Top 10 Architecture Schools in the US

With Architecture Schools becoming more selective about their study patterns, the Top 10 Architecture Schools in the US will tell us why they deserve the position of Best Architecture Schools in the United States. These schools have wide variety of imparting architectural lessons along with acknowledgement from the National Architectural Accrediting Board. They mould student as per modern issues arising in this field along with extensive research and technical work. Hence peep through the list to identify the Top Architecture Schools in US.

Top Ten Best Architecture Schools in the US

Surf through the List of Top Ten Architecture Schools in US to shape your dream of becoming architecture into reality.

1. University Of Michigan

University Of Michigan - No.1 Architecture school in AmericaFor more than a century University of Michigan has been producing some of the world class ecological designers. Being one among the eight original Public Ivy universities of the States, it is also one of the Top Architecture Schools in US. Here one gets to learn designing that are authentically based on ecological principals to create innovative landscapes. By investing three years in the subject one can afford a degree in architecture from the reputed university. According to a survey, University of Michigan has the largest alumni groups in the world.

2. University Of Texas

University Of Texas - No.2 Architecture school in AmericaApart from other major curriculums, the University of Texas located at Austin is also gifted with a leading architectural school – The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture (UTSOA). The college is build within the university with all its chief facilities available in the main campus. It offers professionally credited and globally acknowledged degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design.With a student/faculty ratio of 11:1, it has around 700 undergraduates and graduates enrolled for the study of architecture.

3. University Of Pennsylvania

University Of Pennsylvania - No.3 Architecture school in AmericaThe University of Pennsylvania School of Design or PennDesign is the third Best Architecture School in United States. With its notable faculty including popular architects like Robert Venturi and Louis Kahn, the school offers degrees in landscape architecture, regional and city planning, architecture, fine arts and historic preservation. Since its establishment in 1914, the university’s main focus is to produce designs that are not only creative but are also transformative in impact. “Change and renewal” have served as the strong pillars of success for the architecture school all through the decades.

4. Columbia University

Columbia University - No.4 Architecture school in AmericaThough the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University has evolved over a century ago it still manages to among the Best Architecture Schools in US. It is also the first institute in the States to offer a professional course like architecture back in 1881. Till date it has produced a long list of notable designers who have been credited for their breath-taking designing and architectural techniques. Urban design, architecture, urban planning, real estate development, historic preservation and critical, curatorial & conceptual practices are the major courses of the school of architecture.

5. Syracuse University

Syracuse University - No.5 Architecture school in AmericaAlso renowned as Syracuse Architecture, the Syracuse University School of Architecture offers courses in architecture that are certified by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The five year professional architecture courses provided by the institute have a blend of art and technology to shape its students in the best possible way. The last year also involves research and designing based on one’s knowledge. This enhances the individual talents and gives out a clear prospective of the modern requirements in this arena.

6. Iowa State University

Iowa State University - No.6 Architecture school in AmericaAn architecture degree from Iowa State University can serve as the stepping stone in fulfilling the dream of becoming a registered and licensed architecture in the United States and abroad. As architects directly influence the public safety, health and welfare; the university’s degree is a declaration that an individual can exercise the profession sensibly. Besides, architecture and landscape architecture programs offered at Iowa State University’s department of architecture is regarded among the best in the world.

7. Harvard University

Harvard University - No.7 Architecture school in AmericaThe Harvard Graduate School of Design is one of the Best Architecture Schools for pursuing masters degree in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, urban planning and design studies. It also offers doctoral degrees. During the past year, its department of architecture was credited with top position in the country for six back to back years. It is located in the northeast of Harvard University with the capacity of 500 students and 100 staff and faculty.

8. Cornell University

Cornell University - No.8 Architecture school in AmericaThe Cornell University College of Architecture, Art and Planning is acknowledged for offering architectural studies with a touch of tradition while striving to overcome current and future competitions.  Undergraduate as well as masters programs provided by the school has top rankings in the United States. Popular architects such as Bryant Lu, Scott Rodwin, Amanda Martocchio and few others have been a part of this institute.

9. University Of Cincinnati

University Of Cincinnati - No.9 Architecture school in AmericaFrequently referred to as DAAP, the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning has been allotted the ninth position among the best architecture schools in United States. It not only has a reputation in the States but is also renowned globally. In 2005, the institute’s graduate architecture programme was graded as the most innovative architecture program in the country. Maximum of its courses require five years to graduate with a certificate.

10. Princeton University

Princeton University - No.10 Architecture school in AmericaThe School of Architecture, Princeton University concentrates on imparting instructions and research in architectural history, design and theory to mould students according to contemporary and existing pros and cons in this field. Any of the degrees – a bachelor of arts (A.B.), a master of architecture (M.Arch.) or a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.), provided by it is recognised throughout the globe. Currently the university enrols around 60 undergraduate and graduate students for learning architecture.

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