Top 10 Controversial Documentaries Ever

Documentaries give us a real picture of the society we live in. Being non fictional and 100% factual, documentaries can be very heart touching and sometimes even shocking. But then reality has to be presented the way it is and that is what these 10 documentaries on our list of Top 10 most controversial documentaries have attempted to do.

Most Controversial Documentaries Ever

1. The Dying Rooms, 1995

This documentary highlights the aspects of population management techniques gone totally wrong. In 1978 China made a new policy to control population which was “one child policy”.   This policy stated that couples can have only one child until and unless the first born is a girl or disabled. Soon people found a glitch in this policy to get rid of their female/disabled babies. To cater the needs, orphanages were opened where parents left their children to die with thirst and starvation.

2. Interview with a Cannibal, 2011

Issei Sagawa murdered an innocent woman and spent 3 days eating her flesh and different body parts. Then he went to a park and shared his rare eating habits with a random guy- of course leading him to prison. This documentary covers his story and a personalized interview of the cannibal, himself. One of the most shocking controversial documentaries ever!

3. Autopsy (Channel 4, 2002)

Dr Gunther Von Hagens, the anatomist, made a mark by performing a live elaborate autopsy on channel 4 in the year 2002. The 60 minute programme got mixed reaction from viewers, few calling it gross whereas few really loved seeing a human body getting sliced and opened in every possible manner.

4. The Bridge, 2006

In this documentary Eric Steel managed to capture numerous suicides at a very famous suicide point, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco making it one of the most controversial documentaries ever. Eric captured the suicide and afterwards took the interview of their respective family members and friends. I wonder if somebody raised an issue on the possibilities of the suicides being stopped by the witness- Eric Steel.

5. Child of Rage, 1992

This documentary is about a girl named Beth who was adopted by a family but her attachment disorder overpowered, making her to plan different ways of killing her new family. Her cold distant ways of describing the methods of killing her family has been captured in this documentary.

6. The Imposter, 2012

Nicholas Barclay, 13 years old, went missing in 1994 only to return back after 3 years completely unharmed. Family was all joyous but to their dismay that person turned out to be an impersonator named Bourdin who was living with them for around 6 months (shocking). Documentary covers the interview with Barclay family and Bourdin about his infamous hobby of impersonation.

7. Confessions of a Serial Killer- Jeffrey Dahmer, 1994

Confessions of a serial killer-Jeffrey Dahmer had to be on our list of controversial documentaries for obvious reasons. Jeffrey Dahmer, serial killer and a cannibal tops the list of serial killers and describes his kills in a very cool manner in front of the camera. It has to be one amongst popular documentaries.

8. Dreams Of A Life, 2011

This documentary movie covers the story of a girl who died while opening her presents on Christmas (surprise surprise!). Joyce Carol Vincent’s body was found after 3 years of her death decomposing on her bedsit with unwrapped presents around and working television set. One of the many disturbing documentaries is what it is as even after 3 years many of her friends never knew that she has expired.

9. The Institute, 2013

Documentary directed by Spencer McCall shows the reality behind the game show Jejune institute. This game was set in San Francisco in which around thousands of people got induced in the span of 3 years. The documentary is about the interviews of the participants describing their horrific experience of the game.

10. Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment, 1992

Psychology professor Philip Zimbardo did an experiment between August, 14-20 1971 at Stanford university. In which he made two groups, one group was asked to behave as prisoners and another group was asked to behave as police officials. The way the whole experiment took place, resulted in one of the most shocking documentaries ever.

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