Top Educational Movies for Kids

To assist your kids learn things by heart, top ten of city has compiled the list of best educational movies for kids based on the variety and sincerity of the expedient values they preach. Movies and demonstrations are a great way to teach children moral values and enhance their academic knowledge. The enlisted educational movies for kids are free of any action sequences or scary scenes and can be watched by kids without any adult supervision.

Top 10 Educational Movies for Kids

Top Educational Movies for Kids

Browse through the list of best educational movies for kids that have made a special place in the hearts of the little ones and their guardians.

1. Despicable Me

Released in 2010 this American animated 3D movie is one of the best educational movies for kids. The story revolves around a criminal master mind who uses three orphan girls as hostages for his grand mission. But the little girls’ innocence and love gradually change the bad guy for better. Featuring the voices of Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, this educational movie for kids is a thoughtful treat for children and emphasises on the great values of love and morality. Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, Despicable Me was widely acclaimed by the critics and the viewers.

2. Wall-E

Produced by the Pixar Animation Studios, Wall- E is set in the distant future when the earth is rendered uninhabitable by the reckless ways and ignorance of humans. The robot, Wall- E, restores the earth to its original natural state. This 2008 science fiction flick makes it to the top educational movies for kids for its message on environment conservation and the dire consequences that follow from the over dependence of the human race on machines. This educational movie for kids also emphasizes the importance of curiosity, love, friendship and determination in life.

3. Ice Age

Ice age is the series of four animated adventurous comedy movies set in the Paleolithic ice age. Featuring some of the extinct animals, the series is a tale of survival of these animals. It is one of the best educational movies for kids to familiarize them with the geo physical phenomena along with the values of cooperation, harmony, trust and friendship. Ice age is a brilliant combination of learning with fun and human values which elates it among the top educational movies for kids.

4. The Magic School Bus

Considered one of the most educational movies for kids, this animated television series is based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole. A fine blend of education and entertainment, the series was premiered in 1994. Although the educational series has long concluded, it is still rerun by various channels worldwide. The story is about a school teacher Ms. Valerie Frizzle and her class, who board a school bus which takes them on peculiar and nearly impossible trips such as to the solar system, human body, atmosphere and even to the past.

5. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

This Academy Award nominated film is a great work of art directed by Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook. Counted amongst the best educational movies for kids, this 2002 film follows the adventures of a young stallion in the 19th century west. Unlike the other anthropomorphic portrayal of animals, the animals in this movie communicate through sounds and body language. The most apparent lesson of this educational movie for kids is unbreakable spirit, courage and hope.

6. Happy Feet

This 2006 musical family film by George Miller has won both the Academy Award and the BAFTA Award in the Best Animated Film category. Considered as one of the best educational movies for kids when it comes to environment, Happy Feet highlights the problems of the Antarctic. It also throws light on the over exploitation of the nature by the human beings and the harmful effects of the pollution on the aquatic life. The charming protagonist will keep the little ones interested and disseminate the message of this educational movie for kids in the simplest way.

7. Finding Nemo

Another one of the Best Animation Film Academy Award winner has made it to the list of best educational movies for kids. This Walt Disney Pictures presentation is the story of a clown fish Marlin, who is trying to rescue his abducted son Nemo. Apart from the marine life this educational movie for kids has a special emphasis on determination, self- dependence and freedom. Finding Nemo is also a delight for the whole family.

8. How to Train Your Dragon

Based on Cressida Cowell’s book by the same name, How to Train Your Dragon was turned into a movie by Dream Works Studio in 2010. Featuring the voices of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson and Jonah Hill, this educational movie for kids is based in the mythical Viking world. It is the story of a teenager who aspires to become a dragon slayer but after capturing his first dragon he changes his mind. This huge commercial success strongly propagates the importance of optimism, love, team work.

9. Up

The 2009 comedy adventure film directed by Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson is another one on our list of the best educational movies for kids. The movie is a mesmerizing portrayal of friendship, love, keeping promises and care. The movie is a fantasy tale in which the protagonist, an elderly man escapes from the irritating town life to the forests of the Venezuela to fulfill his late wife’s wish. This educational movie for kids has a lot in store for the little ones ranging from the wild life to humanistic values.

10. The Way Home

Directed by Lee Jeong-hyang, this 2002 Korean movie has great lessons in store for the young ones. This award winning film is considered one of the best educational movies for kids for teaching life lessons in the most subtle and heart touching way. The plot revolves around the young Sang-woo who is left with his grandmother in the village. The technology deprived rural life, old fashioned granny all becomes the reasons of the lad’s dismay. But the old lady’s patience magically transforms the boy.

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