Top 10 Best Dance Schools in New York

How to reveal the joy of a perfect dancer? If this is what you have been ruminating upon, then its time you peep into our article. Discussed here are the names of the dance institutes that have been the most talked about schools for any aspirant like you. The most interesting news is that even popular figures like Madonna and Britney Spears have been part of these schools at some part of their lives. So without wasting time, gear up your searches to let your desires to take a professional form.

Top Ten Dance Schools in New York

Know the dance schools around New York City that have been gaining importance as the top ten dance schools in the city.

1. Ballet Tech School

No.1 Top Dance School in New York - Ballet Tech School

By focussing on the continuous redefinition of American dance spirit, the Ballet Tech School has evolved into one of the best dance schools in New York City over period of more than thirty years. The school was set up with the intention of offering kids the opportunity of learning dance skills without any charge. They specialises young talents in classical ballet dancing to provide them the shape of an exceptional professional ballet dancer. Eliot Feld is the choreographer as well as the founder of the institute.

2. Juilliard School

No.2 Top Dance School in New York - Juilliard School

Informally identified as Juilliard, this is the very school of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City that trains around 800 undergraduate and graduate aspirants in dance, music and drama, annually. Juilliard School was introduced during the early years of the 20th century when huge number of students were sailing off to Europe in order to comprehend and master dance skills. Due to its top ranking among the leading dance schools in New York, claiming admission into the school is a quite competitive.

3. School of American Ballet

No.3 Top Dance School in New York - School of American Ballet

George Balanchine, a well-known Russo-Georgian choreographer and Lincoln Kirstein are responsible for the creation of the mind-blowing dance academy. School of American Ballet is not only the best classical ballet school in North America but also shares its space among the renowned dance institutes of the world. Students in between the age group of 6 – 18 are selected through auditions and are later tuned into perfection. Graduates even get placed in reputed ballet companies such as American Ballet Theatre, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet and Boston Ballet.

4. The Ailey School

No.4 Top Dance School in New York - The Ailey School

Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, the Ailey School is a centre of higher education in the field of dance. Learners from this top positioned dance academy can even participate in Title IV programs. Moreover due to their certification from the US Veterans Administration, they are entitled to be a part of Veteran’s Educational Benefit Programs. The school gives in their best to make the art of dancing accessible to adult as well as young enthusiasts through their innovative and arts-in-education programs.

5. Broadway Dance Center

No.5 Top Dance School in New York - Broadway Dance Center

Broadway Dance Center has earned recognition for scheduling more than 200 classes per week to allow learners to master their body movements in jazz, ballet, theater, tap, hip hop among several other forms. Well known personalities including Bette Middler, Britney Spears, Brooke Shields and Madonna have once been part of this institution. No doubt it is regarded as one amid the best dance schools. Founded in 1984, it is situated right at the heart of Times Square in New York City.

6. Steps on Broadway

No.6 Top Dance School in New York - Steps on Broadway

Whether it is tap, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop or jazz; Steps on Broadway can be another pristine institute to polish the skills of body movement in North America. Some of the well known professionals in this field have been hired by the dance school to set their budding talents on the right track. In this process, they have moulded out to compete against the top dance schools in New York City. Steps on Broadway was established during 1979.

7. Stepping Out Studios

No.7 Top Dance School in New York - Stepping Out Studios

Even though Stepping Out Studios was started as a tiny boutique studio way back in 1985, today it is one of the most popular dance school among the New Yorkers due to their ground-breaking dancing methods and techniques. Apart from introducing West Coast Swing they have even re-introduced Argentine Tango to revive Latin culture among the North Americans. The school is also very particular in maintaining a balanced blend of contemporary and traditional dance forms.

8. Dance New Amsterdam

No.8 Top Dance School in New York - Dance New Amsterdam

Regarded as one amongst the primary progressive dance education and performance centres in New York, Dance New Amsterdam’s foundation stone was laid down 29 years ago. The school offers breaks for choreographic exploration, professional dance education and innovative performance to allow and support an aspiring artist’s work and career. As a result of which, currently, it has become the centre of shelter for famous international dance companies and dancers.

9. The Paul Taylor School

No.9 Top Dance School in New York - The Paul Taylor School

Named after Paul Taylor, America’s pioneer of modern dance; The Paul Taylor School is another name that shines bright among the top 10 dance schools in New York. Apart from offering classes in the usual dance forms, it also teaches students certain specials techniques of Taylor so as to make a better combination of performances. Classes and workshops are held by the school throughout the years by appointed some of the best known professionals to train their learners.

10. Dance Manhattan

No.10 Top Dance School in New York - Dance Manhattan

Nothing can be better than Dance Manhattan to know Swing, Argentine Tango, Ballroom dance and Salsa inside out. To make thing easier for learners, they schedule group dance classes, workshops, private classes and even one day mini courses.  Their facilities are also available as rental space in the city for carrying out dance rehearsals and other theatre related purposes.

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