Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time

Whether you are a fan of dark fantasies or a loyal lover of the detective genre, our list of Top 10 Mystery Books of All Time will surely cater to your taste and interest. Featuring the best of the mystery segment, this write up will introduce you to some of the best thriller novels of the recent times. Our assorted collection of the compelling reads will assure you a sleep- less night and keep you glued till the end. Thus slip through the record to identify the Best selling Mystery Books.

Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time

Here is a treat for the fans of the mystery and thriller category. Browse through the list of top mystery books to find your best pick.

1. A Simple Murder by Eleanor Kuhns

Finding-Claire-Fletcher-by-Lisa-Regan - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
Written by the debut author, Eleanor Kuhns, the award winning novel is one of the best mystery books in the recent years. The story revolves around the revolutionary war soldier, William Rees. Shattered by his wife’s passing away, he set out for the life of a travelling weaver leaving his son behind. After returning he finds out that his son has left to join a religious sect. In a bid to reunite with his son, he gets entangled into a sinister mystery. Flawless and distinctive portrayal makes it the Best Mystery Book.

2. The Tides Of Memory by Sydney Sheldon

The Tides Of Memory by Sydney Sheldon - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
The nail biting mystery book by the celebrated author Sydney Sheldon has secured the second spot on our list of Best Mystery Books. Staying true to his reputation, Sheldon’s latest thriller leaves a mark on your mind. Packed with all his characteristic elements, the story is weaved around the beautiful, ambitious and rising political women, Alexia De Vere. While she is still relishing her new found power, her past mistakes reappear to threaten her present. Its beautiful depiction of power, appalling twists and betrayal makes it one of the best mystery books.

3. The Last Girl by Kitty Thomas

The-Last-Girl-by-Kitty-Thomas - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
The latest mystery book by Kitty Thomas is targeted at the mature audience who have a love for dark fantasies and mystic stories. This one is a more occult version of the author’s first novel, Comfort Food. The 13 year old Juliette has become an object of pleasure for an 800 year old vampire, Christian. After waiting for 6 years for Juliette to grow into a mature woman, he forces her into a life of enslavement as both his source of food and pleasure. Excellent narration and fitting end makes it one of the Best Mystery Books.

4. Inferno by Dan Brown

Inferno-by-Dan-Brown - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
After the exceptional works like the Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, the best-selling author, Dan Brown is back with another thriller. Inferno features the Harvard symbology professor, Robert Langdon for the fourth time in his novel. This time he is racing against the time to decipher the source of a genomic hack transported to everybody on the earth through an extremely infectious airborne virus. Brown’s brilliant depiction of trans humanists and their ideas make this one of the best mystery books to read.

5. Fear in the Sunlight by Nicola Upson

Finding-Claire-Fletcher-by-Lisa-Regan - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
Beautifully written by Nicola Upson, Fear in the Sunlight is one of the Best Selling Mystery Books which everyone should read. Set in the summer of 1936, the story revolves around the writer, Josephine Tey, Alfred Hitchcook and his spouse, who are in a holiday village to sign an agreement to turn the writer’s novel into a film. But things get ugly when a Hollywood actress meets an untimely end. Though Archie Penrose, the chief inspector solves the mystery, but after several years another homicide linking to Alfred’s movie brings him back. But this time to unravel the horrifying truth.

6. Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

Finding-Claire-Fletcher-by-Lisa-Regan - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
The third one of the Jeffrey Archer’s block buster series has elated to the List of Best Mystery Books for its brilliant plot and flawless story telling. The mystery book opens with the Barrington family’s fate hanging in the House of Lords on the question of inheritance. While Lord Chancellor’s decisive vote impacts the lives of Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington. Later on the plot revolves around Sebastian, Harry and Emma’s son, who gets trapped in an art fraud. Rated one of the best mystery books, it poses as many questions as it answers.

7. Finding Claire Fletcher by Lisa Regan

Finding-Claire-Fletcher-by-Lisa-Regan - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
One of the Best Mystery Books, this Lisa Regan work traces the hunt of the detective Connor Parks. Devastated with his divorce and struggling with his career, he tries to find solace in a woman he met at the bar. But the following morning she left leaving behind a note which leads him to the Fletcher family. He finds out that Clair has been abducted since a decade. His resolve to find out the lady leads him to the most dangerous horizons and can be fatal. It’s always on the ‘edge of the seat’ element makes it a top mystery book for the lovers of the genre.

8. The Innocent by David Baldacci

The-Innocent-by-David-Baldacci - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
The Innocent is the story of an emotionless hit man, Will Robie, who has never failed in his mission. But this time he makes the biggest mistake of his life, he refuses to follow the orders as something about this operation does not seem correct. This makes him a target of his own people. And while on the run he comes across a teenager and as the story unfolds he finds himself in the middle of a huge cover up. Its well-executed plot makes it one of the  Best Selling Mystery Books in the thriller category.

9. Breaking Point by Kristen Simmons

Finding-Claire-Fletcher-by-Lisa-Regan - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
After escaping from the custody, Ember Miller and Chase Jennings decide to keep a low profile until they are forgotten by the Federal Bureau of Reformation. Meanwhile the duo joins an underground organisation, the Resistance, which strives to take down the government. While the rumours about the anonymous assassin were still in the air, Ember is on the state’s most wanted list. The fine portrait of Ember being torn between fighting back and hiding makes it a Top Mystery Novel.

10. Stolen Prey by John Sandford

Stolen-Prey-by-John-Sandford - Top 10 Mystery Books Of All Time
It is the 22nd novel in the Prey series and one of the Best Mystery Books on Our List. This time an influential family has been neutralised and Lucas Davenport has to solve the puzzle of a homicide and a million dollar theft. Sandford’s hallmark sharp plotting will keep you glued to the book till the end. Counted among the top mystery novels, the latest in the Davenport series takes him to the most dreadful experiences of his life.

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  1. Richard Mason

    Some excellent selections in there and a fair few I had never heard of so I’ll be looking into those. Thank you. I would have liked to have seen The Gemini Factor by Philip Fleishman included. I read it very recently and it’s stuck in my mind since. I felt the plot was really cleverly constructed with so many complexities and interesting characters. It’s a real mind-bending journey that gets you thinking. In the end it all comes together beautifully and you have to admire the writing. I’m guessing you haven’t read it yet because it surely would have made the list. Check it out


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