Top 10 Watch Brands For Men

There are lot of men, who are becoming watchful about fashion and trend in day today life. Be it a professional or a college boy all like to accessorize themselves with branded watches. Men usually get confused with the question, what are the top watch brands for Men. There are many top watch brands in the world which makes it even more difficult to make choices. We have organised a list of top 10 men’s watch brands for you to choose from. These top 10 watch brands in the world offer you some of the most sophisticated, classic and professional luxury watches to wear.


Top Ten Watch Brands for Men

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1. Rolex

Rolex Watch

Showcasing pride and success, Rolex is the top watch brand in the world for men. Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf were the people responsible for the creation of the reputed watch brand in 1905 in London. Due to its 2,000 watches per day, the company is as well regarded as the largest single luxury watch brand. Professional, Oyster Perpetual and Cellini are the three major watch lines of the company. Rolex is also the official time keeper for international sports such as Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam, Open Championship and Wimbledon. Roger Federer and Tom hanks are few of notable wearers.

2. TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer Watch

Being classic and great status symbol, TAG Heuer is a renowned Swiss watch brand tacking its root to 1860. It was founded by Edouard Heuer and only after it was attained by TAG Group Holdings S.A it came to be known by the current name. Its present lines include Aquaracer, Monaco, Formula One, Link, Grand Carrera and Carrera. Along with its innovative spirit as a luxury watch brand for men, TAG Heuer is also maintains close relation with Hollywood and sports.

3. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Watch

Contributing some of the most sophisticated and fashionable watches for men, Patek Philippe have acquired the third place among the top 10 watch brands list. This famous watch brand is known for manufacturing one of the most expensive ‘Graves Super complications’ watch, specially designed for Henry Graves in 1932. Since the year 1851, Patek Philippe is creating and fashioning the best automated watches. Some famous names who wore the watches by Philippe are Nicholas Sarkozy and Charlie Sheen. Headquartered at Geneva, Switzerland this brand was known as the ‘king of watches’.

4. Panerai

Panerai Watch

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bill Clinton are just a few names which speak for the success of Panerai’s Success. Starting from a small watch shop, this brand became a big name among the Top ten men’s watch brand. Panerai owns two manufacturing factories at Neuchatel and Switzerland, though still headquartered at Florence. Their product has that touch of Italian design as well as offers the quality of Swiss. The sophisticated design and the macho looks of these watches make it a really popular product among men.

5. IWC

Since 1868 delivering exceptional technology and pioneering designs to its watches, IWC has become an international name. Zinedine Zidane, Kevin Spacey and Mathew Fox are a few names connected with the brand. IWC is known for the precision and exclusiveness of technology and design, in the masterpieces, they offer to its patrons. A well-known Richemont Group division, serving for long now, IWC is head quartered at Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

6. Omega SA

Omega Watch

Omega SA is preferred as one of the best time keeper, by the American Army and the Royal Flying Corps. Louis Brandt founded this brand in 1848, initially manufacturing only the pocket watches. With the advancement in technology they became a well-known brand, which was successful in making revolutionary watches. Innovation and ingenuities have assisted them to move their efforts to new dimensions. The well-known Buzz Aldrin used Omega’s Speed Master when he procured his moon walk. Their resourcefulness has taken Omega all the way to the moon as well as deep into the marine.

7. Montblanc

Montblanc Watch

Known for manufacturing selected luxury pens and other writing equipment’s till the 1990’s, now acquire a renowned name in the watch manufacturing industry. A very new contender in watch manufacturing has acquired a special place among the top brands. In 2006 Montblanc, as expensive watch manufacturing brand, merged with Minerva. Nicolas Cage, Hugh Jackman and Christopher Lambert are a few names who endorse the brand and adore wearing Montblanc watches. Their stylish and unique designs have become a fashion statement for men around the world.

8. Hublot

Hublot Watch

Dwayne Wade, Jet Li, and Usain Bolt communicate for the success of Hublot, as a renowned watch brand. Introduced in the Basel Watch Fair in 1980, Hubolt gained a lot of popularity among the people. This brand has an exclusive and striking panache incorporated within their watches. This brand is a very recent contender among the luxury watch brands, but in such a small time they have acquired a very huge name in the market. Hubolt manufacture official watches for Formula 1 and FIFA world Cup.

9. Breitling

Breitling Watch

Diving, Luxury and Aviation are the three categories on which Breitling is devoted. This watch brand for men was founded in 1884 which is headquartered at Switzerland. Only Swiss Gears are used in the Breitling watches, which makes the product much more reliable and study. Distinguished names like John Travolta, Ben Gibson and Jerry Seinfeld are very renowned for wearing their stylish watches. The robust and professional looks of the watches make it a very reliable and fashionable watch brand for men.

10. A. Lange & Söhne


A. Lange & Söhne

An exceptional and classic brand A. Lange & Söhne, find its roots in the history of Germany. Founded long back by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in the year 1815, but it was in 1990’s that, this brand attained a position in the market. The urbane and proficient watches made by this brand are manufactured with accuracy, legibility, improvement and fortitude. They emerged as a superior brand of watches and acquired a very prestigious place among the other names.

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