Top Degrees in Demand

In the recent times opportunities have increased and the college degrees are not only limited to a particular field but have covered almost every educational discipline. Keeping in terms with the current job prospects there are handful of college degrees that are of great demand. All of these leading degrees have come up with many job opportunities that offer lucrative pay scale, career growth and job satisfaction. Continue reading the article if you wish to know in details about the Top 10 College Degrees in Demand.

Top 10 College Degrees in Demand

Top Ten College Degrees in Demand

Interested in knowing the most sought after college degrees currently? Browse through the record of Top Ten College Degrees in Demand.

1. Computer Science

Computer scientists are the one who have revolutionized the world of computer in business as well as in personal lives thus computer science leads the record of Top College Degrees in Demand. Job opportunities for computer science graduates are expected to grow 24 percent through 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. A computer science degree enhances to engage in more creative and efficient work to promote certain fields from better to best and more over with lucrative pay scale.

2. Accounting Degree

A degree in accounts is the right option for those who love crunching numbers because the requirement for such person are growing as the current financial world is becoming more and more complex and competitive. Accounting jobs have been projected to grow by 22 percent between 2008 and 2018. An accountant is mostly responsible for the finance department of the company – ensuring all financial records are accurate and all taxes are paid.

3. Marketing Degree

With vast job opportunities and scopes, a certificate in marketing is not only a popular college degree but can also help build a successful career in business. A marketing degree can prepare an individual for an entry-level position in a marketing department, working with other teams such as creative, sales and finance and gradually climb the ladder of success. As contemporary corporations are competing every second to generate interest in their products and target affective clients and audiences, a marketing manager can be of much demand.

4. Information Science

In this information age, the world fundamentally depends in information for financial, industrial and commercial accuracy thus information science is one of the Top Degrees in Demand and to opt for. A strong scholastic record and the right certifications can lead straight to a relevant and rewarding position with beneficial aspects in any of the industries from the vast information sector. The good news is that 17 percent growth is expected in this field in the near future.

5. Business Administration

A career in business administration is highly potential and the degree offers some of the highest paying jobs. It benefits one with the core modus operandi of a business and an exposure to dealing with clients and top officials. An MBA degree could also help professionals seek advancement within their current field and can gain interpersonal and leadership skills that could help when seeking management roles. Opportunities look bright for such graduates with a 17 percent projected increase in employment.

6. Engineering

One can easily have a promising career in the future with an engineering certificate, especially in mechanical, electrical, computer and aeronautical. From bridges, robots, skyscrapers to satellites, the only thread binding them is engineering. The modern ever developing world will never cease to value an engineer as they are needed in almost all type of industries. Other well-paid fields of engineering are petroleum, chemical, biomedical and nanotechnology.

7. Finance Degree

Finance is one such area of specialization that has top careers in demand. Understanding the markets and how businesses raise and invest capital is what the course involves which can benefit the pursuer while facing the present economical business world. According to the 2012 NACE job outlook 61.3 percent of surveyed companies were looking forward to hire finance graduates which means Finance Degree is not only a Top Degree in Demand but as well people pursuing this course has a brilliant future.

8. Nursing Degree

There is currently a high demand for registered nurses (RNs), and it is expected to continue up to 2016. So a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing can prove to be good career move for those who want to earn thick bucks. More over with the elderly getting older and new babies being born each day, nursing is a degree that one can never go wrong with. The Department of Labor is of the view that registered nursing jobs will increase by 22 percent since 2008 to 2018.

9. Journalism

Many companies are looking for employees who can write and express information in the form of words, in both print and online which implies, journalism is a Top College Degree in Demand. Journalism grads can also land up with his/her dream job as the degree gives employers a sense that the graduate has learned the fundamental skills of the profession. The field of journalism is constantly changing – growing in number and sophistication and inciting the requirement for writers, reporters and editors.

10. Psychology Degree

From being a social worker, research studies to psychiatry/psychoanalysis, a degree in psychology opens up limitless work possibilities. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of a psychology degree is the enormous variety of career paths that are available to graduates. Students can tailor their education and degree to focus on specialty areas that appeal to their interests. In addition to satisfying one’s interest in human nature, having a solid understanding of what makes people do certain things can be a very marketable skill in a wide variety of job.

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