Top 10 Popular Science Magazines

Feed your curious minds with these Top 10 Popular Science Magazines as they pave your way to the moon and back! From Neanderthals to Einstein, your wish to keep updated regarding all the new scientific discoveries has been answered with a big bang. These Best Science Magazines fuel your imagination in the best possible way. To decipher the mysteries behind the cosmos, simply flip through the pages of the Science Magazines we have sorted for you. So, immerse yourself in the knowledge bank of these Most Popular Science Magazines to remain apprised with the latest science news.


Top Ten Popular Science Magazines

Glance through this List Of Popular Science Magazines and bolster your knowledge with a healthy dose of scientific innovations.


1. Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine

Launched in October 1980 by Time Inc., the Discover Magazine has been one of the Best Science Magazines till date. Covering topics that range from global warming and black holes to Neanderthals and robots, this magazine caters to a readership of more than five million people. The Discover Magazines make their issues on a monthly basis making the concepts of science, space, evolution and medicine intelligible even to the laymen.


2. National Geographic

National Geographic

The official magazine of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic is one of the Most Popular Science Magazines that makes 12 issues per annum. With the first issue releasing in 1888, the magazine revels at the magnificent illustrations and thought provoking content in graphic detail. The editors, journalists and photographers involved with the magazine deal in topics that include science and technology, archeology and exploration, environment and exploration as well as people and culture.


3. Psychology Today

Psychology Today

Founded in 1967 by Nicholas Charney, Psychology Today publishes its issue every two months. It ranks among the series of Best Magazines as the magazine focuses its attention on the human behavior. The writers discuss a variety of topics inclusive of neuroscience, psychology, relationships, parenting, health, work, sexuality and so on. The magazine is, currently, recommended by the National Board of Certified Counsellors which offers subscriptions for a nominal fee to the readers.


4. Scientific American

Scientific American

Unleashed in 1845, Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States of America. A Popular Science Magazine, it brings out issues on a monthly basis serving a massive readership. The content of the magazine is totally authentic as 148 Nobel Prize scientists, including Albert Einstein, have contributed approximately 240 articles to it. The magazine has been accredited with the National Magazine Award in 2011 for General Excellence.


5. ID (Ideas & Discoveries)

ID (Ideas & Discoveries)

With issues six times in a year, Ideas & Discoveries has astounding pictures and graphics that deal in the topics relating to the social sciences. Ideas & Discoveries makes it as one of the most renowned New Science Magazines as it is dedicated at offering an intellectual coverage of a perfect balance of science, nature, psychology, history and current events to the readers.


6. Smithsonian


An official journal published by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. since 1970, the Smithsonian Magazine features in the Popular Science Magazine Archive. With in-depth analysis for various scientific topics, this magazine adds a pinch of high quality photos to appeal the readers. It throws light on the different papers researched at the Smithsonian Institution spreading over a panorama of fields like science, history, art, popular culture and innovation. If you are looking for research ideas or topics for a stimulating conversation, looking through this magazine would be a great option.


7. Popular Science

Popular Science

Devoting itself to educate the masses since 1872, Popular Science is a magazine that provides intriguing information on new discoveries. If you are searching for knowledge pertaining to gadgets, cars and other cutting-edge research, this magazine is precisely what you need. This monthly magazine also carries a section of DIY with many instructions on Do-It-Yourself exercises. The Popular Magazine is one of the Best Science Magazines as it has won over 58 accolades, which includes the prestigious, American Society of Magazine Editors for its journalistic excellence.


8. Science News

Science News

This biweekly magazine delivers contemporary and bold scientific content to the readers, thus, sharing the stage with a few major magazines in the Popular Science Magazine Archive. The magazine discusses most of the topics that fall under the huge umbrella of science and technology. Since 1922, the magazine has been catering to science enthusiasts, scientists and other professionals by reporting accurate news pertaining to the scientific innovations happening in the world. If you long for precise details regarding the scientific discoveries, purchase a copy of Science News now!


9. Sky & Telescope

Sky & Telescope

Charles A. Federer and his wife Helen Spence Federer founded the magazine, Sky & Technology, in 1941. The magazine deals, basically, with amateur astronomy, explaining celestial sightings to the lay readers. This monthly American magazine takes into account the current events occurring in astronomy including space exploration, astrophotography, amateur telescope making as well as reviews of astronomical books, equipments and computer software. This magazine is one of the Best Magazines that studies the sky, feeding all those curious minds which dwell in the cosmos, seeking information about the space.


10. American Scientist

American Scientist

Founded by Sigma Xi in 1913, the American Scientist is one of the  bimonthly Best Popular Science Magazines. The scope of the magazine includes topics that relate to science and technology. Each issue of the magazine carry 4 to 5 articles written by eminent engineers and scientists. Cartoonists like Sidney Harris, Benita Epstein and Mark Heath also contribute their brilliant work to enhance the quality of the magazine. Grab an issue to read reviews of science novels and books or understand more about topics including molecular biology, computer engineering and many more.

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