Top 10 Best Educational Games for Kids

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!! As grownups we all know how true this statement is. So why not help your child build the essential foundation skills through playful manner? Today we will be discussing about the top educational games so that you can provide the best to your child. These games will not only allow your child to exercise their brain cells in a healthy way but will also gear them against the contemporary competitive environment. Your kid will themselves work to build their focus and skills with these educational games. Browse and spot them.

Top Ten Educational Games for Kids

To provide the right ambiance for a growing child, read into details.

1. Monopoly

No.1 Top Educational Game for Kids - Monopoly

Monopoly is the best educational games for kids as it can introduce one to the field of real estate. Played by either two or four, it also sharpens mathematics skills as the player needs to add, subtract, multiply and divide to generate revenue from the property market. The one with maximum money is declared as the winner. Suggested for kids above seven years of age, Monopoly Golden Token Bonus is the latest version released in 2013. Also at the same time, Junior Monopoly is the one that manufacturers have come up with for a child of 5-8 years.

2. Scrabble

No.2 Top Educational Game for Kids - Scrabble

Scrabble has remained one of the top educational games for kids since the early twentieth century. Introduced by Hasbro, the game has major contribution in increasing the academic performance of a school goer, especially in vocabularies, pronunciations, language and spellings. It is a fun cum creative game to get engaged during leisure time as it allows the player to score higher by creating new words. It has been found out that kids who have played scrabble have shown improvements in concentration, memory power and thinking ability.

3. Chess

No.3 Top Educational Game for Kids - Chess

Played through years, Chess is that classic strategy game which can whet a child’s memory, planning tactics, stability, mental clarity and overall health. The game is said to be so very beneficiary that in many nations it has been incorporated into their academic curricular to help student enhance their learning power and fortitude. Moreover, through playful manner it makes one aware of how to control his destiny by planning the right move. Kids who play chess frequently also learn to be discipline.

4. Clue

No.4 Top Educational Game for Kids - Clue

Clue is a detective game meant for kids who have crossed nine years. Here one is supposed to look out for clues to solve their happenings of the game and to move on to the next level. It is regarded as an educational game for kids because it helps the player to make use of his thinking cap to progress and score. Clue is the best mystery game that can be played not only to have fun but to also learn solve problems.

5. SET

No.5 Top Educational Game for Kids - SET

SET is a challenging card game for swift reduction and recognition. Here one needs to pick out patterns involving symbols, numbers, and colors to match the similar cards. It is a healthy way of boosting the memory and excising the brain of those who have celebrated their ninth birthday. It is also the best way to test one’s observation and remembrance power. Thus it has been selected as one among the top 10 educational games for kids.

6. Art Academy

No.5 Top Educational Game for Kids - Artacademy

Art academy is not just a simple video game but in fact a fun loaded art tutorial. Playing this particular game can bring out the creative side of a child and help him create some authentic artworks. As the name suggest, it has ten amazingly detailed lessons of how to make sketches, paint and add perspective by blending colours and applying shades. It provides the thrill of a beginner’s course in an actual art school.

7. Lego Harry Potter

No.7 Top Educational Game for Kids - Lego Harry Potter

Based on the darker last half of the Harry Potter saga, Lego Harry Potter is a puzzle solving adventurous game. Though it covers many wand-zapping wizard battles it allows children to explore, understand and get accustom to new environments by solving problems. For kids who love to thrive in open world, this is a supernatural way to learn common sense and teamwork. To get going it is important to complete each level.

8. Chinese Checker

No.8 Top Educational Game for Kids - Chinese Checkers

This classic wooden toy is an excellent educational game for children. Played by two to six players, Chinese Checker can provide blast of a time while competing and advancing along with the opponents. Apart from fun, it can instil the habit of quick thinking, systematic planning and to be calculative as the aim of the game is to race all one’s pieces into the star corner on the opposite side of the board. Contrary to its name, Chinese Checker was first initiated by Bill and Jack Pressman in United States in 1928.

9. Blokus

No.9 Top Educational Game for Kids - Blokus

Known to promote healthy brain activity, Blokus is a strategy board game that confronts spatial thinking. It has been awarded with multiple awards including the 2004 Teacher’s Choice Award and Mensa Select award. It can be a competitive family fun and can also increase the creative thinking of a child. It can prove devoting, even for those who are not normally into abstract games.

10. Professor Layton and the Curious Village

No.10 Top Educational Game for Kids - Professor-Layton-and-the-Curious-Village

Developed by Level-5, Professor Layton and the Curious Village is a puzzle adventure video game launched in Japan during 2007 and in United States a year later. Its puzzles include levels like logic puzzles, brain teasers and sliding puzzles. The game’s mixture of adventure and brain training genres received maximum admiration. It is designed for kids more than six years of age and who can avail access to over 130 puzzles that it has got.

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