Top 10 Bizarre Facts About Drugs

Facts About Drugs

The drug is one of the darkest but fascinating words in the English dictionary. In history, you can find the references of using drugs for medical purposes. Over years, the graph of the usability of it has changed drastically. Many countries ban drugs and make the trading illegal but there is the picture of the other side of the coin too. Let us indulge in those interesting as well as weird facts about drugs and its usage.

1.Things In Border:

Things In Border

Generally, on any normal day on an average of 7,910 pounds of drugs are being seized in US-Mexico border by customs and border protection force.

2. Unethical Tests By CIA:

Unethical Tests By CIA

From the year 1953 to 1964, CIA went through uncontrolled experiments on drugs. They just drugged people without their knowledge and then followed and took a close look without any intervention.

3. Ancient Egypt’s Drug Connection:

Ancient Egypt’s Drug Connection

It is shocking but true that ancient Egyptians were aware of drugs. The researchers have found traces of nicotine and cocaine in the mummies.

4. The Skyfall:

The Skyfall of Drugs

In Florida in 1994, when a crime watch meeting was going on, suddenly 75 pound bags of cocaine fell from an on-going plane. This incident can give a tough competition to any work of fiction.

5. North Korea And Marijuana:

North Korea And Marijuana

Though Marijuana is one of the famous and widely known drugs, the thing is quite different in North Korea. In that country, marijuana is not illegal and it is not even classified as the drug.

6. Shoot It Out:

Shoot It Out

We all know that alcohol has a boozing and intoxicating effect. It also relaxes the senses and slows down the heartbeat. For that reason, it helps in shooting to give the edge. And thus, in the international shooting, it is considered as the performance-enhancing drug.

7. Fish – The Recreational Drug:

Fish – The Recreational Drug

There is a fish species called Salema Porgy which can cause hallucination after eating. In ancient Rome, the fish was eaten as the recreational drug.

8. Effects On Rock Star:

Effects On Rock Star

There is always deep darkest zone behind the glitz and glamour of the flashy stage. Alcohol and drugs have a huge negative effect on the life of rock stars. Around the world, 31% death of rockstars is caused by it.

9. Deal With Columbia:

Deal With Columbia

As per the report, Colombia’s yearly drug trade is worth US$10 billion. The amount is like one-quarter of the whole nation’s legal export.

10. Mother Child Line:

Mother Child Line

In the United State of America, many women use the drug during their pregnancy. As a result, 100,000 babies are born each year addicted to cocaine.

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