Top 10 Best Art Schools in New York

What gives New York Art Schools the edge over other colleges? To answer this question we have selected 10 Art Schools that have a reputation of being the best to earn an MFA or a BA degree while in America. These top art schools in New York can provide each art lover with what they aspire to be since they are incorporated with the best art programs. Moreover with more than 500 galleries and 80 museums, Big Apple can provide the right ambience to head out as the perfect art graduate.

Top Ten Art Schools in New York

Keep reading to spot all the leading Art Schools in New York City.

1. Columbia University School of Art

No.1 Best Art School in New York - Columbia University School of Art

Offering Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Visual Arts, Writing, Film and Theatre along with a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Film Studies, Columbia University School of Art has a ranking amid the best Art Schools in New York. Founded in 1948, the school is a division of Columbia University and plays a vital role in hosting the University’s film festival. Jonathan Ames (writer), James Franco (actor), Richard Corliss (film critic), Cherien Dabis (filmmaker) etc are few of its distinguished alumni. The art school is located at Manhattan in New York City.

2. Colgate University

No.2 Best Art School in New York - Colgate University

With 53 undergraduate concentrations, Colgate University attracts learners from 47 states and 42 nations to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Arts. It is a private liberal arts college situated in Hamilton, Central New York and is counted as one of the top art schools in the city. The college came into existence in 1819 and currently has 2,900 undergraduate enrolments. Among the small schools, Colgate has the tenth position for being the largest producer of alumni who go onto the Peace Corps.

3. Binghamton University

No.3 Best Art School in New York - Binghamton University

Nicknamed as “The Bearcats”, English, History, Political Science, Psychology and Social Sciences are the most popular majors of Binghamton University when it comes to its arts department. The U.S News has named the institute as “Public Ivy” since it has ranked 97th between the 281 national universities of the country. A home to around 15,000 graduate and undergraduate students, the university is also a one of the four university centres in the State University of New York.  Binghamton University was established in 1946 under the name Triple Cities College.  

4. Institute of Fine Arts

No.4 Best Art School in New York - Institute of Fine Arts

The Institute of Fine Arts is a division of New York University that allows learners to acquire doctor of philosophy and Master of Arts degree in urban design, studio art, history of art and archaeology, agricultural studies and fine arts along with Certificate in Curatorial Studies and Advanced Certificate in Conservation of Works of Art. It has a faculty of 15 against an enrolment of 19,826. It was established way back when New York University was founded in 1831.

5. The Art Institutes

No.5 Best Art School in New York - The Art Institutes

There are around fifty Art Institutes situated all over the United States as it is a system of for-profit art colleges and the New York Art School is regarded as one of the best. It offers certificates, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and associate degrees in creative, culinary, applied and visual arts. The system was created in 1969 with Education Management Corporation as its parent company. The institute has even produced highly acclaimed personalities like Venus Williams (Tennis player) and Ben Vaughn (host of the Food Network).

6. School of Visual Arts

No.6 Best Art School in New York - School of Visual Arts

Being a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), the School of Visual Arts is a leading art school in Manhattan, New York City. Animation, Digital Art, Fine Arts, Illustration, Photography, Advertising, Cartooning, Film & Video, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Visual & Critical Studies are the courses that have been offered by the institute since 2000. Moreover it demands the completion of a four-year to claim a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree while for Master of Fine Arts degree one needs to complete a thesis project and 60 credits.

7. Parsons The New School Of Design

No.7 Best Art School in New York - Parsons The New School Of Design

A division of The New School University, New York City; Parsons The New School Of Design is a private art and design college offering over 25 graduate and undergraduate courses. It is even a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) as well as the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The institute not only has a reputation in North American but is renowned throughout the globe for its designing programs.

8. Hunter College

No.8 Best Art School in New York - Hunter College

Drawing student’s attention from 150 nations, Hunter College is yet another best known Art Schools in the city of New York. The institute is divided into five major schools for granting more than 100 disciplinary distributions of study. Initially when it was founded as a women’s college in 1870 but later in 1964 it opened its gates for male students even. Due to its low cost yet high quality education ration, Hunter College is also notorious as one of the most affordable schools in the Manhattan area.

9. Alfred University

No.9 Best Art School in New York - Alfred University

Located in Western New York, USA; Alfred University is a well accepted name when it comes to programs in ceramic art in America. At present it houses 2,000 undergraduate learners and around 300 graduate students along with 164 academic staffs. It was founded in 1836 as a co-educational institute though it was unusual for the time.

10. Bard College

No.10 Best Art School in New York - Bard College

Overlooking the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River, the Bard College grants Bachelor of Arts degree in more than 20 major programs. It is also the first school in whole of America to introduce a major in human rights. In 2013, the Princeton Review ranked Bard as the fourth in terms of classroom experience and professors rating.

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