Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Performances

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And he is back with an “OSCAR” BANG!! #LeonardoDiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is titled to be one of the biggest Hollywood mainstream actors, who grew onscreen in front of the audiences, be it physically, emotionally and creatively. Be it a matinee idol, a grim poet, a free-spirited lover or a head-crack stockbroker- he has done justification with every portrayal.

With 34 awards from 137 nominations, he has proved himself and has evolved dramatically. With his latest victory, it was time to run down his filmography and pick out Leonardo DiCaprio Top Movies List based on his performance. One of the lines from Oscars 2016 acceptance speech depicted his true art and his sense of passion towards his work and the world:

“Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.”

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