Top 10 Facts about Fidget Spinners

The world we live in today doesn’t fail to surprise us. In our easily accessible internet world, anything can become talk of the town overnight. One such thing is the fidget spinner that has taken the world by storm. Starting out from small social media ads and videos, it has now become THE toy everyone wants. Whether you’re an avid fidget spinner fan or you have no clue why everyone is going crazy after this toy. Here are some interesting facts about fidget spinners:

Top 10 Facts About Fidget Spinners:

1. All the way Back

The first ever patent filed for the spinning wonder was back in 1993. Yes! The fidget spinner is not exactly a 21st century invention. Catherine Hettinger, the inventor, had filed the patent which unfortunately had to collapse in 2005 as she could not sell the idea to any big-scale toy manufacturer.


2. Purpose of Use

Fidget spinners were originally modelled to comfort children going through conditions like ADHD, Autism and Anxiety. The spinners were to be used as a tool to give therapeutic stress relief and better focus. The toy originated from a machine which Hettinger had bought from an old sign-making company. She then used to distribute them at art fairs; back then they were considered tools rather than toys.


3. Not All Welcomed The ban

Probably one of the odder fidget spinner facts, the large scale ban on these toys, by many schools, was not embraced with open arms. However, the oddity of this fact is that this displeasure was of the parents! Yes you read that right. Parents everywhere expressed unhappiness about the fact that their kids were not allowed to use the toy at school as they truly believed it helped their child concentrate.


4. Physics Wonder

One of the coolest facts about fidget spinners is not that they are popular but the way they work. Fidget spinners mostly have a plastic body which is not much but the magic lies in the ball bearings that give these toys their weight and produce the hum when spun. These ball bearings also reduce friction causing them to spin for a long time as well as provide the satisfactory feeling of balance when tilted ever so slightly.


5. The Sequel

One simply does not start a trend for it to fizzle out with no return. Rolling in- The Fidget Cube! The spinner got a makeover and is now a cube with much more option to keep your digits occupied. Spin a dial, roll gears, rub, flip, click and glide; this cube does it all. The cube is small and remarkably stocked with features.


6. Winding Records


It is quite clear from the availability of these toys, in online store as well as open street markets that their popularity is through the roof across the world. There are thousands of people posting videos of all the tricks one can do with these. Hence, one has to ask- Could the record breakers be far? The answer is no. The record holder for the longest spin is Jeffrey Reed, with a whopping time of six minutes and 51.18 seconds through a single spin. It must have been a proud feat, eh?


7. All The Dollar Signs

Surely these toys are affordable magical stress relievers, right? You can own one of these spinners or cubes for less than $5. You must be thinking ‘not bad! After all how expensive can these things be?’ Here is a little fun fact, there are spinners out there worth *drumroll* $100,000 and more! These luxurious fidget spinners come in gold plating with diamond embellishments.


8. A whole New World

If you think fidget spinners are just senseless trend toys then think again. Fidget spinners command the existence of a whole sub-culture. This world is dedicated to these mesmerising toys where things like material, kind, spin time etc. are all important topics of discussion. There is an entire community ready to help if something goes wrong with your spinner or if you simply want to display your collection (obviously, you have more than one).


9. The Red Carpet Toy

This is probably one the most interesting yet bizarre facts you must know about fidget spinners. After being an entire community altogether, one thinks what can make these spinners outrageously popular. CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS! No, this is not a joke. Popular celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian West have joined the fidget spinner bandwagon. There is even a Harry Potter themed fidget spinner available! InStyle’s 2017 April issue published about Gwyneth Paltrow’s son receiving a cool new set of these toys.


10. Everybody Knows

In the world of internet nothing can remain in dark for long. It is the fastest way of getting information from one place to another and this has been the biggest contributor in the fidget spinner’s booming popularity. As of now, fidget spinners are more well-known than the President and Kim Kardashian put together. To give you an idea, May 2017 issue of the Independent newspaper in the UK stated that 49 of the top 50 best-selling toys on Amazon were either fidget spinner of cubes.

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