Top 10 Richest Cities in the World

Apart from culture, people, technology and infrastructure, what makes a city richer or poor? Well, mostly the economic stability measured through GDP, or Gross Domestic Product is the method to organize cities according to their financial status. GDP refers to one of the primary indicators representing the in-total market value of all goods and products being manufactured and produced in a specific city under a specific time period. It overviews every all imports, exports, reserves, consumption and government expenditures while calculating. Wondering which city is the richest? Let’s look at the list of Top 10 Richest Cities in the World 2015 and gauge the elements making it worthy of our attention:


Top 10 Richest Cities in the World


10. Shanghai – China

GDP: $516.5 billion
Area: 6,340.5 square kilometers
Population: 23,019,148

Shanghai China

Located on the Eastern Coast of China, this Chinese city is one of the major economic centers of the country with majestic infrastructure and reliable technology. With its traces from early 960 AD, it rose up to become an important port harbor, with opulent import and export business growing up eventually. Known for numerous tourist attractions such as The Bund, Orient Pearl TV Tower, distinctive architecture, steel production industries, and oil and chemicals factories, this city has allowed China to become of the major economically sound countries.


9. Moscow – Russia

GDP: $520.1 billion
Area: 2,510 square kilometers
Population: 11,503,501

Moscow Russia

Ranked on number 9 in the list of Top Ten Richest Cities in the World, this city is situated in western Russia; this city has been a major center of economic transactions and tourist magnetisms such as the Kremlin, Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater and the mausoleum housing Vladimir Lenin’s conserved corpse. This city has experienced massive conquering and has grown under the supervision of different invading powers which involve the Mongols, the Swedes, the Poles and the French.


8. Chicago – USA

GDP: $524.6 billion
Area: 606.1 square kilometers
Population: 2,707,120

Chicago USA

Popularly known as the Windy City, Chicago is one of the most alluring cities located within the geographies of Illinois, and was introduced by Native Americans to this world. Robert Dela Salle, the famous French explorer, christened the land as ‘Checagou’ from the inborn word ‘shikaakwa’, denoting “wild onions” or “wild garlic”. The celebrated centers of attractions include the Chicago Theatre, the Field Museum of Natural History and Wrigley Field, and the city is financially supported due to the incorporation of manufacturing, printing and publishing industries.


7. Osaka – Japan

GDP: $654.8 billion
Area: 552.26 square kilometers
Population: 1,545,410

Osaka Japan

The current location of Osaka in southern Japan was believed to be restored by early humans in 6 BC. By 1603 to 1867, it grew out to be one of the country’s major breakthrough cities with modern laws and municipal expansions. Only 223 square kilometers is actually the sole area of residence and human habitat. The major city attractions comprise Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan and the Kiyomizu Temple. Its biggest financial sources are metal, textile and plastic production industries.


6. Paris – France

GDP: $669.2 billion
Area: 105.4 square kilometers
Population: 10,413,386

Paris France

Said to be the city of romantics, Paris is said to be the top amongst the tourist attractions in the whole world. Famous for its wine, food and rich heritage and culture, the city offers you an evening to remember. Portrayed as the City of Lights, it is the most visited city in the whole of Europe. With its turbulent invading pasts and political disturbances, this city has grown out to be the most beautiful place with famous attractions such as world-famous Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe. Tourism and Fashion industry is booming there, hence stabilizing the country’s income to a certain level.


5. London – England

GDP: $731.2 billion
Area: 1,570 square kilometers
Population: 8,173,194

London England

Placed higher at number 5 in the listing of Top Ten Richest Cities in the World, London is the city of decency and royal pride. It was referred to as Londinium in the early Roman era. London is a city capturing different heritages form all around the world while maintain the English culture under the Queen’s sovereignty. Said to be a hot head for students and business entrepreneurs, the city is bustling with economic possibilities and charms on a regular basis, the major eye candies are Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the Big Ben clock tower.


4. Seoul – South Korea

GDP: $779.3 billion
Area: 605.21 square kilometers
Population: estimated 10 million

Seoul – South Korea

Designated in northwestern South Korea, Seoul was reprised as a habitat in the early 17 BC and became the capital of the Joseon Dyan in the year 1394. It was remarked as the Foremost Asian city to empower the system of power, water and telecommunication at the same time. The city has been growing economically ever since, and attract a lot of traffic with its major visiting places such as the Korean War Memorial, Namsan Park, Changdeokgung Palace and the N Seoul Tower. The major source of finances in the city making it competent are electronic, textile and iron and steel production industries.


3. Los Angeles – USA

GDP: $789.7 billion
Area: 1,302 square kilometers
Population: 3,792,621

Los Angeles USA

LA, or Los Angeles is the prime location for aspiring actors and actresses, expecting grooms and brides and wild and fun loving crowd. The glitzy and glamorous land was established by the Native American Chumash tribe and in the 18th Century, the land perceived a new name, El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles, shortened to Los Angeles eventually. Said to be the ultimate Hollywood-fanatic destination, the city attracts a pumping crowd with its alluring establishments such as Universal Studios, the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Santa Monica Pier.


2. New York – USA

GDP: $1,210 billion
Area: 1,213 square kilometers
Population: 8,244,910

New York USA

Said to be one of the politically and financially powerful cities in the world,, New York represents a perfect amalgamation of political freedom, religious flexibility and financial strength. The city is supported by the biggest ventures in the realm of education, hospitality, medical publishing, finance and real estate. The major sightseeing locations are Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. The land comprises of 5 state counties, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.


1. Tokyo – Japan

GDP: $1,520 billion
Area: 2,187.6 square kilometers
Population: 13,185,502

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo bags the title of the Wealthiest City in the World amongst the crowd, and has rose to stardom with subsequent diversities, technical development and economic treaties. The industry has gained masters in the habitats of electronics, telecommunications and publishing, serving it as the major source of income. Starting from as a fishing village of Edo, the city has faced several catastrophes but has regained its strength to become the foremost richest city. Major attractions comprise Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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