a major term for every economy. Markets are no longer limited to a nation or a state. In the current time person with good marketing skill is what every company looks forward to. In this regard Marketing managers are growing in demand and in United States it is a satisfactory job option with a yearly salary of $100,020. To be perfectionist everything needs patience and thus one needs to invests four to six of his/her precious years to be a master in this area.

10. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are listed as the tenth most paid professionals of US. According to Department of Labor, an Air traffic controller takes home a happy amount of $100,430 annually. These are the professionals who look after the safety and the expeditious flow of air traffic in the worldwide air traffic control system. Thus deserving the lucrative pay check they are offered with.

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