Top 10 Culinary Schools

Culinary Art Schools are flourishing in every nook and corner across the globe with great exuberance. It is practically impossible to make a choice among which of them should you get enrolled into. Well, your wait for the register of Top 10 Culinary Schools is over, dear epicure! A die-hard foodie that you are, you have been anticipating a career in the culinary arts since time immemorial, right? Master the craft of arranging different flavors in a way that will certainly set you apart. Dig into the list of Top Rated Culinary Schools that we have picked for your guidance.


Top 10 Culinary Schools

Browse through the series of the Top Culinary Schools in the World to enroll into one and experience the joy of cooking for your loved ones.


1. Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu

Focusing mainly on Hospitality management, culinary arts and gastronomy, Le Cordon Bleu was established in 1895. The reputed chefs ardently follow the French culinary tradition along with a well-structured syllabus of international tastes of fine-dining. The aspiring chefs are taught the fundamentals that makes French cuisine as distinct as it is while also making them adept at catering to the recipes of world cuisine and modern culinary techniques. With over 50 schools across 5 continents and serving as many as 20 thousand students perennially, Le Cordon Blue is world’s largest institution in food education. In USA, there are various chains of the famous school located in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, and the list goes on.


2. Sullivan University

Sullivan University

Offering more than 7 programs in the culinary arts, Sullivan University is renowned for 99% employment placements for the graduates. The institution is considered as one of the most versatile hotel management institutes  in the United States of America. Situated in Louisville, Kentucky, the university renders special attention towards each of the students enrolled and guide them in concocting special recipes to perfection.


3. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Named after the King of Chefs, Auguste Escoffier is an immortal name who modernized the art of cuisine during the First World War. Founded in 1991, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is located at Colorado in USA. One of the Best Culinary Schools in America, the school provides different courses in culinary arts, baking and pastry design. Get your admissions in this school if you actually want an exciting career in cooking various revolutionary dishes instead of settling down with just another job for the sake of money.


4. Kendall College

Kendall College

A Culinary School Based in Chicago, Kendall College specializes in hands-on training in international cuisine, baking, and pastry arts. With 12 teaching kitchens and an on-site restaurant, both the campuses of the Kendall College has certified ‘green’ restaurants and a garden where the students grow their own produce to make use of them while cooking. If you have a degree from this reputed academia, rest assured that you will bag an excellent job within 6 months of your graduation.


5. The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes

With approximately 50 branches across the U.S. and Canada, The Art Institutes is a North American chain of educational centres. The schools offer master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and certificates in visual, creative, applied, and culinary arts. The International Culinary Schools function under the umbrella of The Art Institutes which is one of the most successful chains running in the nation. You can opt for specializing in departments like wine and spirits, baking and pastry as well.


6. Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University

Proffering the pupils a traditional education the the craft of cooking, Johnson &Wales University gives them a hands-on training. Founded in 1914, the institute is based in the Rhode Island and a host to over 16,000 students across four campuses including Florida, North Carolina and Colorado. Degree programs include Associate and Bachelor Degree programs in baking, pastry, and culinary arts. It is quite popular among students as it has the facility of Federal Grants and Aids for all those who have difficulty in meeting the tuition fees. Culinary Nutrition and Food Service Entrepreneurship are other attractions for those interested in getting enrolled in the school. The College of Culinary Arts is so much more than a cooking academy. Acquiring the ‘knife skills,’ the students are moulded well in their own personal leadership style.


7. Hattori Nutrition College

Hattori Nutrition College

Popular for his role in the Japanese show named ‘Iron Chef,’ Yukoi Hattori leads the way for most significant culinary institute in Japan, the Hattori Nutrition College. Encroaching epic proportions, the school rests in the archive of Top Ten Culinary Schools and makes it as one of the most sought after institution for culinarians worldwide. The school does not only provide full-degree and certificate programs on cuisine arts, it also has take in dietetics. The Hattori Nutrition College makes special emphasis on healthy, ‘body-friendly’ culinary techniques as nutrition is one of the primary concerns for the chefs here.


8. Culinary Institute of America

Culinary Institute of America

A top Culinary Institute in the NYC, Culinary Institute of America was founded in 1946. Specializing in culinary arts and on-going support for industry professionals, the institute is a prestigious one with branches spreading out in Texas and California. If you want to be a fully equipped next generation chef, food critic and restauranteur, join the academia and get the hands-on training in advanced cuisine techniques and the management of kitchens as well as restaurants.


9. Nick Nairn Cook School

Nick Nairn Cook School

Set up in April in the year 2000, Nick Nairn is the man behind the school with the vision of training aspiring chefs to transform raw ingredients into great food. The institute is fairly flexible in permitting the student to opt for courses and classes according to their own interests. Mastering the cuisines that include meat, seafood, vegetables and a myriad other global recipes, the Nick Nairn Cook School in Scotland has it all under its hood.


10. New England Culinary Institute

New England Culinary Institute

The New England Culinary Institute was established in 1980 at Montpelier in Vermont. Fran Voigt and John Dranow set up this career-oriented culinary college for a smaller number of students who are interested in personal interactions with legends teaching them. An additional point of attraction for the college is its picturesque location, close proximity with cheese makers, farmers and other local food cultivators. The curriculum focuses on real life situations forcing the students to ‘learn by doing.’ A graduate from this college is a gem for the culinary industry across the world.

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