Top 10 Conspiracies In The US

The Top 10 Conspiracies In The US are here to bewilder your wildest imaginations with its critical secrets and outrageous truths. Believe it or not, but, the Top 10 American Conspiracy Theories have been very much prevalent in the world. Be it aliens, spaceships, national disasters or presidents there is always a collusion behind happenstances which took place in history. No matter what these Top Ten US Conspiracy Theories are, but one will always find some atrocious facts to linger upon. Treat your fantasies with these Top Ten American Conspiracy Theories, highlighting some major events, depicting the urban legends, history or scientific secrets.


Top Ten Conspiracies In The Us

Get into the experience of myths, secrets and truths behind the Top Ten Conspiracies in US, given below.


1. Controversial “Shakespeare”


Controversial Shakespeare

One of the most outrageous controversies which was exposed to several debate and arguments, “who was the real Shakespeare?”. Popularly known as an English poet, actor and writer is among those renowned personalities who have been dragged into many controversial issues. According to the theorists around the world, there are not much evidences that tell us who was the real Shakespeare. Sir Walter Raleigh, Ben Johnson, Francis Bacon and Christopher Marlowe are considered to be the closest contenders who are considered to have compiled the works under the pen name of,“Shakespeare”. Because of the fame and craze of  “Shakespeare” among people this controversy gained its number one position among the Top 10 US Conspiracy Theories.


2. “9/11” Disaster


WTC Disaster

9/11, a true contender among the top Conspiracy Theories of the US which blew off the minds of people all over America. There were planned attempts to destroy the World Trade Center in New york, which resulted in loss of many innocent lives. The government was accused of knowing about the plannings and plotting of the enemy organizations, still it happened. This soon became a big conspiracy and government was shattered with the reaction of the people and theorists. The conspiracy of “9/11” depicts that it was a work that was initiated by an insider with help of other organizations. It was an horrifying disaster in the history of America that slowed down the economy of the country.


3. “The Beatles” cover up


the beatles cover up

Conspiracies at times reveals the deepest and the darkest secrets of famous people who love to maintain their reputation. The Beatles, a very renowned rock band of the 1960’s, also became a part of an outrageous conspiracy. The band members were accused by many fans and theorists, for hiding the unfortunate car crash, ending Paul McCartney’s life. Since 1966 many fans and followers have found evidences, of a replaced band member, on the posters. There were many questions raised on the band members for using a duplicate of Paul McCartney as they were increasingly facing success.


4. Underground  “Area 51”


Area 51

Area 51, one of the most common United States Conspiracy Theories, which is widely famous among the masses of America. Secrets raise a lot of questions in human minds, same is the case with Area 51, which is seen as a very clammed up place, hiding in what?, No body knows. Area 51 is an air force base for testing of aircraft and weapons, a completely restricted area. This base located in the Southern Nevada is believed to be a lab and hide out for studying aliens and a meeting place for aliens and humans. It is one among very fueled conspiracies, which depicted some bizarre theories among the commoners of Nevada.


5. NASA Faked “Moon Landings”


fake moon landing

Moon Landing, a very historic moment in the lives of human beings, which first took place in 1969. A conspiracy that completely transformed the thinking of people about NASA. It is believed by many theorists that NASA tried to fake its moon landings, just to compete with the Soviet Union.  Two strong powers always collide with each other, just to surpass one another. The conspiracy raised about the landings, pointed out that everything was first filmed by NASA and then showcased to the world to boast the technological supremacy of United States. Because of its popularity this conspiracy is positioned at number five among the Top Ten US Conspiracy Theories.


6. Obama’s Birth Certificate


fake birth ceritificate obama

It is truly said, that when you gain power, people try hard to find ‘pinch of fault’ in you to let you down. It was in 2008 when Barack Obama won the elections and became the first black president of United States of America. He had several followers who supported him but at the same time critiques also followed him and tried to thwart his ambitions. Theorists worked hard to claim that he was not born in United States and therefore should be forbidden from his post. There has been continuous attempts to question his birth certificate to hold him back from his position. A very controversial chapter of Obama’s life became a part of US History Conspiracy Theories.


7. “John F Kennedy” assassinated


John F Kennedy assassinated

In search of answers people land up finding conspiracies which became a case of John F Kennedy’s assassination. A heart felt moment that is still alive in the minds of the people of America, who were struck hard with JFK’s sudden departure. It was on November 1963 when Kennedy was shot while riding with his wife on a motorcade. The controversy began to come up, which suggested that the assassination of JF Kennedy was carried by just one man named, Lee Harvey Oswald. With just this hint a pile of conspiracies began to combine with the assassination one of which suggested that he was killed by more than one man.


8. “Roswell”, New Mexico


roswell new mexico 1947

Out from your weird imaginations this place of New Mexico is known for Unidentified Flying Objects crash. It was on July of 1947 when Roswell witnessed a spaceship crash, which actually was seen as a cover up of the Army. The Army Air Field circulated a news which suggest that the officials recovered a crashed alien spaceship with alien bodies. This conspiracy fueled like a fire in the jungle, but other theories also gathered a space in newspapers. Though the people of Mexico still celebrate a festival every year, but the conspiracy was actually a cover up of a secret mission of atmospheric balloon. Roswell’s controversy became one of the most known Conspiracy Theories of the US.


9. DIA and the “Illuminati”


Denver International Airport

One among the most active airports in the world, the Denver International Airport, could not manage to stay away from controversies. The construction and design of the airport gained a lot of critical attention from people, as it was constructed in shape of a ‘Swastika’. Not only this but Illuminati or the New World Order are linked with the creepy structures and paintings found in airport. One unusual evidence pointed out about the airport which highlights the unusual markings carved into the floor as being Masonic, Santanic or some secret code linked with Illuminati or the New World Order. Because of its highly secretive conspiracy the DIA collusion stands among the Top 10 American Conspiracy Theories.


10. “Flight 800”, 1996


flight 800

One among the Top Ten US Conspiracy Theories, Flight 800, gained a lot of people’s attention with its outrageous crash. It was in the 1996, when the flight 800 met with a very devastating crash in the Pacific Ocean near New York. The “National Transportation Safety Board” reported the cause to be a short circuit and flammable fuel vapors in the fuel tank. Here comes the conspiracy that completely denies the NTSB report, instead believes that it was a cover up for the US- Navy missile test going wrong. It has been a quite heart breaking experience, which questioned the ways of missile testing by the US navy.

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