Top 10 Hotel Management Schools

With the hospitality sector on the rise and heading for the moon, and hotels and restaurants sprouting up practically everywhere, Hotel Management has become quite a lucrative field for young graduates. The problem is, just like hotels, hotel management schools are also sprouting in every possible nook and cranny of the civilised world. With a plethora of choices, making a decision for your future becomes a herculean task. So we decided to help you out here and compiled a list of the best Hotel Management Schools in the world and what makes them the best place for your hotel management training. So without further ado let’s take a look at the top ten hotel management schools in the world.

Top Ten Hotel Management Schools in the World

Don’t compromise on your future in hospitality and take a look at the top 10 hotel management schools all around the globe.

1. Cornell School of Hotel Administration, NY

Cornell School of Hotel Administration - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

Based in New York and founded in 1922, the Cornell school of Hotel administration is one of the most prominent schools in the field of hotel management. It offers 60 well trained professionals in the field all experts in their own field.  Students are provided with excellent and state of the art infrastructure and receive training in the on-campus Statler hotel among other international settings where they learn from experience. The Cornell School of hotel administration also boasts of an extremely accomplished alumni group.

2. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Bluche – Switzerland

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management is a brilliant International platform for hotel management training. Les Roches offers brilliant programs that cover every aspect of the hospitality sector, from management skills, service, kitchen management to finance accounting and marketing. Les Roches International is a one stop hospitality training hub. It is probably one of the best hotel management Schools in the world.

3. University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Harrah Hotel College

University of Nevada at Las Vegas Harrah Hotel College - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

The Sin City is where the hospitality industry is growing like an epidemic, so it is only natural for the University of Las Vegas Nevada to have one of the most prestigious Hotel management programs. The William F Harrah College of the University of Las Vegas currently serves as the world’s largest hospitality and tourism laboratory and that is no mean feat. The school believes in learning from experienced professionals through their mentorship programs.

4. Purdue University Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Purdue-University-Department-of-Hospitality-&-Tourism-Management - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

The Purdue University department of Hospital and tourism management has been recognised as one of the best Hotel Management Program of its kind. Every student enrolled in this program can take the advantage of 400 hours of hospitality and tourism management internships. The college also has two instructional labs for practical assignments for their students. This institute has provided the industry with some great names.

5. Northern Arizona University

Northern-Arizona-University - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

Northern Arizona University has an amazing hospitality management program and probably one of the best ones in the industry. There are basically two programs, restaurant management and International-hospitality program. The students who opt for the international-hospitality management program are required to spend at least one semester abroad. The college also provides some really great international internship. Every student is required to work at least 1,200 hours in a hospitality establishment.

6. Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Oxford-Brookes-University,-United-Kingdom - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

We are all already more than aware of the reputation that goes with the name Oxford. It is more than safe to assume that the Oxford school of hospitality enjoys the benefits of the same reputations. However, the reputation isn’t just because of the name; the school had earned every ounce of it. Thanks to Oxford’s worldwide contacts in the industry, their management course imparts the knowledge of management and leadership with reference to hospitality. The school is one of the best hotel management schools for those willing to develop their knowledge and skills.

7. Glion Institute of Higher Education, Glion & Bulle, Switzerland

Glion-Institute-of-Higher-Education,-Glion-&-Bulle,-Switzerland - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

Founded around half a century ago, the Glion Institute is actually one of those institutes established when the hospitality sector saw its boom. The Glion institute has come a long way from the small 15 student institute it was in 1962. The school now caters to around 1600 students, tending to their training and education. The Glion institute offers around 50 full time and 27 part-time Faculty for their students, all of them more than qualified in their respective fields.

8. Lausanne Hotel School, Switzerland

Lausanne-Hotel-School-Switzerland - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

Lausanne Hotel School or École hôtelière de Lausanne is a legacy. Founded in 1893, it was the first trade school to focus on the hospitality management offering advanced programmes, recognised by the Switzerland government. More than anything, the school has a rich history and a very diverse culture that will definitely aid you in your education.

9.  Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Marbella – Spain

Les-Roches-International-School-of-Hotel-Management-Marbella-Spain - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

As we mentioned earlier, Les Roches is an absolutely incredible institute to get some international exposure and is considered one of the top ten hotel management schools for a good reason. Providing their students with extremely qualified faculty and brilliant infrastructure and not to mention excellent exposure, Les Roches International School of hotel management is definitely worth considering.

10. The Hurst Campus, South Africa

The-Hurst-Campus-South-Africa - Top Ten Hotel Management Schools

Previously known as the culinary academy when it was established in 1997 is now more commonly known as the Hurst Campus. The Hurst Campus boasts of a qualified faculty and excellent infrastructure to offer to their students. The Hurst campus is also one of the only 14 institutes who are members of the Worldwide Alliance of the famous French Institute Paul Bocuse.

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