Top Children Magazines

Learning can be best done by experience or by reading, giving your child experience to every place or with everything is not at all practically possible. But, selecting the best magazine for him/her to learn and enhance his reading skills and imagination power. Find the top 10 children magazine in the world clustered below and gauge the best for your child to help in emerging his thinking and knowledge in a correct path as magazine is an excellent combine of knowledge and entertainment.

Top 10 Children Magazines

1.  National Geographic Kids
2. Hopscotch for Girls
3.  Click
4.  Boys Life
5. J-14 Magazine
6.  Appleseeds
7.  Highlights for Children Magazine
8.  Ranger Rick Magazine
9.  American Girl
10.  Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

List of Top Ten Children Magazines

Find the most interesting and popular magazine for children starting from age 6-16 in the list of Top Ten Children Magazine.

1. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids - No.1 Top Children Magazine

National geographic kids are the most popular magazine for children for children of 6 and above.  This magazine is amalgamation of fun, photos and facts which keep the interest of your child alive and made him more curious to read and to know about the elusive facts on this earth. It gets published in every month and every time it has a different theme and topics to explore about the outer world. Over one million readers have been captivated by the magazine for more than 35 years. It expands knowledge of children in all different sections like science, animals, technology, geography, and archaeology. The annual subscription of the magazine is $24.

2. Hopscotch for Girls

Hopscotch - No.2 Top Children Magazine

Hopscotch for girls is another magazine which is rated second in the top 10 children magazines in the world. This magazine is captivate interest of age group 0f 6-12 with the interesting articles on activities related to nature, pet, sports, career and crafts.  Girls love to read poetry and short stories and this magazine offers that with short riddles and puzzle which manage to capture their interest in magazine. Hopscotch for Girls is published twice in even months beginning February through December. Hopscotch for Girls is available at the listed price of $39.54 ($6.59 / issue).

3. Click

Click - No.3 Top Children Magazine

Click is a magazine for young children to satisfy their curiosity about the world around them. The publisher issue around nine magazines every year and each has issue has an cluster of  poems, stories, games, articles, activities, interesting pictures and stunning illustrations. The magazine has been especially designed to help children cultivate a lifelong love for learning and reading about nature, science, art and technology. Click magazine cost around $4.53 per issue and it’s easy to pay for enhancement of knowledge of your child.

4. Boys Life

Boys Life - No.4 Top Children Magazine

Boys life magazine is for boys age between 6to 18. This magazine is published in every month and yearly subscription cost around $24.00. Boys’ life has captivated the interest of young boys through its capturing topics on sports, scouting, science, health, careers, fashion, electronics and games. It also has information on music, movies, stamps, books, coins and other topics which attract young boys. Boys scout of America, the publisher of Boys life publishes two editions for different age groups one is for 6-10 year old and other for 11-18 years, and they have similar covers but includes 16-20 pages of exclusive content for each edition

5. J-14 Magazine

J-14 -  No.5 Top Children Magazine

J-14 is one of the oldest magazines and comes in the list of top 10 children magazine in the world. It has so much to offer to its young readers like interesting and informative articles along with posters, real-life stories, cool horoscopes as well as TV, video and music news. J-14 magazine is mostly loved by young girls as they get to know new movies, celebrities and music. There are some really good pictures of stars and pop artists.  J-14 magazine to a great extend stands for teens who like gossip, fashion, celeb information and posters, movies and music.

6. Appleseeds

Appleseeds - No.6 Top Children Magazine

With the nine publications in a year, Appleseeds magazine has come up as the top 10 magazine in the world. It has been designed with numerous exploration and adventure articles for kids between the ages of 7 to 10. This magazine offers children to enjoy puzzles, activities, games and recipes related to that issue’s theme. Children get interested in reading the sentient articles about history and culture and annual subscription is available at a listed price of $40.74 ($4.53 / issue).

7. Highlights for Children Magazine

Highlights - No.7 Top Children Magazine

Highlights for children magazine are best for your child as it helps the child to grow his imagination power and relate himself with the wonders of this world. It also develops child’s mind by giving them puzzles and quizzes to solve and it has funny and exciting jokes to entice their interest in reading the magazine. It’s been 60 years of existence for Highlights for children and its always loved by children and they get fascinated by the cartoon characters in it. The annual subscription of magazine is around $34.95.

8. Ranger Rick Magazine

Ranger - No.8 Top Children Magazine

This magazine is much referred by teenagers both girls and boys. This magazine is filled with beautiful pictures and interesting articles which explores the mind of your child with the outdoor world. Not only helps kids hone their reading skills, but also breeds a deep appreciation for nature. Published by the National Wildlife Federation, it’s free of advertising. It has been the winner of Parent’s Choice gold Award in 1999. Yearly subscription is around $24 which I not much to pay for your child’s positive growth.

9. American Girl

American Girl - No.9 Top Children Magazine

The perfect magazine for girls age around 8 to 12 enjoy reading this magazine as it gives them the perfect picture of outer world. This magazine is amalgamation of planning parties, sleepovers, educational projects, advice columns and interactive quizzes. This is completely ad-free magazine and only gives your child useful information and knowledge as per her age only. The yearly subscription of this magazine is $22.

10. Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

Sports Illustrated - No.10 Top Children Magazine

If your child is an avid sports fan and he/she is under the age of fourteen than sports illustrated kids magazine is best gift for him.  This magazine will encourage your child for sports activities by giving information and interviews of mega sports stars, having fun comics to read, interesting photos, quizzes and other interesting facts and articles on the sports they love. Yearly subscription for this magazine is $19 which is enough to pay to enhance your child’s IQ in sports.

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