Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs

There won’t be a single person on the earth who have not tuned in to the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson’s singles. Renowned for producing hits, one after the other, we have selected the Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs, only to enliven the music lovers with his ever green melodious tunes. In fact he is still one of the most loved pop artists of all time. So, ladies and gentlemen, here we go with the List of Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs which is still appreciated by the American artist’s fans.


Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs

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1. Billie Jean

Regarded as a masterpiece and a pop milestone, Billie Jean, apart from being the best Michael Jackson song, also happened to be the best selling singles of 1983. It was such a hit that it topped the UK and US charts along with being among top 10 singles in Italy, Norway, Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland and Sweden. Billie Jean was released on 2nd January, 1983 and received one American Music Award and two Grammy Awards. The number was composed based on a lady who accused Jackson being the father of her child.


2. Smooth Criminal

A song with fast paced beat accompanied by beautiful lyrics concerning a woman called Annie, the Smooth Criminal hit the seventh position on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is considered one among Jackson’s signature piece and has been included in a number of greatest hit albums like The Essential Michael Jackson, King of Pop etc. Smooth Criminal was launched on 24th October, 1988. More than 7.5 million copies of the single has been sold.


3. Thriller

Composed by Rod Temperton and produced by Quincy Jones, Thriller is a well accepted number recorded by the American artist. As the name suggests, the piece contains sound effects that of creaking door, feet walking on wooden plank, thunder, howling dogs and wind. Even the lyrics have scary elements and themes. The Thriller was recorded in 1982 and came out on 12th November, 1983. Receiving positive responses from critics, the number became Jackson’s seventh top-ten single on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and won three MTV Video Music Awards.


 4. Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror finds it space among the top 10 Michael Jackson songs because it happens to be one of the most uplifting hit songs of the legend. Released in 1988, it was even honoured with       a Grammy Award nomination for Record of the Year. Moreover, for two consecutive years, the song was at number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Having sold more than 1.3 million digital copies, Man in the Mirror as well became the top single in iTunes downloads.


5. Black or White

Staying at top position for seven weeks in a row, the release of Black or White on 11 November, 1991 had all over proved that Jackson could maintain his commercial clout, no matter what. It was in fact the second biggest hit single in the artist’s musical career. The number is regarded as a powerful plea for racial unity; it is the first single from the American singer’s eighth studio album.


6. We Are the World

Written by Jackson and recorded by the Supergroup USA for Africa in 1985, We Are the World is yet another single that is considered among the top 10 Michael Jackson songs of all time. More than 10 million copies of it were sold all across the globe after it was released on 7th March, 1985. We Are the World was honoured with one American Music Award, three Grammy Awards and one People’s Choice Award.


7. Beat It

Accompanied by a short film, the release of Beat It had showered the artist with more attention a reputation as a lead figure in the music industry. It was the third single from his sixth solo album – Thriller. That year, the number earned two American Music Awards along with two Grammy Awards for Best Rock Vocal Performance and Record of the Year. It was also due to the success of the song that the album- Thriller was had become the best selling album of all time.


8. Bad

Bad is the second single from Jackson’s studio album with the similar name. It was well received by music critics especially the contemporary ones. Like Beat It, even this piece was accompanied by a short video which too was nominated for the Video Music Awards in 1988. Bad was made public on 7th September, 1987 and since then it has never failed to win the hearts of Jackson fans.


9. Rock with You

Making records on both the R&B as well as pop singles chart, the Rock with You happens to be from a part of the last gasp of the disco era. Initially, it was released on 3rd November, 1979 and re-released on 27th February, 2006 as part of the Visionary: The Video Singles box set. Billboard had even quoted the number to be one of the four biggest singles of the 1980s. Rock with You is majorly a hit due to its smooth ballad type of effect. It is the second single from Jackson’s fifth album – Off the Wall.


 10. Heal the World

The top ten Michael Jackson songs list will remain incomplete if Heal the world is omitted. The song emphasizes on the sufferings from unrest felt by the children of the globe, especially of Burundi. It was not only a commercial hit after its release on 23rd November, 1992 but the artist had as well donated it to be used as the anthem for the charity the James Bulger Red Balloon Center.

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