Top 10 Forbidden Places in the World

Planning your next holiday? What would you do if told that there are bunch of places you are strictly prohibited from visiting? Although the idea tickles your travel bugs, but these mysteries around the world are far from visiting, as they acquire a deadly and dangerous past and hostile conditions. Our Earth is a whole bunch of undefined places yet to be discovered and introduced. The list of Top Ten Forbidden Places around the World exhibits several secret places we have heard of, have little knowledge about and have extracted little information about. With an unlikely chance for you to visit, let’s rank these Top 10 Forbidden Places in the world in the descending order:


Top 10 Forbidden Places in the World


10. Surtsey


Surtsey, known to be a volcanic island within the Southern coast of Iceland, was formed out of a volcanic eruption, starting off from 1963 to 1967. Apart from few, recognized scientists, no humans were allowed to step on the land. Scientists were also allowed to supervise natural ecological succession without any external interference. In 1965, this island was declared a nature reserve and in 2008, it was announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 1965, plantation started growing off from the soil, with insects, marine life and birds creating a smaller habitat.


9. Mount Weather

Mount Weather

The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Centre is known to be a resident command facility in Virginia, US, and is a well-reputed and ranked relocated site for civilian and military officials of highest levels in case of any major natural disaster. It is strictly restricted for any public to wander off, and is managed as a Federal Emergency Management Agency under the supervision of U.S Department of Homeland Security.


8. Mezhgorye


One of the Top 10 Prohibited Places, Mezhgorye comes out as a “closed” town within the boundaries of Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia with military and official engagement on this land a common sight. Due to high security and supervision, there is not even a minute chance for any exterior person or visitor to enter without prior permission. It is said that people living here used to work on highly classified projects around Mount Yamantaw, a prime suspect location for several nuclear projects.


7. Metro-2


Metro-2 (Метро-2) runs parallel to the public Moscow Metro and is a secret underground metro system invented and installed by Joseph Stalin with a code name of D-6 by the KGB. Still operated under the supervision of Russian Ministry of Defence, the length of the metro train exceeds the normal metro rail, and reconnects the Kremlin with the Federal Security Service headquarters along with other locations of countrywide connotation. Such secrecy is established, that even till today the FSB or the Moscow Metro administration declines to admit its presence.


6. North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island

Discovered as one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, this location is a must in the list of Top 10 Forbidden Areas for any common human. A group of natives known as the Sentinelese lives in the wilderness and are said to be perceived by xenophobia with attempts of violent resistance if tried to contact. With a mild population residing between 50 to 400, this tribe is virtually unscathed by the bits of modern civilization. Recent attempts of contacting have resulted in arrow shooting and stoning. So, there is no chance for any civilized human to enter the boundaries.


5. Vatican Secret Archives

Vatican Secret Archives

The Vatican Secret Archives were not allowed to be introduced to common public until 1881, when Pope Leo XIII provided the common people with a few exceptions. There are several restrictions for visitors, and certain rules must be followed while entering the premises. At first, visitors have to fill out an application to view more files, and it has to be approved by the Vatican Secret Archives. However, the archives under the year of 1975 are strictly prohibited from any contact as it contains ambassadorial and governmental information.


4. Snake Island

Snake Island

Said to be another wonders from the list of Top 10 Forbidden Places in the World, there lies Ilha de Queimada Grande, or “Snake Island” 90 miles away from the city of São Paulo, and is said to be a habitat of venomous serpents. Said to be one of the deadliest Islands in the history, up to 4000 snakes of dynamic breeds reside on the 110-acre island. Queimada Grande is a well-established habitation or the world’s most deadliest and venomous vipers in the world, Golden Lance Head. The venom is so strong that it melts the human flesh within minutes. Scientists are waived off under the limitations and common public is severely banned by the Brazilian Navy.


3. Room 39

Room 39

As hard as it is entering North Korea, imagine gaining access to Room 39, a top-secret North Korean government facility being a resident to various illicit and frowned operations, which includes fabricating $100 bills, methamphetamine and heroin production and global insurance frauds. As per the talks, the room proves to be a source of continuing power for Kim Jong for several political and nuclear deals and powers.


2. RAF Menwith Hill

RAF Menwith Hill

RAF Menwith Hill is a known Royal Air Force station located in North Yorkshire, England, and is the main source of ‘Communications and Intelligence Support Services’ to the army of UK and the US. With several satellites being under the controlled supervision of American NSA, it is ranked as the top most automated monitoring station, originally erected to seize messages between the Soviet Union and the eastern confederacy allies.


1. Area 51

Area 51

One of the most cautious places in USA, Area 51 is highly guarded and there are very less details about the operations going in there. Some says that it is the home to external objects and aliens are being studied there. With a publically-unknown motive, it is commonly thought that aircraft and weapons are designed and operated. But with restricted entry for the civilians, this place is a mystery.

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