Top 10 PC Games 2015

With the year almost approaching towards the end, PC gamers have seen some of the Top-Rated PC Games of 2015 with advanced techniques, new gaming styles and a innovative approach. Throughout the year, gaming enthusiasts have seen some better and virtually advanced games, thanks to Grand Theft Auto 5, Titan Souls, Metal Gear Solid 5 and more. While curbing our excitement with further expectations, let’s recall the Top Ten PC Games 2015 so far along with the reviews it has got and some technical expansion and features:


Top 10 PC Games


1. Kerbal Space Program

Score: 96% 

Kerbal Space Program

Although as simple as it looks, it is a lot more different and difficult than just constructing a rocket and launching it into outer space. Don’t let those mini Kerbals fool you in any sense and direct your mind into something easier. KSG has reformed itself as an intense, stimulating game of space travel and engineering that hires intellectualism, real-life physics and calculations and demands. Letting you believe it’s just a rocket-making game, it take you deeper within the complexities of rocket science before directing your sights on the Moon, or the Mun and beyond. Those cute, little Kerbals are the one to be credited for making this game bumbling with warmness, excitement and intelligence.


2. Grand Theft Auto V

Score: 92%

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar is said to be the king of sandbox games­ — who else can recreate an obsessive and detailed animated version of Los Angeles on such massive graphs. With a 5th version of GTA, this game allows you to peep into the city through the first-person view and new Director Mode, hence allowing you to get an incepted version of action movies and crime-related adventures. Known to be one of the Top 10 Computer Games, you can relate with the game interface as there is a story involved, an online multiplayer mode along with co-op thefts to maintain the adrenaline rush while playing.


3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Score: 92%

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

With an extreme potential to be the best RPG of the year, CD Projekt Red’s latest invention has garnered attention on an intriguing platform. Said to be the most efficacious Witcher game to date, it must be included in Top 10 Games for PC. With gamers going crazy, this game encounters a vast scope for mysteries to discover without any for light-hearted adventure. The game is a virtual proposal of some of the dreadful folk tales of ages past with a refreshing twist.


4. Pillars of Eternity

Score: 92%

Pillars of Eternity

Amongst Top Computer Games, Kickstarter’s Pillars of Eternity has crawled up to number 4, and hope to resuscitate their history and has provided the developers their chance to widen their gaze and imply the best and state-of-the-art gaming tools. This game is an Infinity Engine-style RPG constructed on a broad budget along with several involvements from cRPG golden era with an aim to recollect the imaginative, magical and classic essence of gaming experience. With a wide range of character slots, 6 versatile playable races and unlocked wealth of spells and magic, this game demands attention.


5. Homeworld Remastered

Score: 92%

Homeworld Remastered

With a handful of new high-resolution animation and decorative lighting effects, Homeworld has added its course as a gamer’s paradise. Under the mastered supervision of Gearbox, the game has been updated with Relic’s elegiac space RTS but the internal core remains intact. Although lacking in strategy, but then the ships you own are more than just units. Battling has significance when you have a lust to win on the ships, said to be the last dreading race sailing out on a gruelling pilgrimage to their primeval homeworld. Engaging in a war for survival makes the game more intense.


6. Out of the Park Baseball 16

Score: 91%

Out of the Park Baseball 16

Possibly said to be one of the Best PC Games 2015, SIM highlights a better sports management interface with the launch of Out of the Park Baseball 16. It is said to be an enriching game of bats, balls and home runs. With advance features, this series brags of official Major League Baseball license, hence involving real teams and players. One of the obsessively played games, it is enjoyed with utter devotion. Although on a new term, OOTPB16 is worth trying.


7. Her Story

Score: 90%

Her Story

Included within the list of Best Games Of 2015, Sam Barlow’s excelled techniques are mysteriously presented through a catalogue of short video interviews and clips for a major hint. For those who have a detective spree going on, this game suits their personality. It is tagged as one of the most inventive and interesting games, and has influx the market with its rising popularity.


8. Crypt of the Necrodancer

Score: 87%

Crypt of the Necrodancer

With a catchy background score, the nifty Crypt of the Necrodancer gives you a selective insight while playing along with time to strategize your next steps while exploring the gridlocked dungeon. It is known to be the world’s major rhythm roguelike game complementing every move of the player in an incredible state.


9. Titan Souls

Score: 87%

Titan Souls

This game will never let you or your levels of excitement down in any manner, as you will be anticipated while fighting to death. With just one arrow, one meagre health point, and a bunch of terrifying bosses standing in your way, you are bound to be frustrated with countless restarting and walk of shame in Titan Souls. Being thrown into the fights at your weakest stage is something you will never expect, and saving yourself from every blow would be your sole motive.


10. Ori and the Blind Forest

Score: 87%

Ori and the Blind Forest

Don’t let the striking beauty of Metroidvania platformer deceive you in any manner, as the creature is more fearsome and cruel than it appears. Being a motivated creature utterly directionless in a Studio Ghibli-esque enchanted forest, jumping, fighting and discovering your way through spooky, enemy-packed labyrinth is where you will enjoy the most. Making up the most of your regulating innovation, the game exhibits versatility and a continuous tantalizing rush.

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