Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2013

“The poor stay poor while the rich get richer” Karl Marx baptized this catchphrase as the “law of increasing poverty” in the contemporary world; where all the wealth and the resources are being obsessively accumulated by the mighty and powerful while leaving misery and scarcity for the poor. Each one of our top ten poorest countries in the year 2013 has been fated severely for years and grappled with the problem of insufficiency, hunger, violence, illiteracy, high rates of mortality, malnutrition and certainly no standards of living. These poorest countries are rich in natural resources but they have been curtailed from emerging by their ruined histories of colonization and also by day today increasing endless miserable competitions.

Top Ten Poorest Countries in the World

Top ten poorest countries listed here are selected on the basis of their gross domestic product (GDP) purchasing power parity (PPP), infrastructures, educational facilities, life expectancy rate and sources for income.

1. Democratic Republic of Congo – $394.25

No.1 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Democratic Republic of Congo

The poorest country in the world was hampered and plagued by endless series of social and militant conflicts, even after getting the independence 53 years ago from Belgian colonization rule. The second largest, African poorest country has low rates of economic growth and development scale. Congo is also tormented with violent massacres because of the clash for control over its mineral wealth. It has potential in agricultural science, although it suffers severely with extreme level of undernourishment and high mortality rate. With a GDP as low as $394.25, it is valued as the poorest country in the world with just no standard of living.

2. Zimbabwe – $589.46

No.2 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Zimbabwe

 Mother Earth delivers treasurable metals, minerals and other natural resources to the land of Zimbabwe but lives are still miserable here. Landlocked Zimbabwe’s $589.46 per capita PPP gross national product makes it the second least prosperous nation.  It has been governed by Robert Mugabe since 1980 and he is often blamed to be responsible for the country’s low human rights record and economic failure. This is also an African country of ineffective economic policies. Largely an agricultural based economy but experience numerous droughts, which play mess with its ability to meet its own food needs and produce cash crops such as grain and tobacco. Extracting gold, coal, copper, and diamonds proposes some potential for job creation and economic expansion.

3. Burundi – $648.58

No.3 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Burundi

Surly, you won’t like to visit this country of infectious diseases. Burundi has number of tropical and sub-tropical ailments and severe plagues which paves a way to increase mortality rate. The east African country suffers largely from constant warfare, poor education, corruption, and HIV is most common disease in this part of the world.  Highly dense populated Burundi is an agricultural based economy. It is also one of the dirtiest places in the world. Droughts and commodity prices affect their income from important crops such as coffee and tea. This is the reason why the country’s per capita GDP is $648.58, which makes it as the world’s third poorest country.

4. Liberia – $716.04

No.4 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Liberia

With as low GDP as $716.04, part of its inhabitants live on less than 1$ a day which offers a tragic and pathetic standard of living. The Republic of Liberia is again a country located in West Africa. The country is fronting huge crises as it lifts the ban on diamonds and timber which led to a lot of communal unrest mostly the civil war. The horrible standards and lack of food gives way to more destruction and devastation making the situation even worse. Capitalisation of natural resources and Ideal agricultural climate for rice cultivation gives some prime opportunities to Liberia.

5. Eritrea – $792.13

No.5 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Eritrea

Land sets on the mines of precious and useful metals like gold and copper and Uranium, but 80% of its citizens, are into agriculture and only 10% are literates. Government strict military activities have caused lack of labours which has flagged problems for the farmers, complemented with frequent draughts. Apart from food scarcity, constant violent activities and limited provision of resources like freedom of speech, press, association and assembly are also restricted. The GDP is also limited to $792.13 resulted in sufferings of hundreds

6. Central African Republic – $827.93

No.6 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Central African Republic

The country is too severely fated for falls. Central republic of Africa is largely dependent on the agricultural product still it is hunger stricken and suffers major poverty issues. Inspite of dense rain forest and endowment of timber, common activities in the country follows illegal weapons and social unrest. With, an estimated GDP per capita income of $760, there is lack of least potential amenities, the country has neither suitable financial fund nor they have any way to meet the needs of its inhabitants.

7. Niger – $853.43

No.7 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Niger

Covered by the giant desert of Sahara taking 80% of the Niger land .This poverty stricken nation is featured by extreme weakness to economic falls, political instability and gender inequality which affects girls, women and children excessively. Country lacks infrastructure, low mortality rate, filthy environmental conditions and illiteracy among its people. The country’s GDP is $853.43 per year.

8. Malawi – $893.84

No.8 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Malawi

World’s 100th largest country in area is one of the world’s poorest countries. Malawi an ethnical country fully depends on agricultural with large rural population, which makes it one of the least developed countries. One can see no sign of progress when there survives atrocities like high prevalence of HIV, rising infant mortality rate and low life expectancy. This landlocked country has a meagre GDP of $893.84 and the country is going through a dodgy scenario.

9. Madagascar – $972.07

No.9 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Madagascar

 Madagascar is an island country -off the coast of southeast Africa.  It is among the pitiable poorest countries in the world. With real per capita income having reduced by 40 % between the year 1971 and 1991. Poverty and standard of living have amplified and increased noticeably over the last two and more decades on this part of the world. It is the biodiversity hotspot of the world, with 90 per cent of its wildlife distinctive to the country. Over 90 per cent of its population lives at less than $2 per day, making miserable conditions for living with GDP- $927.07.

10. Afghanistan – $1,072.19

No.10 Top Poorest Country in the World 2013 - Afghanistan

Afghanistan is well-known for radical activities, in spite of of international efforts to rebuild the country. Since the Soviet outbreak in 1979, it has been the handling the series of conflicts that are consistent for three decades. Afghanistan is a landlocked country in South Asia with GDP $1,072.19. This country is considered as one of the most dangerous in the world because of its assassin groups that are still growing in this country. It is the biggest creator of immigrants and asylum seekers in the world.

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