Top 10 Party Schools

The Top Party Schools of US are once again out, based reviews from over 126,000 students. These are the institutes that have maintained a fair sense of excellent academics along with partying hard. If the week days were engaged with seminars, lectures and exams; the weekends brought in celebrations that none can deny to. Thus to know the long awaited Top 10 Party Schools list for the year 2014, take a deep look at our write-up and catch on with the activities that takes place in these institutes besides academics.


Top Ten Party Schools

Scroll further to get deep into the record of top ten party schools in US 2014.


1.  University of Iowa

University of Iowa

Offering seven major professional degrees along with over 100 areas of other studies, University of Iowa has been rated as the best party school of 2014. Nightlife of the undergraduates, most of the time is occupied spending in bars and hang-out places around the Iowa City. According to recent news, the percentage of students consuming alcohol more than five in one go is reported to be 58.7%. Due to the lively ambience, the university has received A+ grade for nightlife. Moreover, the football season is another occasion when the students of the institute love partying hard.


2.  University of California

University of California

A part of California’s three-tier public higher education system, the University of California is not only one of the top public university systems in the world but a s well maintains a status among the top party schools in the United States. Along with academic excellence, the institute is also well known for fun activities such as clove smoking, birkenstock wearing and tree hugging. Owing to the merriment and the amusements, the university as well ranks at number three for happiest students list.


3.  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is new to the list of top 10 party schools 2014 as the two main recreation centres – Activities and Recreation Centre (ARC) and Campus Recreation Centre – East (CRCE) have been renovated by the institute’s authorities. The nightlife within the campus is quite fun as everything is reasonably priced and buses keeps running form corner to corner even during the weekends. No matter what day it is, some sort of fun takes place every now and then.


4.  West Virginia University

West Virginia University

From sixth position during 2011, the West Virginia University has climbed the record to stand at number four, this year. Over 29000 students call the university their home as they really enjoy their time around the campus as part of potential parties. On Thursdays, there are few campus restaurants and bars that offer free drinks to pupils. Moreover, occasions such as fall fest, DJ appearances, Saint Patrick’s Day, football matches etc hypes the merriment within the campus.


5.  Syracuse University

Syracuse University

The Syracuse University is another place on the earth where learners and undergraduates know how to have fun like never before. Though all the nights of the university might not be equally thrilling but there is something always to look forward to. Every weekend, pupils either attend frat party or the house parties. The weekends also happen to be the perfect time for freshmen to jell up with other new comers and seniors. Moreover, the institute has few locally located bars welcoming students with variety of drinks. To be precise, weekends leaves no space for the geek and the studious ones.


6.  University of Florida

University of Florida

Being a part of the University of Florida does not only mean the opportunity to earn degree from a reputed institute but as well guarantees nightlife that can be cherished for all the years to come. The Swamp is a notorious bar within the campus of the institute where undergraduates love to hang out. Apart from the weekly parties, the basketball championship is another occasion which the university love celebrating.


7.  Ohio University

Ohio University

Even though Ohio University has strict rules and penalties for high rate alcohol consumptions and misconduct, the institute goers have a fair sense of celebration and party ideas making the university one among the top 10 party schools in US. More to it, a line of bars and restaurants stand up the Court Street where students hang out and chill during the weekends as well as the week days. According to student’s, the nightlife of Ohio University is one of the best factor being a part of the institute. Doing shots and bonging beers at bars are few of the most appreciated activities of party lovers from the university.


8.  University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Due to the insane amount of bars and the closeness of State Street, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has taken up the eight spot in the best party school list. For the ones who are not comfortable with bar crowd, they can always opt for weekend house parties. Furthermore, the Madison’s comedy clubs and live band performances are few other locations for crazy entertainment. Whether, one wants to drink or not, is not the option for having a blast in Madison.


9. Penn State University

Penn State University

Offering more than 160 majors for students from different areas of studies, Penn State University has also earned a name for being among the top party schools in the United States. If the fall is the season for football celebrations the spring is the time to hit the bars. Moreover, the presence of dance clubs and bars namely the Indigo, Cellblock, cafe 210, Gingerbread Man, Phyrst and Rathskeller makes the nightlife of Penn State University even more happening.


10.  Lehigh University

Lehigh University

Due to low price bars around the off campus residence location of Lehigh University has afforded the institute a position among the top ranking party schools across North America. By the time, graduation is over; everyone who enrols in the institute gets a proper hand over the game of Beirut. Among all McGrady’s, Leon’s and Tally Ho are the most frequented locations throughout the week. When weekends are on, a number of free off campus parties rocks off every Lehigh goer.

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