Top 10 Halloween Songs 2015

Halloween or authentically known as All Hallows’ Evening is one of the most celebrated occasions of the Western culture. As per the historical figures suggest, the occasion serves as a three-day observance dedicated for the remembrance of the dead, saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed souls. Said to be one of the enchanting festive nights, Halloween brings along numerous sugary sweets and spooky nights to life.

Decorating houses with giant, face-marked pumpkins known as jack-o’-lantern, ghostly images and haunted attractions, attending and organizing costume parties, lighting bonfires, apple bobbling and divination games, trick-or-treating, and much more describes the ambience of All Hallows’ Eve. Along with the haunted feels, come the bewitched ear-candies. Halloween songs are very popular amongst young crowds, and missing any single graveyard smash can blow your party off. So here is the creepy list of Top 10 Songs for Halloween Party Playlist you can manage to play as your jam this Halloween:


Top 10 Halloween Songs


1. Don’t Fear The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult

Being ranked as the first amongst Top 10 Halloween Songs, this musical was composed and performed by American Rock Band Blue Oyster Cult and appeared in the cult classic movie, Halloween. Apart from those hip-breaking grinding riff, excelled cowbell or the charisma of O in Oyster, the stunning lyrics from dark music hypnotises you into another world. ‘Baby take my hand / don’t fear the reaper’!


2. Bad Things – Jace Everett

Broadly known as the main theme tune from the U.S show True Blood (the one about sensual, handsome blood-bred vampires), Bad Things has been constructed with a catchy soundtrack with a spine-chilling essence. It is the perfect song for a Hallows Eve, and is very catchy and spooky to frighten small kids.


3. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

This song, said to be one of the famous Top Ten Halloween Songs, has the perfect punch to ignite those teen memories of grimy house parties, emo side fringes and friendly get-togethers. On a suggestive note, this song is always observed as a classic alternative metal song by many metal heads, and has a bogging tune for everyone to dance and reminiscence their youth.


4. Come Little Children – Sarah Jessica Parker

Because, hey it’s Sarah Jessica Parker and the movie is Hocus Pocus! Said to be one of the cult classics, this song brings a spooky flavour to the environment and can be played while all guests are entering your Halloween’s party. It was one of the most played songs of the era, and still holds the penchant to rock your party to a distinguished level.


5. This Is Halloween – Danny Elfman (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

For very simpler reasons, this song can be described as THE song for a perfect Halloween Night. A perfect combination of spells, magic, haunted ingredients, grins and colourful animation, this song represents a perfect atmosphere. Danny Elfman has captured the true essence of horror through the movie, and placing this song in the background has added diamonds. If you are talking about Halloween Music 2015, this number is a real crush.


6. Stan – Eminem

No Halloween playlist would be complete without counting the old classic Stan, sung and performed by Eminem ft. Dido. Leaving the trick-or-treating and fake blood behind, this song represents the mind frame of an obsessive stalker stocking his pregnant girlfriend inside the boot of his car and driving to the edge off the cliff, enough to give you shivers and chills through your spine. Said to be the word master, Eminem has perfectly rolled the lyrics to represent the impulsive thoughts of a stalker.


7. Ghosts – Michael Jackson

Although Thriller is understated as one of Michael Jackson’s top most exhilarating performances, but Ghosts represents a spooky feel perfect as a Hallows jingle. Tagged as one of the Best Halloween Songs Of 2015, it still can spike the party up with a great combination of ghoulish lyrics, catchy beat and Michael Jackson! With a forward taste in music, MJ reportedly created an evergreen music.


8. People are Strange – The Doors

Any party with eerie looking vampires from the 1980s is incomplete without People are Strange played by The Doors. It is said to be the best way to motivate the blood-sucking vampires to shake and bake their moves on the dance floor surrounded by garlic necklaces and old-fashioned wooden stakes.


9. Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon

Catchy and groovy for sure, this track gives you a perfect insight into the world of cold and grey Soho, with the heart-wrenching howl and haunted places being mentioned. This game is perfect for a dare-out during a party. This song is a sure thing when it comes to the best spooky tracks.


10. Gimme Some More – Busta Rhymes

It will be utter injustice if this 1999’s Grammy voted Gimme Some More presented by Busta Rhymes is left out. With a neck-breaking speed and uninterrupted flow, this track works a lot to create a humming environment perfect for a scary night. Sending shivers down the spine, this song contains selective horrifying examples from Alfred Hitchcock standard Psycho, and under the supervised direction of Hype Williams, it created another imaginary, terrorizing world for masses.

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