Top 10 Tech Acquisitions 2014

For all the big ones, the year 2014, have been a massive shopping spree with mergers and colossal investments. In these Top 10 Tech Acquisitions 2014 billions of dollars were spent to merge and stand strong in the market. The agenda that falls behind these Major Acquisitions 2014 is to give back life to the mortals who lost their game in long run. Procurement of success lies within a right choice and these leaders have made some very accurate mergers. Just glance at the Top 10 Biggest Tech Acquisitions 2014 to know which biggie spent how much to own a dwindling soul.


Top 10 Tech Acquisitions 2014

Here is the list of Top 10 Largest Tech Acquisitions 2014 which managed to make a big news for this year.


1. Facebook – Whats App ($22billion)


facebook and watsapp colaboration

One among the biggest 2014 Mergers, where one of a leading social media site acquired a leading mobile messaging app. Yes it is facebook which acquired whats app with final deal closing at 22 billion dollars. To follow a completely differentiated path Whats app, a start up messaging app, made a deal with facebook. Earlier the deal was set at $19 billions but with the increasing stocks of the online social media it was raised to 22 billion dollars. This has been a historic event of take over, which acquired a lot of coverage in media and was a major deal for many leading companies.


2. SAP – Concur Tech ($8.3billion)

SAP – Concur Tech

Investing in 8.3 billion dollars a German software maker acquired a US based software maker which positioned this acquisition at number two in our top ten list. SAP made one of the biggest deals in acquiring Concur Technologies on September 18th of the year 2014. The intense competition in the market between leaders result in mergers and acquisitions of smaller firms. The same case is with this story that gained immense popularity among the people. The sole reason behind this merger was growth in the software market.


3. Level 3 Communications – TW Telecom ($7.3billion)

Level 3 Communications – TW Telecom

At number three we have the acquisition of TW Telecom by the US based internet traffic router Level 3 communications. This is a consumer oriented market where many decisions are made to attract more and more customers. To reach the global standards Level 3 communications made this 7.3 billion dollars deal. TW Telecom is a leader in its field and its collaboration with level 3 will take it to completely new standards. It is a choice that the company made to have more clients all over the world and gain its name as a perfect business solution.


4. Oracle – Micros System ($5.3billions)

Oracle – Micros System

Acquiring of the Micros Systems was an affair of some 5.3 billion dollars for Oracle to gain back its control over market. It was on June 23rd when the company managed to acquire one among the most reputed and advanced companies in the market. To expand its reach in restaurant and hotel sectors this acquisition was made by Oracle. This merger is expected to raise the growth of the company financially. With its perfect investment the company stances its number four position among the Recent Acquisitions 2014.


5. Vista Equity Partners – Tibco Software ($4.3billions)

Vista Equity Partners – Tibco Software

At number five among the top Mergers And Acquisitions In 2014 we have a 4.3 billion dollars purchase of Tibco Software by Vista Equity Partners. Tibco is a software company that recently accepted the agreement put forward by Vista Equity Partners. It became one among the biggest deals in the technology industry for the year 2014. This merger was the result of increasing debts and pressure from investors on the Tibco Software. It is a very profitable investment that Vista made this year with the California based private company. The agreement allows Vista to hold a huge amount on the common stocks of the software company.


6. Eliot – Riverbed Technologies ($3.6 billions)

Eliot – Riverbed Technologies

The year 2014 has been one very revitalizing financial year for many firms, one such lucky firm was Eliot who procured its control over Riverbed Technologies. The management company took over the technologies through Thoma Bravo’s 3.6 billion dollars deal. Riverbed was facing a slow down in its wide area network business, which allowed the Eliot to pressurize them and earn their shares. Now the controller of riverbed owns a good percentage of shares of the company but is still in a discussion of selling the firm. With its amazing gesture the Eliot will be able to have a strong stand in the market.


7. Zebra Tech – Motorola Solutions ($3.5billions)

Zebra Tech – Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions sold its scanner business at 3.5 billion dollars to a completely independent firm named Zebra Tech. This is one of the Biggest Mergers of 2014 for Zebra Tech that will enhance its networking among the customers. Prior to this acquisition the name Zebra Tech was not much known but now it will have a very strong base. Motorola is a big name which will add a spark to the working of this firm. Zebra now will be able to compete with its major competition the “Honeywell Tech”. The company had huge success plans for its better future and spend an amount that was way above its market value.


8. Search Giant (Google) – Nest Labs ($3.2billion)

Search Giant (Google) – Nest Labs

World’s biggest search giant always finds some very appealing deals that makes it one among the best companies in the world. This year the firm acquired the Nest Labs in 3.2 billion dollars which brings it to number eight among the top Tech Company Acquisitions 2014. It is a smart move by the biggest search engine to boast itself in the smart home arena. This is a step taken to succeed in market with the leading competitors. Nest labs are the makers of “smart” thermostat and smoke alarms for homes which in connection with the search engine will flourish with its true colors.


9. Apple – Beats Electronics ($3billion)

Apple – Beats Electronics

Apple is trying to beat it up this year with the acquisition of the music giant Beat Electronics in 3 billion dollars. The dollars spent on the acquisition makes it one of the biggest deals ever made by the leading tech giant on a start up. Apple will add the Beats services with its I tune radio services which will be an out break for the company. With just $3 billion deal the company will be able to reach the heights which they planned before buying the company.


10. Lenovo – Motorola Mobility ($2.9billion)

Lenovo – Motorola Mobility

With 2.9 billion dollars deal Lenovo bought Motorola Mobility form the leading search engine, which brings it among the top ten Tech Company Mergers 2014. It is this deal that was quite profitable for the company as compared to its prior holder. Lenovo accepted the mobile phone business of Motorola and the search giant gets to keep the patent. This deal will be an add-on to Lenovo’s commerce for the year 2014. This will be a venture for the company to enter the ever increasing global market of smart phones.

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