Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors of 2011

Famous phrase ‘Rags to Riches’ fits perfectly to describe the struggle of few actors who started with small roles but gradually got acclamation for their extraordinary performances. These actors moved out of their comfortable roles to deliver finer performances becoming favorites among famous directors.  It is their challenging roles and hard works that make them the most demanding actors and among the top most earning actors today. Below is the list of top ten most earning actors in the world

List Highest paid Hollywood Actors

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio: Earnings $77 million
  2. Johnny Depp : Earnings $50 million
  3. Adam Sandler: Earnings $40 million
  4. Will Smith: Earnings $36 million
  5. Tom Hanks: Earnings $35 million
  6. Ben Stiller: Earnings $34 million
  7. Robert Downey Jr. : Earnings $31 million
  8. Mark Wahlberg : Earnings $28 million
  9. Tim Allen : Earnings $22.5 million
  10. Tom Cruise: Earnings $22 million

1.) Leonardo DiCaprio: Earnings $77 million
Teenage Heartthrob of 90s, Leonardo DiCaprio has topped the list of being the most earning actors in the world. Leonardo DiCaprio has the recognition of working with some of the prestigious directors of Hollywood delivering cult performances in movies including ‘Titanic’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Inception’. Famous for keeping a low profile, DiCaprio has recently delivered one of his finest career performances with ‘J.Edgar’ which was based on the biography of controversial first director of FBI – J Edgar Hoover.

2.) Johnny Depp : Earnings $50 million
John Christopher Depp, as originally called, was a school dropout and a promising musician in his young age. ‘Popularly known as the ‘Jack Sparrow’ from his classic ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ , Johnny Depp became Teen Idol through a Television series ’21 Jump street’ in 80s. He’s considered as the most versatile Hollywood actor today with his notable performances in movies including ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Rango’ and ‘From Hell’. He’s been regarded as the hottest man alive by People’s magazine twice.

3.) Adam Sandler: Earnings $40 million
Known as the one of funniest men of Hollywood, Adam Sandler is a multitalented personality being an actor, producer and a platinum recording artist. He often comes as a surprise package an sometimes his movies are quite awful but that doesn’t stop him from earning big bucks.  Some of the most famous movies which has provided him global acclaim include ‘Billy Madison’, ‘The Wedding Singer’, ‘The Waterboy’, ‘Longest yard’ and ‘Happy Gilmore’.

4.) Will Smith: Earnings $36 million
Protagonist of Men in Black series has been quite away from limelight in last few years whose busy teaching film lessons to his children. But that hasn’t divested him from earning highest salaries in Hollywood. Known as a rapper with name ‘Fresh Prince’, Will has given prestigious performances in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, ‘I am Legend’, ‘Men In Black –I & II and ‘Hitch’

5.) Tom Hanks: Earnings $35 million
Renowned for his classic acts in ‘Forest Gump’, ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Philadelphia’ and ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, Tom Hanks has created a niche in the International Cinema. This California born actor with no cinema background has become a household name with his edged performances. In the recent part of Toy Story series, he has delivered the voice of Woody making him the bag the 5th spot in most earning actors in the world.

6.) Ben Stiller: Earnings $34 million
Belonging to a family of veteran comedians Jerry Steller and Anne Meara, Ben Stiller grew up amidst of the starry lifestyle of Hollywood.  Stiller’s love for camera and direction is the probable motivation of ‘Reality bites’ his first debut, where he worked as both actor and director. He has worked on some of the versatile roles including Stephen Spielberg’s ‘Empire of the Sun’, ‘There’s something about Mary’, ‘ Dodgeball’ and ‘Tropic Thunder’ .

7.) Robert Downey Jr. : Earnings $31 million
Iron Man famed Robert Downey Jr. made his first cinema stint at the age of five in his father’s movie ‘Pound’.  ‘Chaplin’ (1992) proved to be the milestone in his career and made him receive Best actor nomination in Academy awards.  A household name today, Downey has delivered some of the heart winning performances in ‘Tropic Thunder’,Iron Man’, ‘Zodiac’ and Sherlock Holmes’. 

8.) Mark Wahlberg : Earnings $28 million
Destiny had some brilliant plans for Mark Wahlberg who had  pursued his young life in petty crimes. Wahlberg began his career as a part of music Band ‘Marky Mark and the funky bunch’ before making his first screen presence in ‘Renaissance Man’ in 1994. He has worked in some of the remarkable movies including ‘Planet of the Apes’, ‘The Italian Job’, ‘The Departed’ and ‘Invisible’. 

9.) Tim Allen : Earnings $22.5 million
American Comedian actor and voice over artist Tim Allen is famous for his TV show ‘Home Improvement’ which still manages to earn big chunks. Timothy Allen Dick, as he’s originally named, has taken up directing recently. His recent film, ‘Toy Story 3’, where he delivered the voice to Buzz Lightyear, has earned more than $1 billion globally.

10.) Tom Cruise: Earnings $22 million
Tom Cruise had ambitioned to become priest but ended up becoming the most sought after actors in the history of cinema. He made his first screen appearance in 1981 with a small role in ‘Endless Love’ and made lead debut with ‘Risky Business’. Within the span of five years with movies including ‘Top Gun’, ‘Rain Man’ and ‘Born on the fourth July’, he became the most paid actors by 90s. He’s famous for his indispensable roles in ‘Mission Impossible’ series with his 4th movie MIIV: Ghost Protocol had been one of the highest grosser of 2011 worldwide.

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