Top 10 Most Disturbing Fairy Tales

Fairytale stories are all about beautiful fairy godmothers, evil witches, goblins, dreamy princes and naïve princesses. But can you imagine certain facts and tales exploring its sinister elements to an explosive extent? On this note, here is a list of popular yet disturbing fairytales which might burst out the “bubble”!

Disturbing Fairy Tale Stories

1. Beauty and the Beast

The classic saga of love conquering all obstacles, Beauty and the Beast can be considered as one of the Top 10 Disturbing Fairy Tales of all time. There is no dancing in the castle, the silverware doesn’t sing, Belle’s father was an eccentric inventor and her wicked sisters were the reason for the Beast’s demise. Several versions chose the story where she cried herself over Beast’s disposed form.

2. Red Riding Hood

The Red Riding Hood taught us to be brave, fearless and always ready to fight off the evil. But several dark and violent elements “between the sheets” made the story one of the disturbing stories.

  • Red Riding Hood allowed the Wolf to eat her Grandma and then killed him to attain her property.
  • Most fascinating, the Hood used her body to save her life, thus making love with the Wolf on the very bed her Grandma was killed.

 3. Hansel and Gretel

A heart-wrenching tale of child abuse, abandonment and cannibalism, Hansel and Gretel turned out to be this terrific nightmare for any kid. Some of the distressing facts point out how the Witch attempted to fatten the kids up in order to eat them, how she was pushed by the kids into the oven and cooked alive etc.

4. The Little Mermaid

We all know how Little Mermaid finds her happiness and love, but Hans Christian Anderson’s original tale is said to be one of the Disturbing Fairy Tale Stories one can ever read! As per the cynical story, Little Mermaid sacrificed her life and chose to become sea-foam instead of killing the man she loved. Heart-breaking, isn’t it?

5. Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the most beautiful fairy tales one can ever come across, with Prince finding his pure love using a “glass slipper”. Although, the earlier versions prove to be dramatically upsetting and alarming! Here are some:

  • Not glass, the slippers were made of squirrel fur! YES!
  • Both evil sisters tricked the King by cutting off certain parts of their foot in order to get the perfect fit.
  • It was the “Heavenly Doves” who made the Prince realize how badly those two were bleeding from their wounds. They even pecked out their eyes in the end, inflicting justice over evil!

 6. Sleeping Beauty

Amongst the list of Top 10 Most Disturbing Fairy Tales comes the much loved “The Sleeping Beauty”. With several contradictory elements within the story, there are some worst we have chosen for you!

  • Sleeping Beauty, along with her kids, narrowly escaped the brutal fate of being boiled alive by the Mother as her Husband returned.
  • Prince was so mesmerized by her beauty that he consummated the relationship, only with her waking up during her twins’ birth. He was long gone and completely forgot about her!

7. The Frog King

The original Grimm take is not sensitive at all! Accordingly, the Prince’s transformation happened as he was being tossed and thrown towards a wall in the moment of disgust. In other popular cultures, it is said that the Frog spent a whole night on the princess’s pillow, which was apparently enough for the spell to break.

8. Rapunzel

‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair’! How can anyone forget this line! However, there were many hardships and suffering that both Rapunzel and her Prince had to endure.

  • Both the lovers were reunited after Rapunzel got pregnant, was casted out alone in the wild.
  • Prince fell off the tower into a bed of thorns and became a blind.
  • Another end narrated that after being pregnant and casted out by the witch, Prince forgets and abandons her with no intentions of marrying.

9. Puss-in-Boots

Puss-in-Boots is a tough guy famous for his wit and courage. A penchant for leather shoes, he was, in fact, a sly and cunning creature, who somewhat showed the streaks of Machiavellian ruthlessness with his methods. Cute and furry? No, smart and fatal must be the word!

10. Snow White

Every girl wanted to be the beautiful Snow White, with soft curls and pearl-like complexion! But there are certain disturbing elements which might make you see one of the popular Fairy Stories in a different light!

  • The King’s unhealthy obsession for his daughter, leading her to flee from the castle.
  • Being enslaved by the seven dwarfs and physically exploited.
  • Prince’s implications towards Necrophilia.

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