Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

Browse through the list of  Top 10 Legendary Pokemon, who can save the world with their ultimate powers. These fictitious characters from the cartoon series, “Pokemon” live their lives in minds of many fanatics and kids who follow it. Forever and ever, these Best Legendary Pokemon in the World, are stuck in the heart of its admirers. This Pokemon Top 10 List enlightens some of the most powerful and strongest species which have made the world go crazy for them. The Top 10 Best Pokemon in the World will always be remembered as they have created a saga that fascinated almost the whole universe.


Top Ten Legendary Pokemon

Go through the list and get amazed with the qualities of the Top Ten Legendary Pokemon, these are the rarest of all.


1. MewTwo


One among the most loved fictitious characters which is a combination of supreme powers, stunning looks and surpassing abilities. MewTwo is a legendary Pokemon that stands among the  most powerful generation 1 species. This powerful specie is an altered clone of Mew, which is an ancient legend. Mew two became more popular with time among people as it was created by the human characters from the cartoon series. A dangerous, lethal weapon that was created to be among the most powerful species of Pokemon, is positioned at number one in our list of the Top 10 Legendary Pokemon.


2. Arceus


“The Original One”, or the Arceus stands at number two among the Top 10 Best Pokemon in the World.  As legends go by, this creature is said to have created the universe and also a range of  Pokemon available. This creature can change its type by using different kinds of plates and its colour changes with its type, according to the plates. It also acquires the ability to restore health and disappear the opponent with just a blink of eye. His ultimate powers make him one of the coolest and strongest Pokemon among many fourth generation species.


3. Rayquaza


Out from the imaginary box of the creator this dragon flying legendary Pokemon appeared in the fourth generation games. This Pokemon animation character will always prove to be an amazing addition to your collection. Rayquaza not only appeared in game series but also appeared in super smash bros. Series, destiny deoxys and more. He has an elongated physical form with a lot cooler powers to flaunt among the third generation Pokemon.


4. Lugia


As the legends go by this legendary Pokemon is seen as a “guardian of the sea in many forms of Pokemon”.  This creature is known for its unique behavior towards its habitat that clearly signifies its protective philosophy. Though Lugia looks more like a dragon but it is considered under the classification of birds. It appeared in many amazing basic Pokemon games, which slowly but gradually became very popular among gaming fanatics. One should never fall in the trap of its looks, as it is one of the most dangerous creatures when angry. With its distinct looks and amazing powers this creature gained the number four position among the Greatest Pokemon of all Time.


5. Dialga


“Steel Dragon” or the Dialga is positioned at number five in our list of some of the Greatest Pokemon of All Time. This legendary Pokemon received a lot of praises for its design and is termed as the best design ever created. He is covered with a protective solid armor that can work both as a shield and offense against any attack. He also owns the capability of playing with time, in addition to its amazing appearance. Dialga, has been a really great achievement by the creators, as it is very difficult to catch this time runner.


6. Giratina


Diamond and Pearl, super smash bros series and many more games like this have Giratina’s special appearances in it. The spooky looks and the dingy design makes this creature falls under the ghost dragon Pokemon classification. The dazzling looks of this specie resembles a sea dragon with a robust armor covering its head and back. Flying, floating and using illusion are his major capabilities to defeat any opponent during a match. His scary capabilities and stunning features makes it one of the most scariest Pokemon and also one of the strongest contender in the world  of Pokemon.


7. Deoxys


Making its first ever appearance in the third generation games Ruby and Sapphire, Deoxys is a Psychic legendary Pokemon. With organs made up of crystals, this fabulous character has the power to heal wounds very quickly. Being one of the most powerful Pokemon, this character has additional powers that involve abilities such as transforming its body form as the situation demands. Deoxys is often seen in three forms, which are, ‘normal mode,’ ‘attack mode’ and ‘defense mode.’ Features such as super strong moves like the laser beam define its personality, making it truly legendary.


8. Palkia


A very invincible creature from the Pokemon series, Palkia is also known as the water dragon Pokemon. He is a master of some very lethal water moves with other capabilities like long distance teleportation, illusion of minds and mind reading. It is considered to be a very cool creature with a huge body structure. This amazing Pokemon appeared in many leading fourth generation games. With voluminous body and astounding powers this specie of Pokemon gained eight position among the Best Legendary Pokemon Ever.


9. Darkrai


A dark legendary Pokemon which first appeared in the fourth generation games like Diamond and Pearl. It is a black shadow like creature that has the ability to capture dreams, traveling quickly, create illusions and more. It is considered to be a very devilish Pokemon which is taken as a worthy opponent during a match. This legendary Pokemon not only appeared in featured Pokemon games but also gave appearance in many movies. Because of its stunning abilities this creature acquired a  position in the list of Top Ten Legendary Pokemon.


10. Victini


It is truly said that “big things come in small packets”, Victini is the perfect example for this phrase. A small rodent like Pokemon which always brings victory to its trainer, be it any encounter to come. It is known to produce great energy inside its body, that it shares with the others who tries to touch it. This legendary Pokemon appeared in the fifth generation games like Pokemon black and white, which was enjoyed by many gamers. With its unique body type but amazing powers this specie stands at number 10 among the Greatest Pokemon of all Time.

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