Top 10 High Schools in US

There are two things that people will never compromise on; education and internet speed. Slow internet and shoddy education are two of the worst possible plagues that can afflict humanity. When it comes to education I doubt there is a single parent worth their mettle who would settle for below par education for their children. Every single mom and dad is always on the lookout for the Best High School for their children. We have put together a list of the top ten high schools in USA based on the US High School rankings. Keep reading to know what makes these schools stand out above the rest.

Top Ten High Schools in US

It’s not that other schools are bad or substandard by any means; it’s just that these schools are better than the best and that’s what makes them the best High schools in the USA.

1. School for the Talented and the Gifted

School for theTalented No.1 High School in US

The School for the Talented and the Gifted is the school every other school wishes it was. Ranking number one in both state and national levels, this Dallas based academic institution focuses a lot on advanced placement curriculum which requires each student to pass at least 11 AP courses to graduate. The students are allowed to conduct field research both solo and via partnerships with local universities. The School boasts of a college readiness index of a 100.0. This is truly one of the Best high schools in the US.

2. BASIS Tucson

BASIS Tucson No.2 High School in US

Based in Arizona, BASIS Tucson uses an Accelerated curriculum along with focussing on the advanced placement courses. Students have the option of either graduating in three years or staying back for an extra year to complete the capstone courses and an optional senior project. The capstone courses include a wide array of subjects ranging from quantum mechanics to musical theory.  The School stands at number 2 in national rank and number 1 at state level.

3. Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

Gwinnett School of Mathematics No.3 High School in US

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and technology is one of the 22 schools of Gwinnett county public schools. This school ranks number 1 in Georgia and is counted amongst the premier institutions of education. The Students at GSMST have the option of opting for AP course work and exams and it’s not a surprise that the school boasts of 100% participation of students in these exams. The school also has a 71% total minority enrolment.

4. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Thomas Jefferson No.4 High School in US

The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is another educational institution that uses a STEM focused curriculum i.e. they offer courses and subjects focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They offer a very ‘hands on’ approach to the subjects which means, a lot of lab work and hands on experiments. The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology boasts of 13 specialized labs for subjects ranging from astrophysics to oceanography.

5. BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS Scottsdale No.5 High School in US

It can’t be just a coincidence that the top 2 schools in Arizona are both BASIS. Just like BASIS Tucson, BASIS also offers AP courses and exams to all their students and like its sister institution in Tucson, BASIS Scottsdale also features a 100% participation rate from its students. BASIS Scottsdale also boasts of a 100.0 College readiness index.

6. Pine View School

Pine view school No.6 High School in US

This Florida school combine’s traditional classroom, independent study, ungraded classes and mini courses and is counted among the top high schools in the US. Pine View School expects the parents to be actively involved with school activities like, open houses, field trips and newsletters. Every student in Pine View is expected to complete at least one advanced foreign language course along with maintaining at least minimum grade point average to graduate. Pine View also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities from cooking clubs to Model United Nation.

7. Loveless Academic Magnet Program

Loveless Acadmy No.7 High School in US

Just like Pine View, the Loveless Academic Magnet Program or LAMP expects the parents of their students to be as actively involved with the school as possible be it through volunteering or attending conferences or supporting the newsletter. The School offers a variety of AP courses and offers a plethora of competitive academic groups like the science Olympiad and the scholars bowl. LAMP also offers a lot of different extracurricular activities like the forensics club and MUN.

8. Biotechnology High School

Biotechnology No.8 High School in US

The aptly named Biotechnology school offers courses in subjects like agricultural Biotechnology, forensics and genetics. The focus on project based learning, interactive partnership and scholarly research. Every student is required to complete a senior internship in order to graduate. Until now the Internship placements include names like Rutgers University and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

9. International School

Washington International School No.9 High School in US

The International School requires all their students to go through 7 years of core subjects which include international Studies, Fine arts either French or German and Maths. The students are also required to complete a weeklong session outside the class room called the ‘focus week’. The Focus week can include activities like, cooking classes, Disaster preparedness and environmental trips to Cascade Mountains. They also offer AP courses in calculus design and drawing and more.

10. Academic Magnet High School

Loveless Academic Magnet No.10 High School in US

The Academic Magnet High School requires each student to complete a yearlong research project in order to graduate. A lot of these projects have even been used in professional journals. The courses Academic Magnet High School are designed to challenge both the students and the parents to reach academic heights.

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