Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in 2012

A quick look into the world’s Top Ten Countries with Most Universities will make it easier to understand the increase in the number of universities globally. It is true that with the advancement of science and technology, university education is more in demand. The impact of globalization has also highlighted the importance of basic as well as higher education. From developed to developing counties, there won’t be any nation in the world who does not have universities.  Education becoming   one of the basic needs of the population, now-a-days many private and government universities are booming up. Thus scroll further to catch hold of the  World’s Top Ten Countries with the Maximum Universities

List of Top 10 Countries with Most Universities

  1. India – 8407
  2. United States – 5758
  3. Argentina – 1705
  4. Spain – 1415
  5. Mexico – 1341
  6. Bangladesh – 1268
  7. Indonesia – 1236
  8. Japan – 1223
  9. France – 1062
  10. China – 1054

Leading Countries with Most Universities

Since India is still a developing nation, educating the mass is very essential and after the 1991 reform it has taken a different turn. Privatization and globalization has paved the path for better and higher education. With the roll of time many universities are opening up and today it has 8,407 private and government universities to its credit.

2. United States
Second in the list is United States. Since a very long time education has been a vital part of its people. As the most advanced nation on earth, in recent times US has as many as 5,758 universities. The public sector mainly looks after its education system.

3. Argentina
Despite many disturbances Argentina has done a relatively good job in the education sector. In recent times it has built 1,705 educational centers becoming the third top country with most university.

4. Spain
With a huge history of colleges and universities, Spain has always done well in imparting knowledge. With many options opened to the students world wide it has 1,415 educational bodies.

5. Mexico
With a faster growth in economy, Mexico has witness a growth in the number of academic institutions in the recent years. The Mexican educational system has raised to the height of international  standards with 1,341 universities opened for students from all spheres.

6. Bangladesh
Ever since the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project has been introduced in Bangladesh, the quality of education has improved to a large extent. Till date 1,268 universities have been established and few more are to seen in the near future.

7. Indonesia
With the growth in population  there has been an increasing demand  in education. To fulfill this thirst for knowledge the government has provided the nation with 1,236 universities and planned for few more for a better future.

8. Japan
Due to the use of modern teaching techniques the quality of Japanese education has gone up. Students from any part of the world have the freedom to be a part of their 1,223 institutes and have a taste of their modern educational system.

9. France
The competitive age has not left France from providing better education to their citizens. Since the age of Napoleon there has been a development in the France education system and today it is the home for 1,062 educational centers.

The world’s most populous state has also earned a name to be one amidst the countries with maximum universities. China is known to have 1,054 scholastic centres, both for the national and international students.

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  1. Soumya

    India on the first number looks quite obvious. There are so many universities opening every now and then.. In a way good for Indian education!!


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