Top 10 Controversial Video Games

Unnervingly graphic, explicit and violent, the Top 10 Most Controversial Video Games are no child’s play. The gaming industry has dedicated itself into entertaining children and adults alike but certain video games have been designed in such a manner that they blur the fine line demarcating entertainment and debauchery. We have selected the List of Controversial Video Games for all the gaming fanatics who should steer clear from these games that stand at the brink of diabolism. Take a glance and spare yourself the malevolent and disturbing content of these video games which bear the facade of being stress busters.


Top Ten Controversial Video Games

Read through the series of the Top Ten Most Controversial Video Games to know what you are getting yourself into the next time you purchase some.


1. Baby Shaker

Baby Shaker

The most unusual kind for a video game, the Baby Shaker was an iPhone application which created a great furor among the public. The tactic of the game-play constituted an animation of a crying baby on the screen. In order to stop the hue and cry of the baby, one was required to shake the phone enough for tiny red crosses to appear on the eyes of the baby. These crosses symbolized the fact that the baby has not only stopped crying but has also ceased to exist. Two parents protested against this weird game after having their babies as subjects of being vigorously shaken, inspired from the app.


2. KZ Manager

KZ Manager

A simulation on the functioning of the Nazi Concentration Camps, KZ Manager is a graphic narration of the holocaust that took place during the Second World War, with the player being in charge of the extermination of the Jews, Gypsies or Turks. The player is supposed to be responsible for the running of the camp, dealing with the hostages, productivity and public opinion. Having won the title of the Most Unnecessary Game of the Year, KZ Manager does not fall short on providing Controversial Issues with Video Games such as sadism and violence.


3. Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

Developed by Danny Ledonne in 2005, Super Columbine Massacre RPG is a take on the alleged roles of video games in the Columbine atrocities of 1999. The game was received as one which worshiped anarchy and celebrated rancorous violence. The premise of the video game is positing the player in control of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in a 16-bit recreated high school. Critics are of the view that the game belittles the Columbine shootings, rendering them sordidly inconsequential.


4. Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Cleansing

The game was released in 2002 by an underground record label specializing in Neo-Nazi and white supremacist music, known as Resistance Records. Ethnic Cleansing is a story of apartheid where the whites annihilate the blacks and the Jews. Truth be told, this video game directly translates into barbaric racism which upholds the homicide of Israel’s former Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon. Harboring an uproar of banning the marketing of such racism, this game not only depicts the atrocious impact it has had on young minds but has also been rated as one among the Most Controversial PC Games.


5. JFK Reloaded

JFK Reloaded

The Scottish company, Traffic Games, released the video game in 2004 which overlapped with the 41st anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. JFK Reloaded places the player in the shoes of Oswald, Kennedy’s assailant. This video game is more of a historical simulator attempting at the recreation of the events that occurred on the fateful day when Kennedy bid farewell to the world. The game is downright disrespectful and despicable, making way to the list of Most Controversial Video Game.


6. Muslim Massacre

Muslim Massacre

A forum member signed in as ‘Sigvatr’ created the video game in 2008. Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide adopts a story-line that has an American hero crusading the Middle-East in order to obliterate as many Muslims as he can. The game is distasteful in featuring Islamic insurgencies in the different stages of the game which goes ahead to propagate hatred among people towards religious community. The video game was eventually taken down on account of its having a highly offensive character and citing it as the Most Violent Video Game.


7. Custer’s Revenge

Custer's Revenge

Coming with the banner of ‘not for sale to minors,’ Custer’s Revenge is the most salacious video game developed by Mystique for the platform, Atari 2600. The video game has been involved in lot many controversies that include an 11 million dollar lawsuit, heavy demonstrations by Native Americans and woman’s rights activists. The game-play is all about a carnally excited man dodging arrows to reach a Native American woman, simply, to exploit her. No doubt it has afforded a position among the Top 10 Most Controversial Video Games.


8. Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Following the genre of Christian real time strategy, Left Behind: Eternal Forces was released on 7th November, 2006 for Microsoft Windows users by the Inspired Media Entertainment. The video game is structured on the evangelical Christian Left Behind series of novels which showcase the Tribulation Force. Making it as a Video Game With Violent Controversy, the story-line of the game presents a pivotal role to the players who use their faith to convert everybody who wish to be saved. Critics referred to it as a violent Christian game which promoted religious bigotry and intolerance, designed to pass on the message of ‘convert or eradicate.’


9. Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em

Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em

Released in 1982 by Mystique for the Atari 2600 video game console, Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em is a permanent member in the record of Controversy in Video Games. The game has graphically explicit content that is not suitable for minors. The game features nudity and obscenity which is marketed exclusively for adult users. The video game is infamous for its notoriety as it propagates the consumption of seminal fluid by women, thereby being at the receiving end of extensive criticism since its release.


10. Manhunt


A single-player, stealth based and psychologically antagonistic game, Manhunt highlights brutality in its game-play. Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, the video game was released in 2003, and its sequel was out four years later. Having sold over 1.7 million copies worldwide, this third-person perspective game advances with a row of levels or ‘scenes’ that the player has to complete accompanied by appraisals of the ruthlessness incorporated in the extermination of the ‘hunters.’ The video game is enveloped in controversial issues as it is said to have inspired the assassination of Stefan Pakeerah by his friend who used a similar weapon as glamorized in the game.

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