Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Television personalities are always in the public’s sights making headlines for something or the other. Their smartness and talent lures the hearts of the audiences. They are also the one who lead a luxurious life with immense reputations through their lucrative earnings. Get through the record to be familiar with the names that have been regarded as the top 10 highest paid TV actors.

Top Ten Highest Paid TV Actors

Browse through the list of Top Ten Highest Paid TV Actors to know the names and their earnings.

1. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton-Kutcher - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Born as Christopher Ashton Kutcher on 7th February, 1978, Ashton Kutcher is an American actor, producer, former fashion model, and comedian who has a personal wealth of $24 million thus being the highest paid TV actors. He has also played lead roles in a number of Hollywood movies such as Dude, Where is my cat?, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, The Guardian and What happens in Vegas. Kutcher currently co-stars in the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men as the character Walden Schmidt.

2. Hugh Laurie

Hugh-Laurie - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Hugh Laurie was born on 11th June, 1959 and grew up to become a renowned English actor, voice artist, comedian, writer, musician, recording artist, and director. He has been honoured with two Golden Globe awards, two  Screen Actors Guild and six Emmy nomination for his role in Dr Gregory House from 2004 to 2012. He has also achieved fame as one among the highest paid TV actors with a profit of $18 million.

3. Ray Romano

Ray-Romano - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Best known for his roles in sitcom, Everybody loves Raymond and Ice Age series, Ray Romano is an American actor, stand-up comedian, screenwriter and voice actor who celebrates his birthday on 21st December. Recently, he has also been a part of the TNT comedy drama, Men of a certain age. His acting career started since he competed in the Johnnie Walker Comedy Search in 1989 and in today’s date he as a high earn of $18 million.

4. Alec Baldwin

Alec-Baldwin - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Gained popularity through television for his acting during two seasons of the soap opera, Knots Landing, Alec Baldwin is an actor by profession. With a lucrative pay of $15 million, he has received two Emmy awards, four Golden Globe awards and seven Screen Actors Guild awards for his performance on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock.

5. Mark Harmon

Mark-Harmon - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Thomas Mark Harmon or simply Mark Harmon is another name in the record of top ten highest paid TV actors with a whooping salary of $15 million. Since 2003, the American actor has starred as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the hit CBS series NCIS. He was born in California on 2nd September, 1951 and had also won the National Football Foundation Award for All-Round Excellence in 1973.

6. Tim Allen

Tim-Allen - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Tim Allen born as Timothy Alan Dick on 13th June, 1953 is an actor, voice-over artist, and entertainer by career with an American nationality. Currently starring in the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, Tim is also known for his starring roles in several popular films, including the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story film series. He started his career as a comedian in 1975 and rose to fame in acting with the television series Home Improvement (1991-1999). At present he earns a salary of $14 million.

7. Jon Cryer

Jon-Cryer - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

The American actor, screenwriter and film producer Jon Cryer is in the seventh position among the highest paid TV actors with a handsome home return of $13 million. With a plenty of award attentions, this year has honoured him with an Emmy award for his lead role in a comedy series. He was born in New York City on 16th April, 1965 and studied Acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

8. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick-Dempsey - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Well accepted as Dr Derek Shepherd for his role on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey is an actor from America. Prior to this popular image he made several television appearances and was nominated for an Emmy award. He was also a part of one of the biggest films of 2011, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and draws a pay of $12 million.

9. Jim Parsons

Jim-Parsons - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

Having grown up in Houston, Texas and making his first stage appearance in a school play at the age of 6, Parsons went on to study theater at the University of Houston. After graduating out in 2001, he moved to New York to pursue his dream career and was propelled to international fame and acclaim three years later when he starred as Sheldon in the award winning sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. The 6′ 2″ tall American actor takes back home a reward of $8 million.

10. Johnny Galecki

Johnny-Galecki - Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors

John Mark Galecki was born in Belgium and moved to Chicago three years later in 1976. This American actor was very creative since his childhood thus becoming one in midst of highest paid TV actors with a profit of $8 million. In 1989 he was cast in his first movie, a holiday film called Prancer though his big break was was in another Christmas movie called Christmas Vacation (1989). He is best known for his roles as David Healy in the ABC sitcom Roseanne and as Leonard Hofstadter in the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

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