Top 10 Travel Agencies in US

If exploring the world is your dream, then connecting with one of the Top 10 Travel Agencies must be your ultimate aim. These travel companies take the stress and anxiety in order to create an outstanding itinerary for you. They are the top travel companies in US, known by the number and miscellany of excursion offered as well as the money-value for a traveller. These leading names have been preferred by many as they are quite professional and client oriented. So let us surf through the record to know them in details.

Top Ten Best Travel Agencies

1. O.A.R.S


O.A.R.S tops the record of best travel companies because it is the one who provides people with stupendous adventure experience. They organise trips which are not only exploratory but can also provide one with life long memory. O.A.R.S is headquartered in Sierra Foothills and includes one day to multi-day trips and camping.

2. Abercrombie & Kent


Its one of the Top travel companies in US. Abercrombie & Kent also well known as A&K is one of the most recognised luxury travel tour company for high-end tours. Accompanied by expert guides and tour directors, it schedules trips either in groups or in private. Moreover A&K is also the gateway that permits visitors to see and feel Africa in real sense.

3. Global Travel International


It is one of the Top Travel Companies, founded in 1994 by Michael Gross and Randy Warren, Global Travel International is a delight to collaborate with. Every year the company invest around $4 trillion to ensure every comfort that travellers seek for.

4. G Adventures


G Adventures is the foremost name preferred when it comes to group adventure travel. Founded in 1990 in Toronto, the travel company has a reputation for being amid the best travel companies because it arranges socially and environmentally sensitive travel. Since it is rooted with happiness and freedom, G Adventures  has been honored with multiple awards during the past 23 years.

5. Globus


Globus is renowned for providing tours that are based on the principle that each destination should be an intriguing chapter in the story of your life. They even propose guided tour vacations in the South Pacific, Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East and North America. Trips arranged by Globus are not only personalised but quite flexible.

6. Kensington Tours


Kensington Tours is a master in custom tours and cruises to the most amazing locations across ninety nations. The travel organisation makes a point to build inspiring and remarkable experiences through their special safaris and trips. It has even been awarded several times for their dedication and superb facilities. No doubt it is one of the top 10 travel agencies in the world.

7. Mountain Travel Sobek


Grabbing the seventh position in the row of top 10 travel agencies, Mountain Travel Sobek is one such travel agency that can fuel the adventure in everyone via their travel trips to far-flung corners of the planet. Mountain Travel Sobek is supported by team of seasoned, worldy-wise travelled elite stuff.

8. Collette Vacations


Headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island; Collette Vacations is a family owned company currently run by the third generation. It has its offices in all the major metropolises of the earth including Toronto, Canada, Vancouver, London and England. It actively offers clients with expertly designed, escorted tours across 50-plus countries from all the seven continents.

9. Orbitz


Headquartered in Chicago, Orbitz is a leading online travel company. Though it was founded in the beginning of the last decade, the corporation has not ceased to maintain its status among the elite travel companies. Orbitz Worldwide enables travelers to examine, plan and book a broad range of travel products. thus it is included in  Top Travel Companies of US.

10. Tripadvisor


Tripadvisor lends a helping hand to clients in gathering travel information, opinions of travel-related content, posting reviews and takes part in interactive travel forums. It currently serves in America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific. The company has also been mentioned by Forbes magazine as one of the best travel companies to work with.

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