Top 10 Law Schools in the World

Every year the ranking of the top ten law schools is eagerly awaited by the lawyers, academic institutions and most importantly the aspiring candidates. Here is the list of the Top 10 Law Schools based on their placement success, student- teacher ratio and resourcefulness. Navigate through the post to find out more about the best law schools in the world before applying for your law degree.

Top Ten Law Schools in the World

Have a look at the best legal studies institutions in the world which have churned the most prestigious luminaries in the field of law.

1. Harvard University

Top 10 Law Schools - Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the top law schools in world and is the oldest institution of higher studies in America. The Ivy League institution was established in 1636. It was founded nearly 140 years prior to the Declaration of Independence was signed in the United States. The college was named after its first patron, John Harvard of Charlestown. The elite institute stands to promote new ideas and encourage persistent knowledge.

2. University of Cambridge

Top 10 Law Schools - Cambridge University

The top institution is home to one of the best law schools which any aspiring lawyer aspires to join. Comprising of 31 Colleges, the University of Cambridge is one of the oldest academic institution in the world and is probably the biggest in the United Kingdom. The University of Cambridge has a rich history and is well- known for its infrastructure and museums which appeal to the tourists from across the world.

3. Yale University

Top 10 Law School - Yale University

Ranked third on our list of top 10 law schools in world, the Yale University was established in 1701. One of the best law schools in United States, it was founded as the Collegiate School in Killingworth, Connecticut in the house of Abraham Pierson, its first head. The school relocated to New Haven, its current location, in 1716 after Elihu Yale’s generous gifts to the institution. The Law School at Yale was established in 1843.

4. University of Oxford

Top 10 Law School - Oxford University

Carrying a legacy of nearly nine centuries, the University of Oxford comprises of one of the top law schools in world. The collegiate university comprises of 39 self-governing colleges with a student population of roughly 18,000, who represent more than 130 nationalities. Housing one of the best law schools, the elite institute thrived when the English students were barred from attending the University of Paris by Henry II.

5. University of Melbourne

Top 10 Law School - Melbourne University

University of Melbourne has secured the fifth spot on our list of top 10 law schools in world. The Australian Ivy League academic institution has completed 160 years in 2013. The second oldest university of the continent, University of Melbourne is known for its great criteria of scholarship and prominent international links which attract the most refined students and academics from the world over.

6. Stanford University

Top 10 Law School - Stanford University

With an impressive teacher student ratio of 1:7.6, the Stanford University’s law school climb up to the sixth spot on our list of top ten law schools in the world. The aspiring lawyers are given the option of nearly 25 joint degrees in association with the several other schools at the Stanford University. The list of schools also include the notably ranked Graduate School of Business.

7. New York University

Top 10 Law School - New York University

One of the best law schools in the United States, the New York University’s law programme focuses on an interactive and practical learning of legal skills. The top institute for law degree has an outstanding student teacher ratio of 9:1. With almost 25 legal centres on campus and a number of seminars and workshops on every subject, the law school make the cut to the top 10 law schools in the world.

8. Columbia University

Top 10 Law School - Columbia University

Another one of the law schools in New York have made it to the best law schools in the world. The Columbia University’s law school has full time and part time faculty strength of 245. The law programme also gives the students an option of a joint degree with additional master’s or doctoral programme.

9. London School of Economics and Political Science

Top 10 Law School - London School of Economics and Political Science

The prestigious United Kingdom’s institute is the world’s foremost institution dedicated to social sciences. Nearly two- third of its students and half of its staff comes from outside of the country. Comprising of one of the best law schools of the world, the higher learning institute boasts of 16 Nobel Prize winners among its alumnus.

10. The University of Sydney

Top 10 Law School - University of Sydney

Founded in 1850, The University of Sydney is the first university of Australia. With an intense focus on research, extensive teaching and personalised attention to the students, it makes to the league of top 10 law schools in the world. Spread across 8 campuses, it provides the students almost all the requisite facilities.

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