Top 10 Advertising Agencies in New York City

What does it take to be the best anything in the city that never sleeps? Well if I knew I wouldn’t be sitting behind a keyboard typing away this article. I may not know what it takes to be the best but these advertising agencies sure do which is why they are the top ten advertising agencies in NYC. Telling you about the latest launches and interrupting your favourite programs since their inception, these ad agencies have climbed that ladder and reached the pavilion where they are the top advertising agencies in New York.

Top Ten Best Advertising Agencies in NYC

Here are the best of the best, the crème de la crème of news agencies in the advertisement agencies in the big apple in our list of the top ten advertisement agencies In New York City.

1. FI- Fantasy Interactive

No.1 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - FI-Fantasy Interactive

Fantasy interactive is a full service agency and has worked with some pretty big names in the industry. Just off the tip of my tongue, Google, Porsche, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, and you get the gist.  They have given their clients every reason to be happy and earned every bit of their stellar reputation. They have been the recipients of numerous awards for their performance in the industry and have offices in, New York, San Francisco and Stockholm.

2. R/GA

No.2 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - R GA

Started in 1977, R/GA began as an industry more focused on film. Their crown achievements included the opening title sequence to the 1978 superman movie. Over the years their innovation and creativity have led them to become one of the best Advertising agencies in New York City. They have worked with countless giants in the Industry including Nike, and have received many accolades for their performance. AdWeek named R/GA as the digital interactive agency of the year in 2008, 2006, 2004, 2002, and 2000. Although their headquarters are in New York, R/GA has their branches in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, London, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Stockholm and Bucharest.

3. Big Spaceship

No.3 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - Big Spaceship

Based in New York’s ‘Digital Dumbo’ area, Brooklyn, Big Spaceship is best known for their works with some big names like, Activision, Crayola, Axe and more. Since their inception in 2000, Big Spaceship has always been focused on the point where the digital helps the people interact with businesses either by visual design, messages and content or through the actual interface. Their work is testament to this. Big spaceship has also been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards.

4. B-Reel

No.4 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - B-Reel

B-reel is a one of a kind agency and they prefer to be called a hybrid production company focused on digital production on web, mobile phones and other interactive media. They are pretty much the standard for all creative content on the web, all thanks to their innovative and creative out of the box thinking. Founded in 1999 in Sweden, B-Reel currently has branches all around the world in New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin.

5. Firstborn

No.5 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - Firstborn

Firstborn is a multiplatform advertising agency meaning they like to take complete advantage of all digital media there is, including websites, online apps, interactive installations, digital application 3D models, HD videos and almost everything else. Firstborn is extremely famous for its attention to the tiniest of detail in all their projects no matter what they are. Since they were found in 1977, they have received over 200 awards for their work in the industry.


No.6 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - AKQA

Since their inception in 1995, AKQA has evolved in to one of the top players in the advertising industry. They have been involved in various projects with clients like Blackberry, Lipton and more. They have also been involved with some massive projects like the popular RPG Elder scrolls V: Skyrim. AKQA have always focused on using Innovation, technology and strategy to bring success to their clients. They have also received the Digital Agency of the year 2011 by AdWeek and Campaign.

7. Droga5

No.7 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - Droga5

Droga5 is an independent advertising agency obsessed with serving humanity. The agency’s most regarded work is their ‘tap project’ campaign for UNICEF and the ‘great schlep’ viral campaign for Barack Obama presidential campaign. Their other notable clients include Coke zero, Motorola, Unilever, American express and a lot of other big names.

8. Makeable

No.8 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - Makeable

Previously known as Poke New York, Makeable depends almost totally on their innovation, strategy and collaboration. Their top clients include MoMA, GM and Coach. Apart from working for their clients, Makeable also has their own projects like Happppy it, Kideo player and Bakertweet. Their expertise in the industry along with their ability to employ strategic and thoughtful approach to their products is what makes them one of the best ad agencies in New York City.

9. Area 17

No.9 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - Area 17

Area 17 is an interactive agency based in Brooklyn, New York and Paris, France. They are mostly centred on the web and are on a mission to make it a better place. Their most notable works was for the website for Spin and AdWeek. Their approach usually involves a blending of design technology and branding. They have worked with clients like Firstpost, MTv, AOL, Stalkr and many more.

10. Domani Studios

No.10 Top Advertising Agency in New York City - Domani Studios

Domani studios were found in 2001 and have climbed the ladder to reach the top with the belief that the blend of technology and art would result in the most meaningful interactive experience. They have always followed this thought and employed it in all their projects. They have collaborated with numerous partners to give their clients the best online experience possible. Their Clients include the popular music Channel VH1, McLaren, KORG, Sony and a lot more.

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