Top 10 Funniest Movies of All Time

Getting that momentary escape from reality can only be possible through “make ‘em laugh” big screen comedies. This genre and these comic dramas help us to yelp out our troubles easily through fits of laughter and entertainment. We seek out an alternate world, a happy place through what we see on the curtains and that is why we prefer watching comedy movies. They do help us and give us a set back from our hustling day-to-day life. A lot of good and great directors and writers have worked hard to bring us the funniest movies of all the time by exaggerating the average man’s situations, characters and actions humorously.

If you want to roll on the floor laughing with your mates, here is the best place to know and enjoy watching these top ten funniest movies of all the time. So read on to know where to get your daily dose of laughter.

Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

1. The Hangover(2009)

The Hangover (2009) - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

This super-duper comedy hit was directed and co-produced by Todd Phillips and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The movie is in the hit list because of its well famous dialogues and well induced plot. It is first film of the exceptionally comic The Hangover franchise. The entire movie revolves around three friends looking for their fourth compatriot who is lost after a wild alcohol fuelled night in Las Vegas where the foursome had come for a bachelor party. Prepare your stomachs for the laughter induced pain from the dialogues and events that happen during their frantic search. The best role in the movie is played by the actor Zach Galifianakis who plays Alan Garner.

 2. The Airplane!(1980)

Airplane!(1980) - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

Made public by Paramount Pictures, Airplane is an American sardonic comedy of 1980. It was directed and written by David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker featuring Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty. The comedy develops when an alcoholic pilot Ted Striker who has developed a fear of flying due to wartime trauma, boards a jumbo jet in an attempt to woo back his stewardess girlfriend. ‘The Airplane!’ turned out to be financially successful and was honored with the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Adapted Comedy.

 3. Zombieland(2009)

Zombieland (2009) - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

The movie has received critical acclaim and success, and surpassed as the top grossing Zombie film to date in the United States. Zombieland is directed by Ruben Fleischer from a script written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The scenario that fills comedy into the screens is about the characters played by Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin, who have to survive from a zombie apocalypse and find a sanctuary free from zombies.

 4. Superbad (2007)

Superbad (2007) - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

An American teenage adult comedy, Superbad was released in 2007. The movie is directed by Greg Mottola, starring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. The film’s script was written when the writers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were both thirteen years old. The film’s draft got completed by the time they were fifteen. It was an epic hit and one of the best comedy films of all times produced by Judd Apatow.

 5. Crazy, Stupid, Love(2011)

Crazy Stupid Love - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

This romantic comedy drama film came out in 2011. The movie is one of the biggest box-office success and was “certified fresh” by Rotten Tomatoes. The film exceeded $50 million budget and earned Ryan Gosling a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. The character Jacob Palmer is roughly built on dating Coach Nick Sparks of ‘The Social Man’. It stars Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone along with Analeigh Tipton, Jonah Bobo, Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon.

6. Knocked Up(2012)

Knocked Up - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

The movie is again an American romantic comedy- drama film that falls under numerous lists of top 10 funniest movies of all the time. The motion picture is written, directed and co-produced by Judd Apatow. This movie’s comedy plot is built on the consequences of a drunken one-night-stand between the characters Rogen’s slacker and Heigl’s (just-promoted as media personality) those results in an unintended pregnancy.

7. Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

Another movie by Judd Apatow, earlier who had worked with Rogen and Goldberg in the movie Knocked Up and Superbad, was forced to assist in one of the best comics of all the time, the movie Pineapple Express came in 2008 and is an American stoner action comedy film. The director of the movie is David Gordon Green and the script was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. This comic film stars James Franco and Rogen as main characters.

 8. Wedding Crashers (2005)

Wedding Crashers - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

Wedding crasher is an American romantic comic-drama film that came up in 2005. This movie motion picture is directed by David Dobkin. This brilliant comedy film stars Christopher Walken, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. The movie surrounds two friends played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn; both divorce mediators who like to crash weddings just for recreation.

 9. Bridesamaids (2011)

Bridesmaids - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

When romance comes with comedy it is always meant to be funny, ergo the term romantic-comedy. The movie Bridesmaids was produced by Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel, and Clayton Townsend. This comedy film was scripted by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo , and directed by Paul Feig. . The plot revolves around Annie (Wiig), who suffers a series of misfortunes after being asked to serve as maid of honour for her best friend.

 10. Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007)

Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007) - Top Ten Funniest Movies Of All Time

Everyone knows Mr. Bean from his famous TV series. One of the rare Universal dramatically released motion pictures to be rated G. Those who have the taste of British comic-drama must watch this film. This picture was initially given a PG grade by the Motion Picture Association of America for passing mild language, but Universal edited and cut out most of the language, so the film was finally rated as G.

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