Top 10 Investment Banks in USA

If they say that the numerous enterprises (big or small) are the backbone of any economy then it’s probably right to say that Investment banks are what give further support to this backbone. Investment Banks by definition are organisations which assist individuals, corporations or sometimes even governments by helping them finance their enterprise. Investment banks also offer their services in times of Merger and Acquisition, private placements, bonds etc. We have compiled a list of the top 10 investment banks in the USA ranked according to their M&A advisory, equity capital, syndicate loans and debt capital market.

Top Ten Investment Banks

Here is the list of the best of the best in the world of Investment banking recognised all over the globe.

1. JP Morgan Chase

No.1 Top Investment Bank in USA - JP Morgan Chase

Currently standing at number one, JP Morgan Chase is probably the oldest Investment Banks in the USA. Started 200 years ago in 1799, they now operate in 60 countries and have assets worth $ 2.4 trillion. They are the recipients of the Best Investment Bank award given by the Global Finance magazine and are recognised worldwide as the leading authority in Investment banking.

2. Bank of America

No.2 Top Investment Bank in USA - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Started way back in the 18th century the Bank of America has grown to be probably one of the largest wealth management corporations and is counted among the Big Four of the top investing firms. In August 2009, the bank of America held 12.2% of all banking deposits. They are currently serving 57 million customers in all 50 states of America and over 40 countries.

3. Goldman Sachs

No.3 Top Investment Bank in USA - Goldman Sachs

Standing at number three, Goldman Sachs was founded in 1869 with their headquarters in New York. They are the recipient of numerous awards including the Best M&A bank award and Best Global Investment Bank by the Global finance magazine. Goldman Sachs has become a leading name in Investment banking and is currently drawing in Revenues of up to $ 42 billion.

4. Citigroup

No.4 Top Investment Bank in USA - Citi Group

As a result of a $140 billion merger of Citicorp and Travellers group, the Citigroup came into existence on 9th October 1998 and celebrated their 200th anniversary in 2012. They are presently the largest financial services network on the globe with around 16000 offices in 140 countries. They currently stand at 20th in the fortune 500 rankings and draw in revenue of up to $ 70.2 billion.

5. Morgan Stanley

No.5 Top Investment Bank in USA - Morgan Stanley

Founded on September 16 1935 by Henry S Morgan and Harold Stanley, partners of JP Morgan co., the Morgan Stanley is counted among the leading multinational financial services. They boast of assets of up to $304 billion under management or supervision. They operate under three segments, Institutional security, Global Wealth Management group and Asset Management.

6. Deutsche Bank

No.6 Top Investment Bank in USA - Deutsche Bank

Founded in Berlin in 1870, the Deutsche bank was originally established for the purposes of foreign trade. Currently standing at number six among the top global investment banks, the Deutsche is the recipient of the Best M&A bank award in Central and Eastern Europe by the Global Finance Magazine. They are currently operating in over 70 countries and drawing in revenue of up to EUR 34 billion.

7. Barclays

No.7 Top Investment Bank in USA - Barclays

This British multinational banking and financial service provider has a history of about 300 years. They are currently one of the leading authorities in this industry on the entire globe. They have operations in over 50 countries and as of 2012, have assets worth $ 2.42 trillion which is the 7th largest amongst all the banks worldwide.

8. Credit Suisse

No.8 Top Investment Bank in USA - Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a Switzerland base multinational financial services holding company which was found in 1856. They have received plenty of recognition from various publications over the years in recognition of their services in the investment banking sector including the Best Global Leveraged Finance House by Euromoney. Credit Suisse currently generates revenue of up to CHF 23.97 billion

9. UBS

No.9 Top Investment Bank in USA - UBS

The UBS group holds a history of 150 years in the industry. They are currently the leading authority in retail banking and commercial banking and have operations in over 50 countries with their headquarters in Zurich and are the biggest bank in Switzerland. They are currently drawing in revenue of up to CHF 26 Billion and have invested assets of CHF 2.2 trillion.

10. Wells Fargo

No.10 Top Investment Bank in USA - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo bank is a result of a merger of Wels Fargo and Company and the Norway Corporation in 1998. With over 9000 retail branches and 70 million customers, Wills Fargo is the 4th largest bank in the US in terms of assets and the largest in terms of market capitalisation. With revenues of up to $86 billion, the Wells Fargo stands at number ten in the Top Ten investment banks.

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