Best Political Science Universities

Though the contemporary globe is budding up with various educational institutes and universities, there are still few old academics that continue to lead the record of top Political Science universities. These are the ones that are known to have excelled in the field of Political Science and related course, all through these years. All of them located either in the United States or the United Kingdom have been attracting students from all corners of the world to be an expert in this particular arena. Quickly navigate through the article to have a close view of the principal Political Science Universities.

Top 10 Political Science Universities

The list of top ten Political Science Universities provides you a quick inside of the best Political Science universities in the world.

1. Harvard University

No.1 Best Political Science University - Harvard UniversityNamed after its first patron, John Harvard; Harvard University is one of the top political science universities in the world. During the year 2011, its graduate Political science program was ranked as one of the leading courses in America. Established in 1636, Harvard is a private university that registers around 6,657 undergraduates each academic year. Apart from 8 American Presidents completing their graduate degrees from the university, it is also the alma mater for 62 billionaires living across the globe.

2. Princeton University

No.2 Best Political Science University - Princeton UniversityPrinceton University located in New Jersey is known to have the largest Political Science faculty throughout United States. Here graduates are allowed to work with some of the most renowned personalities in order to become expert in this field. Alumni who pass out of Princeton University are placed in other popular institutions of higher education and corporations. Even its library is full of books, field work collections and other researched materials. Thus it has a repute of being one amid the best Political Science universities.

3. Stanford University

No.3 Best Political Science University - Stanford UniversityStanford University is known to have won tutored more Nobel Prize winners than any other institutes in the world. It also has name for having the best Political Science programs supported with an experienced department offering its students a noteworthy range of educational as well as extracurricular activities. It was founded in 1891 by a United States senator, Leland Stanford. It is located on the San Francisco Peninsula across a campus covering 8,180-acre.

4. London School of Economics and Political Science

No.4 Best Political Science University - London School of Economics and Political ScienceSited in Westminster, central London; the London School of Economics and Political Science is yet another entry into the record of Top Political Science universities in the world. It is a place of genuine scholarly anticipation and progressive research. The institute also enjoys a universal recognition for intellectual distinction. Established in 1895, London School of Economics and Political science enrols students from all nook and corner of the world.

5. Yale University

No.5 Best Political Science University - Yale UniversityDespite Yale University making an inward bound for fourth century, it has not failed to educate and give birth to experts in all disciplines, especially Political Science. The institute which traces its origin to 1701 is still regarded as a top Political Science university with some of the best Political Science programs.

6. University of California

No.6 Best Political Science University - University of CaliforniaPopularly called “Cal”; the University of California, Berkeley is widely known for its Political major. The university is also said to have the best Political Science programs, according to recent report. In 2009, U.S. News and World Report had even ranked the university’s Political Science department as the principal department in this stream. Here both post graduate and undergraduate courses are offered in regards to comparative politics, political methodology, American politics, international politics and few more.

7. Columbia University

No.7 Best Political Science University - Columbia UniversityBeing one of the oldest academies for advance studies in New York, Columbia University has also earned a name for having the best Political Science department. The institute is aware of its geographical area, thus it seeks to associate its teaching and research to the immense resources of a great conurbation. It still continues to attract international learners to be a part of its researches related to global issues.

8. University of Oxford

No.8 Best Political Science University - University of OxfordEstablished nine centuries back, University of Oxford is probably the oldest institute to continue imparting world class education. Among many courses included in its academic curriculum, it has repute for harbouring a number of best Political Science programs. Every year, Oxford welcomes learners with great potential, at both graduate and undergraduate level, from all over the earth. The institute is backed with a library that is full with essential and important books and documents.

9. University of Cambridge

No.9 Best Political Science University - University of CambridgeThe University of Cambridge is one among the largest universities situated in United Kingdom. It is renowned for fantabulous academic excellence and Political Science courses. Founded in 1209, it has 31 colleges imparting classes on some of the best Political Science programs. Teaching includes not only of seminars and lectures by scholars and experts from the arena of Political Science but also more personalised instructions are arranged through the colleges. No doubt it finds its place among the top Political Science universities.

10. Duke University

No.10 Best Political Science University - Duke UniversityDuke University is the last university to complete the record of top Political Science Universities. The 1924 established institute has been long known for its academic achievements including the subject Political Science. Located in the current town of Trinity, the foundation stone of the university was laid in 1838 by Methodists and Quakers. Besides Political Science, Duke University offers 4 engineering majors, 46 arts and sciences majors and 47 minors interdisciplinary major.

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