Top 10 Best Roller Coasters In The World


Top 10 Best Roller Coasters In The World

Are you a big Roller Coaster fan? If yes, then get ready to touch the sky and experience the best roller coasters in the World. Enjoy this roller coaster rides with your family and friends and add more fun and thrill in your life. Here we listed top 10 best roller coasters in the world.

10 Best Roller Coasters in the World:

10. Expedition GeForce

Expedition GeForce

Expedition GeForce is one of the largest roller coasters in European mainland. With a peak height of 184 feet at an 82 degree drop. It reaches a whopping max speed of 74.6 mph and measure 1.2 km long. Enjoy this steel roller coaster at Holiday Park in Germany.

9. Millennium Force

Millennium Force

Every year, this Giga-coaster ride is ranked by Golden Ticket Awards and get a position of number 1 or number 2 roller coasters in the world. One of the main attractions of this ride is its terrifying height of 310 feet with top speed of 93 mph.

8. The Voyage

The Voyage

The Voyage looks like a truly terrifying experience. As this wooden roller coaster is located in Santa Claus, Indiana. The hybrid coaster starts with 163 feet drop at 66 degrees and reaches a top speed of 67.4 mph. You can try it out at the Holiday World & Splash in Safari theme park.

7. Nemesis


This is an inverted roller coaster with full twists and turns. Surely, Nemesis is the perfect ride to explore the fun as this ride has also been known as ‘bloody brilliant’ for good reason. It has a maximum drop of 104 feet and reaches a top speed of 50 mph.

6. Behemoth


One of the largest roller coasters in Canada, Behemoth is a Hyper Coaster with a top speed of 77 mph. Highlights of this ride is it gave an exposure of 180-degree hairpin turn along with 5,300-foot course.

5. Nitro


If you like extreme heights, the Nitro is for you. The Nitro is located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. This ride has a staggering 215-foot drop at a 68-degree angle. It reaches a top speed of 80 mph with duration of 2minutes.

4. Intimidator 305

Intimidator 305

This red gigantic ride in Kings Domination is one of the tallest roller coasters on the East Coast. With the height of 305 feet and a top speed of 90 mph this giga coaster is fastest roller coaster in Virginia.

3. Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka by Intamin AG is the world’s tallest roller coaster. With the top speed of 128 mph at 90 degrees down, this ride is nearly identical to that of Top Thrill Dragster with an upside-down U-shaped steel track.

2. Goliath


Goliath is a hyper coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia, situated in the west of Atlanta. The hybrid coaster starts with 175-foot drop at 540-degree downward helix and reaches a top speed of 70 mph.

1. El Toro


 Tied with the wicked cyclone in El Toro, this rodeo themed wooden roller coaster is situated in Mexican city. With a top speed of 70 mph at 76 degrees max vertical angle this ride gives you the full course of unlimited fun.


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