Top 10 Action Movies of All Time

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Top Ten Action Movies

Top 10 Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

Action movies- Hand-to-Hand Combat, Helicopters diving, Cars chasing, Gun-Fires and Shooting! There is a lot of adrenaline rush oozing out of a single movie! A single hero battling with dozens of criminals and goons- After all he is the ultimate saviour. There is a revelation with every genre of media, with Bruce-lee era completely changing with the course of time. With simple action sequences to hard core 3D-generated scenes, there has been a lot of impact with growing technology and preferences. Many of these actors coordinate their own stunts and execute them with pure authenticity.

Following the ritual, here is a list of Top Action Movies of All Time which grossed millions while entertaining the audience and boosting them time to time. Check out some of the best films and enjoy the “Action” binge you will feel afterwards:


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